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Tma03 Dd101 Part 2

Tma03 1) PROMPT ANALYSIS FORBES ARTICLE Presentation – is the information presented in a clear and readable way? Yes Relevance – is the information appropriate and relevant to the purpose in hand? Yes Objectivity – is the content balanced or is there some bias? It has some bias since the writer is Mr. Shuchman is a New York fund manager Opinions are expressed in this article. Method – how was the information gathered together? Provenance – who or what originated the information...

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TMA03- PART 1. ASSIGNMENT PLAN Go through each heading and explain what the table is telling me. Why would the figure be what it is – for what reason? TMA03- PART 2. ASSIGNMENT PLAN INTRODUCTION: ▪ Explain the text given ▪ What is assignment about ▪ What is identification – categories ▪ Phoenix and Pattynama - ref MAIN PART ▪ Who is Narendra and what does he do ▪ What identities does he have ▪ What are the discourses of visitor...

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TMA03 DD101 Using the data in the table provided, what can you say about the ethnicity of the population in the national parks of England and Wales?

TMA03 DD101 APRIL 2014. Question 1 Using the data in the table provided, what can you say about the ethnicity of the population in the national parks of England and Wales? The table provided shows the results of the 2011 Census and the distribution of multiple ethnic groups around the national parks of England and Wales. The table gives the populations of 13 National Parks. Three of the national parks are found in Wales and ten are in England. There are 5 ethnic categories; white, mixed...

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being 368 volts. He varied the test to establish if 1) The person in authority and /or 2) His presence was the cause. When an ordinary man gave the instructions the % of maximum voltage decreased to 20%, and when the instructions were given over the phone, albeit by the official experimenter it also reduced, to 20.5%. Of the original variation, Milgram writes, as cited in Milgram on Milgram: part 1 (obedience experiments) (2010),”He is administering shocks because of his relationship to the...

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Dd101 Tma03

For the first assignment I have studied the 2 charts given and showing my findings below. Chart 1 The data shows that twice as many older people have been questioned compared to 18-24 year olds. There are only 2 questions in relation to “Community” compared to 10 for neighbours and 1 neutral question. This shows that the balance of questions is displaced and also that interviewees could be placed in more than one question depending on how they interpret the question. There are similar question...

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Part 1 and Part 2 of the Assignment:

Part 1 of the Assignment: Name three types of services or help offered by the Academic Tutoring and Success Center (this is different from Smarthinking). The Academic Tutoring and Success Center offers live tutoring, one on one coaching and management skills. These skills help me to become a better student. Which service do you think will be most helpful to your success as an online student? Explain how you will use this service. The service that I think will be most helpful to my success...

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Those who have lost their jobs and homes have nowhere else to go and rely on tent cities, however the state is known for its fantastic wealth with the glamour of Hollywood (Week 9, The Open University). This demonstrates the inequalities within this part of the country, which adds to the harm caused. The government, although they recognise the problems and recognise that tent cities are unsightly and hard to comprehend, still do nothing to counter the problem. This lack of regard for the abstract...

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depression and anxiety. Firstly, as Vossler (2010) points out, systemic counselling and psychotherapy incorporates a variety of approaches and models that share the same core assumption that humans are ‘relational beings’ that inherently function as part of wider social systems; therefore as Vetere and Dallos (2003, cited in Vossler 2010, p.192) point out, a systemic standpoint views the origins of human distress as not just located within the individual but as situated within the social context and...

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Self-reflection On a separate page, we would like you to write a few sentences (no more than 50 words) describing: * what you found interesting about this assignment * what you found difficult about this assignment. The self-reflection is part of the overall word count of the assignment so make sure you leave enough words for it. It should be written in the first person (‘I found this interesting…’, ‘I found this difficult…’). Things you found interesting might include devising a fictional...

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Finance Part 2

Course Project Part II Introduction You will assume that you still work as a financial analyst for AirJet Best Parts, Inc. The company is considering a capital investment in a new machine and you are in charge of making a recommendation on the purchase based on (1) a given rate of return of 15% (Task 4) and (2) the firm’s cost of capital (Task 5). Task 4. Capital Budgeting for a New Machine A few months have now passed and AirJet Best Parts, Inc. is considering the purchase on a new machine...

