The Catcher in the Rye


Cast of Characters

Holden Caulfield—Holden is the 17-year-old narrator of his own story, which describes three days of his 16th year following his expulsion from Pencey Prep just before Christmas break. He is tall with a crew cut, smokes a lot, and enjoys expressing himself in unusual ways. He has a consistently sarcastic and somewhat hard-boiled tone, and often feels alienated in a world full of phonies. But he has inside, despite everything, a good heart which does not allow him to hold grudges or lose his way in the end.

D.B.—D. B. is the older brother of Holden. Holden does not interact with him during the three days he describes in the novel, but he does tell the reader a bit about him. He is currently living in Hollywood writing for the movies.

Allie—Allie is the younger brother of Holden who passed away in 1946. Holden misses Allie and thinks very highly of him. Allie was original and poetic and very good-natured. Holden often speaks to Allie when alone.

Phoebe—Phoebe is the younger sister of Holden. She is 10 and is a sweet, innocent character. She is full of energy and life and is one of two people in the novel that Holden really desires to converse with.

Ackley—Ackley is Holden’s Pencey Prep dorm neighbor. He likes to make sure Holden knows he is older than him by two years. He also annoys Holden with his unkempt habits. Holden, however, tries to include Ackley in some activities and feels sorry for him at times.

Stradlater—Stradlater is Holden’s roommate. He is taller, stronger, and more handsome than Holden—but he has a sense of humor and can be generous. After Holden calls him a moron and tried to hit him, he hits Holden right in the face.

Jane Gallagher—Jane was Holden’s neighbor back home. He describes how they used to play checkers, hold hands, and go see movies. She is someone whose company Holden really enjoyed. When he finds...

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