The Catcher in the Rye


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1. Holden is a manager for what athletic sports team at the start of the book?

a) Soccer

b) Fencing

c) Football

d) Basketball

2. What novel is Holden reading when Ackley walks into the room for the first time?

a) The Return of the Native

b) The Great Gatsby

c) Out of Africa

d) A Farewell to Arms

3. Which author would Holden like to call up?

a) Thomas Hardy

b) Eudora Welty

c) Herman Melville

d) William Shakespeare

4. What does Pencey Prep always serve for dinner on Saturday nights?

a) Meatloaf

b) Spaghetti

c) Tacos

d) Steak

5. What is the target of a Holden-thrown snowball?

a) Nothing—he just holds it.

b) Old Spencer’s car.

c) Ackley.

d) His reflection in the mirror.

6. What is the reason Holden gives for not going down to speak to Jane when he has the chance?

a) He cannot find her.

b) He is not in the right mood.

c) He does not really like her.

d) He does.

7. Holden and Jane used to play what game?

a) Chess

b) Jump-rope

c) Bridge

d) Checkers

8. On a New York City bound train, who does Holden meet?

a) His mother and father

b) The mother of one of his classmates

c) An artist

d) Jane Gallagher

9. Holden’s hotel room at the Edmont looks out on what view?

a) Central Park

b) Grand Central Station

c) Another hotel and the perverts staying there

d) An empty street

10. How do Maurice and Sunny get their extra $5?

a) Holden gladly gives it to them.

b) Maurice steals...

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