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Project Part 2

BICSI TDMM “Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual, 11th Edition” CENELEC EN 50173:2000 and amendments “Information Technology – Generic Cabling Systems” IEC/TR3 61000-5-2 – Ed. 1.0 and amendments “Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 5: Installation and mitigation guidelines – Section 2: Earthing and cabling” ISO/IEC 11801:2002 Ed 2.0 and amendments “Information technology – Generic cabling for customer premises” NFPA70 National Electric Code – Article 645 and Article...

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Research Critique part 2

Research Critique Part 2 Grand Canyon University Introduction to Nursing Research NRS-433V-0104 Cheri Church May 25, 2014 Research Critique Part 2 This paper will review a quantitative study comparing the outcomes of physicians that use sterile versus nonsterile gloves during simple soft tissue lacerations repairs in the Emergency Room. It will address the protection of human participants, their risks/benefits, and a review of the study’s data collection, data analysis, and problem statement...

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Essay Plan 1) Read the question - make sure I understand it. 2) Re-read and listen again to appropriate material - make sure to note references and if/where they will be used. Obtain material from external sources 3) Do rough copy of assignment. Make sure it has a beginning, middle and end. Consider what kinds of things affect the throw away society - could this way of thinking be altered? 4) See what could be improved 5) Check word length 6) Re-do if necessary 7) Spell check...

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Unit 2 - Parts of Speech

WORKSHEET – UNIT 2 Task 1 - Write 5 examples of each of the following: Countable noun Dog Cat Animal Man Person Uncountable noun Music Art Love Happiness Advice Adjective Average Boiling Broad Ancient Brief Adverb Also Amazingly Always Ahead Angrily Preposition Past About Off Save With Verb Unite twist Untidy Rush Whirl Pronoun He Her Me Your They Infinitive (to + Infinitive) To sleep To eat To wash To love To hate ...

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Pinnacle Manufacturing Part 2

covenants. The requirements are to keep the current ratio above 2.0 and the debt-to-equity below 1.0. In Part I, the calculation of the current ratio fell below the requirement and thus the need for the loan. Management Integrity In No. 8 there is a significant turnover amongst higher-level positions. This turnover is possibly intentional and thus a greater chance for fraudulent activities. 2. No.1 - The acceptable audit risk is Medium. The auditor would have to prove that the articles are material...

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Gerund and Infinitives Part 2

Gerund and infinitive part 2 INFINITIVE OF PURPOSE : IN ORDER TO “In Order To” is used to express a purpose. The statement answer the question “Why?”. In order to is always followed by verb1. Optionally, “in order” is often ignored or omitted, shorten “in order + infinitive” to just the infinitive “to + verb”. “In order to” sounds a bit more formal and explicit than “to” by itself, but both are equally possible in both spoken and written English. FORMULA : Subject + verb + object +...

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International Finance Part 2

Jinal Desai Project Part II: Fisher Effect International Finance Professor. Dr. Li Question 1: Check the money market rate (one year government security) of US and your currency. Answer 1: In 2012, the rate for the government security (government bond) was 8.5% but 2013 declined to 8.1% for 1 year maturity. (http://www.ceicdata.com/en/blog/india%E2%80%99s-interest-rate-structure). The exchange rate for December 2012 in IND/USD was 54.2 and December 2013 was 61.9. In the United States, the government...

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Bims Survey Part 2

question five deal with personal job satisfaction rather company satisfaction. Question four, however, should not be considered as part of the employee satisfaction survey due to the nature of the question. Let’s review the results of these questions. Question one is about how well employees enjoy working for BIMS. As you can see the largest concentration is a rating of 2. However 52% of the employee responses give a rating of 3 or better. Only 75 employees turned in a response to this question...

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Research Critique, Part 2

Research Critique, Part 2 Grand Canyon University Introduction to Nursing Research NRS 433V 2012 Research Critique, Part 2 This research critique is an article called Comparison of suture types in the closure of scalp wounds written by Joseph Bonham and published in Emergency Nurse. In the emergency room two different types of sutures permanent and non permanent sutures are used as well as glue for lacerations. Scalp wounds are difficult as pressure to wound as well as the hair of the scalp...

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Writing Skills Part 2

Student ID: 21542212 Exam: 986041RR - WRITING SKILLS PART 2 When you have completed your exam and reviewed your answers, click Submit Exam. Answers will not be recorded until you hit Submit Exam. If you need to exit before completing the exam, click Cancel Exam. Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer. 1. Which...

