• Cohabitation and Its Effect on Rise in Divorce Rate
    Effect of Cohabitation on the Rising Divorce Rate The rise of the divorce rate seems to be due to the lack of commitment or understanding of love and longevity in a marriage. Cohabitation can be defined as an arrangement whereby two people decide to live together on a long
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    Rising Divorce Rate in Pakistan In the last two decades there is a rise in divorce rate in Pakistan. The main reasons are: lack of sacrifice, forced marriages, greed, joint family system, difference in social status and one of the main reasons highly career oriented women. There are...
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  • Divorce
    Divorce has been part of many cultures for as long as records have been kept, and it will certainly always be a part of life to some degree. Recently, there has been a growing number of divorces across America and there seems to be many misunderstandings of the causes and effects of these family bre
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  • Divorce Trends in 2012
    DIVORCE TRENDS IN 2012 a research project by: Filipp Deriabin Enada Ismailaj Paola Mariani tutored by: Arnstein Aassve Agnese Vitali Bocconi University In submitting this assignment: 1. We declare that this written assignment is our own work and does not include (i) material fr
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  • Low Birth Rate
    The U.S. Congress established the East-West Center in 1960 to foster mutual understanding and cooperation among the governments and peoples of the Asia Pacific region including the United States. Funding for the Center comes from the U.S. government with additional support provided by private a
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  • Divorce Rates in America
    America’s Divorce Rates: Why Are They So High? The sanctity of marriage is a tradition that has been entered by generations over the past thousands of years. In the United States alone, 2,200,000 people choose to enter the lifetime commitment of marriage every year. Yet, less than half of that p
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  • Attrition Rate of Online Learning
    WHAT INFLUENCES ONLINE CLASSES HIGH ATTRITION RATE by Lora Hines Bachelor of Science in Business Education December 1984 College of Education A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science in Education Degre
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  • Agency Problem Essay 4
    CHAPTER ONE THE RESEARCH INTRODUCTION AND CONTEXT 1.1 Background to the Study The principal-agency costs represent important problems in corporate governance in both financial and nonfinancial industries. The separation of ownership and control in a professionally managed firm may result in manag
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