Divorce Rates

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Today’s society had increased the number of divorce, it is more than ever before. People choose divorce as an easy way to get rid of their simplest problems that may occur in a marriage. First, couples get married too young. Sometimes people get married just because they are expecting a baby. Couples get married thinking that their relationship will be like a fairy tale, like movies, but they do not realize that marriage leads with normal problems that appear in the journey of marriage. Then after a few time, the couple start having problems and discussions, so they decide to get divorce. Another important cause is lack of communication. They do not discuss their feelings. They cannot talk about mutual or personal issues. Also with lack of communication in a marriage the couples are unable to solve problems that may occur in the marriage. Many couples think that their minor problems are insignificant, and they prefer to ignore them. They don’t talk about problems and solution and then they look for a quick-fix solution which is divorce. Finally and very important in today’s society is infidelity. A partner may neglect their spouse by not communicating, or complementing each other, or they may not need a reason to commit adultery. When the other partner finds out about the adultery they may forgive or it could lead to divorce. In conclusion, we need to be very sure about the final step in our marriage because after that could be late. Before take this big decision, a couple can find some counseling places or they can talk with a very good fried or their parents. Also couples have to think in their kids because this process is very hard for them.
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