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Commanding Heights Part 2

Agony of Reform: Commanding Heights Part 2 The revolution of the world’s economy in the 20th and 21st centuries was very stressful, uncertain, and trying. In the 20th century, economic foundations were beginning to shift due to deficits and inflation. Economic strategies planned to curve the shift by governments worldwide were beginning to fail and were not fulfilling their projected results. Free-market capitalism was to blame for mass unemployment, the recession, and inflation that began to...

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Organizational Analysis, Part 2

Organizational Analysis, Part 2 Jeanne Alexander Human Resources Management May 27, 2012 Professor Marietta Lewis Describe the business or organization. For over 80 years, Walt Disney has been synonymous with family entertainment and animation. Walt Disney was born December 5, 1901 and had been in the entertainment business since the early 1920’s as a director, producer, screenwriter, animator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. In 1923, he co-founded Disney Brothers Cartoon Studios with...

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Research Part 2

 Jennifer Mundy Grand Canyon Nursing 433v Research Critique part 2 The most common and effective scoring system that we currently use to describe a patients level of consciousness in someone who had a serious brain injury is the Glasgow Coma Scale. This scale is extremely effective in the medical field and has helped in many serious situations. However this scale does have some limitations when dealing with patients in the pediatrics department. There is a separate version in...

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Strategic Plan Part 2

Strategic Plan Part 2 Swott Analysis Marinell A Bobadilla BUS/475 31 January, 2013 Prof. Thomas Westover Strategic Plan Part 2 Swott Analysis A business owner needs to realize that although there is huge potential to succeed there is equal potential to fail. One of the greatest factors of success or failure is external factors and how they will play a role in the operations of a business. In this paper there will be a definition of some external factors for the Corner Bakery and...

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QI Plan Part 2

 Quality Improvement Plan Part II September 8, 2014 Lori Stemen Measuring Performance HCS/588 Instructor Jacqueline Sommerville Quality Improvement Plan Part II For health care organizations quality data collection is an essential tool used for data collection. The information produced from the data assists the health care organization in other functions such as effective ways to manage and perform decision making for the organization, this includes the...

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The policy process part 2

 The Policy Process: Evaluation, Analysis and Revision HCS/455 December 15, 2014 The Policy Process: Evaluation, Analysis and Revision The policy process, part one, contains information on the formulation, implementation, and the legislation phase. The first phase is formulation; this is where information is gathered and delivered to the various individuals and groups involved. The next phase is evaluation; this is where discussions and/or debates take place. The next phase would be implementation;...

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Consumerism Essay Part 2

from the participants and they get to choose all sorts of colours and materials to make different types of spun yarn and other more precious fibres like cashmere and silk. Naturally coloured fibres and ball of yarns are also provided for dyeing.(fig. 2) Then to the courtyard which is basically being exposed to the people inside the main area. This is because the toilets and washing sinks are located in the courtyard. Thus, for easy access there will be no partition wall. There is a staircase from...

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Part 2 Board

and the questions we wish to answer with our research. A descriptive research study can be conducted to control how much and what kind of complaints are being collected. Next complete a causal research study to decide why we are getting complaints. 2. Ch. 6 - 10 - Use the eight design descriptors in Exhibit 6-3 to profile the research described in the Chapter Snapshots. Category Cheskin Knows Teens Smith Barney's Benchmark Job Environment Research Exploratory study The Ohio Lottery Initiates...

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Research Critique Part 2

safety. 2 surveys found that two thirds of health care providers and emergency room nurse were not in favor of screening for domestic abuse. The results of the data collected were hard to analyze because the collection of data gained for this research study wasn’t solid and there were a lot of different variables. At the time this research study was conducted there wasn’t a system of screening women for abuse. Findings/Interpretation In the year 2015 most hospital facilities add it to part of their...

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Cma Part 2

basis of cash received and cash paid during (say) a 12-month period because there is often a delay between the receipt and the payment of cash depending on the credit period given. This means that a comparison based on cash received/cash paid may 28 PART 1 INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING A contracting company divides each of its sales be misleading when one year is compared with another. When preparing the accounts at the end of a year, therefore, it is necessary to allow for what was owed to the entity...

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Communication Technology Part 2

nespaper Job hunting and applying for jobs online Finding health related information. Children and their use of internet Children are usage of internet depends on their age. They use the internet in different way than adults. Children as young as 2 are already able to play games on internet. Older children use internet also for games but also for learning, they can dowload homework help and different educational stuff like for example searching online encyclopedia, dowloading pictures for school...

