Criminal Activities in the World Are Rapidly Increasing

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Criminal activities in the world are rapidly increasing. Each country has law of its own which works towards minimizing the criminal actions by sentencing the offender. There are different means and ways of sentencing a criminal. One of it is Victim Offender Reconciliation- a new approach to justice and the other is Alternative Sentencing- shaming sentencing. The victim offender reconciliation allows both sides to talk to each other and come to an understanding that how their action has caused a problem to another whereas the Alternative sentencing commonly referred as shaming sentencing is a non physical sort of punishment given to the offender to shame them so they do not attempt any crime and so fort . In this case Dave stole Elaine’s purse and he was caught while purchasing from her credit card. Both Elaine and Dave went through the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program, they settled their issues, and came to a understanding, Dave agreed to pay back Elaine whatever she had lost because of him and leaves the courtroom with his family .however Glen Mayer, a farmer by profession, shattered his neighbours face using a truck’s spare part. Instead of sentencing him to jail, the judge ordered him to put a sign on his driveway that stated “A violent felon lives here. Enter at your own risk.” Under the VORP system the role of a victim is to tell her side of the story to the offender and the court expecting for a fair trial to be done. Whereas under alternative sentencing, the victim’s role is to only reports the matter to the police and the offender is further dealt with in court. Moreover, under the VORP system the role of offender (Dave) was to discuss his side of the story to the victim and the court in presence of the judge. He understood his mistakes and he was sorry for his actions and how he harmed Elaine emotionally. Dave had agreed to his mistake and had a chance of a better understanding and better future. When compared to alternative sentencing, Glenn...
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