The Catcher in the Rye


Chapter 6 to Chapter 10

Chapter 6

After finishing the composition, Holden sits and looks out the window. He starts to worry Stradlater might do something unscrupulous with Jane. When Stradlater returns, he is not in a good mood. He looks at the paper Holden had written for him, but complains that it is not about a room. Then he complains that Holden always has to do the opposite of what is asked of him. Holden snatches the composition away from Stradlater and tears it up. Stradlater cries, “What the hellja do that for?”

Holden lies in bed and smokes despite the fact he knows it annoys his roommate. Holden asks Stradlater what he and Jane had done on their date. Stradlater says they sat in the car but refuses to divulge anything further. Holden presumes the worst, becomes enraged, and strikes Stradlater in the face. Stradlater is stronger and bigger and takes Holden to the floor. Although he is pinned to the floor beneath Stradlater’s heavy weight, Holden repeatedly mocks him as a moron. Stradlater says he will not get up until Holden says he will shut up. However, when Stradlater releases him, Holden begins his vocal abuse once more. Stradlater hits him in the face and knocks him down. Stradlater becomes nervous at the amount of blood that appears on Holden’s face but insists that Holden deserved it. Even still Holden refuses to stop and continues to harass Stradlater and mock his lack of brains. When Stradlater leaves, Holden goes into Ackley’s room—even though he hates visiting Ackley’s room because it always has a funny smell to it.

Chapter 7

Ackley is sleeping but Holden wants someone to talk to so he turns on the light and wakes Ackley up. Holden does not bother to clean his face of the blood from Stradlater’s strike. He asks Ackley if he can stay in his room’s other bed for the night. Holden knows the bed is unoccupied, since Ackley’s roommate always goes home on the weekends, but Ackley doesn’t actually know...

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