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Windows Part 2

network model? 2. What might be a disadvantage of a large company using a peer-to-peer network model? 3. When considering the two GPO categories, how are they the same? How are they different? 4. What type of actions does the Local Policies/User Rights Assignments control? 5. In what order are policies applied? 6. Which user rights could you use to restrict remote access to a workstation? Windows 7 User Interface Overview 1. How can you quickly identify a shortcut on the desktop? 2. What is a gadget...

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Fight to Kill (Part 2)

Fight to Kill (Part 2) So dark, everything is so dark. I think I’m dead? Can dead people even think? Ok, stop and remember. What happened? Think dammit! Think harder! No, harder than that! Aaagh, stop stop stop, too hard! Calm down, I remember a big fall, so thats it! I must have gotten some brain damage from the fall, i wonder how bad it was. Let’s do a test, I’ll state some facts. Roses are red, violets are blue, chocolate is sweet...... “And cows aren’t pink!,” screamed Alonso as he suddenly...

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Research Paper Part 2

Definitions and Terms 2 Physical, Mental and emotional affliction associated with Pain and suffering as a Christain. B Treatment 1 Biblical application through scripture and prayer 3 Building trust II. God is more than enough A Expectations 1 Sound doctrine faith 4 Biblical promises 5 Human faith C The process 1 Conversation, Conduct and Character 6 Christian Behavior III. Results A God is the process 1 Love, Faith, and Hope 7 Dying to self D If there’s any Consolation 1 Transformation 2 Moving Forward...

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Part 2 - Fahrenheit 451

Summary of ‘fahrenheit 451’ Part 1 – It was a pleasure to burn Guy Montag is a fireman, who burns houses of dissidents who have been found to possess books. He wears a helmet with the numbers 451 printed on it, this represents ‘fahrenheit 451’: the temperature at which book-paper catches on fire and burns. Early on in, Montag senses he is being watched. One night, as he turns the corner he sees a girl playing in the moonlight. This girl is Montag’s neighbour, Clarisse McClellan. A friendship...

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Assignment 2 Part B

country, working etc. Technology has allowed the lectures to be accessible anywhere anytime as long as you have access to internet. Task 2 1. Reference Lodge, J 2010. ‘Communicating with first year students, so many channels but is anyone listening?’ A practice report’. The international Journal of the First Year in Higher Education, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 100-105. 2. Purpose and argument Communication with students is constantly changing with new technology, whilst many enjoy communicating through...

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Voting Theory Project Part 2

Honors Discrete Voting Theory Project Part 2 You will be presenting your project on October 17. Conduct your own preference ballot. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. Determine the winner of the election using the Plurality Method. Determine the winner of the election using the Borda Count Method. Determine the winner of the election using the Pairwise Comparison Method. Determine the winner of the election using the Plurality with Elimination Method. Determine the rankings of the election using...

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Writing Skills Part 2

1. Which of the following would be an appropriate way to add variety to your sentences? A. Use questions and answers together. B. Add personal anecdotes. C. Use more close-up words. D. Make your sentences read like a spoken conversation. 2. Nelson's hobby is tinkering with small appliances. Tinkering with implies that Nelson is unskilled at his hobby. You want to change the flavor of this sentence to show that Nelson is, in fact, quite skilled at his hobby. Which of the following should you...

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Part 2 Supply Issues Case

 Part 2 - Supply Issues Case Ryan Schwab MGT147 31512 Principles of Supply Chain Management Case 3) Don’t shoot the messenger 1. If you were in Jeff’s position, what would you have done to preserve relationships? If I were in Jeff’s position, I would first have thanked my suppliers and expressed gratitude to them for being willing to work closely with the company in not only designing the new product line, but in then reducing supply prices by the asked for 10 percent. I then would have...

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 Part A. (A.C 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2) (650 words) Your Organisation has a new HR Director. You have been requested to review the organisation’s approach to collecting, storing and using HR data and produce a statement on your findings. The HR Director has asked you to cover the following: 2 reasons why the organisation needs to collect HR data 2 types of data that is collected within the organisation and how each supports HR practices A description of 2 methods of storing records and the benefits...

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Project Part 2 Task 1

 Project Part 2 Task 1: Introduction and Business Impact Analysis Plan Ronald Horne ITT Online 5/24/15 The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is the key concept used by the organization as a tool when developing Business Continuity Plans (BCP). The purpose of the BIA is to gather business information in an effort to understand the importance of the different functions of the organization (Johnson, R. (2011). It serves as the foundation for which an effective BCP can be developed and implemented...

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Sr-Rm-022 Part 2

Riordan Manufacturing SR-22 2 Part BSA375   Riordan Manufacturing Service Request 22 2 Part After the previous meeting we discussed many important subjects that required additional research to present the safe way to process the transitions of new changes. Also we had reviewed different data flow that will work in the best of improve the proper handling between Riordan Manufacturing and the plants related to ensure the best relation between each department. It will improve the communication...

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Conflict Analysis Part 1 and 2

Week 3 Conflict Analysis Part 1 Conflict Analysis Part 2 Conflict Analysis Part 1 1a. Who was involved in the conflict? What was the relationship between the participants prior to the conflict? Did it appear as if the relationship between the participants had any impact on how either person responded to the conflict? At my previous work, I have witness many conflict between customer and tenants. An example would be a customer had arguing with a phone career store employee because their...

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Business Research Concepts Part 2

 Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 2 Stephen McGuff RES 351 September 8, 2014 Ross Jackson Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 2 In quantitative research it’s important to know what type of instruments and sampling methods are available. It’s also beneficial to understand the descriptive statistical method as well as the inferential method when dealing with business problems. This paper will attempt to summarize each of the selected data collection...

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Analysis Of An Ethical Dilemma Part 2

Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma, Part 2: Spiritual Leader Interview Paula J. Mangus Grand Canyon University NRS-437V May 9, 2015 Interview Questions and Answers 1. What religious organization are you affiliated with? I am an ordained minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living out of Colorado. I have the title of “Reverend” but use “Pastor” because I take care of the spiritual needs of other people, whatever that may be. 2. How long have you been a pastor? 11 years 3. How do you...

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Building an Ethical Organization Part 2

Individual: Building an Ethical Organization Part 2 HSM/230 October 20, 2013 Instructor Diaz Individual: Building an Ethical Organization Part 1 The name of my organization is Focus Mental Health and Developmental Agency Focus is an agency that provides help and compassion to people that are going through a mental health issue whether it is needing counseling, support, or medication treatment Focus is your path to peace of mind. Substance abuse is another issue that we address from...

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Audit Program Design Part 2

Audit Program Design Part II Kendrick Cross, Teresita Gunn, Geri Franco, Heather Swayze ACC/546 July 08, 2013 Joseph Oloyede Sales and Collection Cycle When engaged in auditing a public firm, such as Apollo Shoe Inc., an auditor must determine when to trust in the company’s internal controls and when to ascertain auxiliary testing methods are obligatory to analyze control risks. The sales and collection cycle is rather...

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Building an Ethical Organization Part 2

1 Building an Ethical Organization part 2 July 21, 2013 HSM/230 Cheryl Henry 2 An ethical organization is not only best for the people it serves but also best for the organization. Being able to describe the organization is key to helping others understand what it is that the employees are trying to accomplish. A mission statement helps to keep the ideals or the organization in mind, as well as establishing what target population they would help. A values statement help the organization...

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Building an Ethical Organization Part 2

 Building an Ethical Organization Part 2 University of Phoenix Instructor: MARCELLA DOWDELL The newly found business called Victorious Woman Outreach Center will be opening their doors in the coming days. According to "Domestic Violence" (2014), one in four women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime (Statistics & Facts). The victims of this assaults need a safe place where they can turn to for help and support. Also with teens, According to "11 Facts...

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Assessment 1 Part 1 And 2

Timely – That those who are delivering/learning have enough time to do what is required of them and that the assessor has time to perform the assessment as without ample time the assessment could be completed in haste missing vital information. Part 2 The purpose of assessment is to help assessors, EV’s and IV’s to determine a candidates level of skill in a particular area and to confirm training has taken place There are many other reasons to assess such as: Determining level of knowledge & understanding...

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BUSS213 Portfolio Project Part 2

professional. We are accountable for avoiding violations of law and for speaking up if we see probable violations. HTRC Ethics and Integrity Measurement 1.) What do you see as the more pressing ethical issues in law enforcement today? 2.) What do you consider to be the most important (or essential) elements or components of ethics training, and why? 3.) If you could design an ethics training program, which topics would you include? 4.) Discuss a time when your integrity was challenged...

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CLC Part 2 Assignment Rough Draft 2

complete one semester of auto in high school with a B or better and will demonstrate responsible study skills, putting tools away and cleaning up his work area 4 out of 5 times per week as assessed by the teacher. Darren will work at a local car wash part-time on the weekends to gain more experience. List Responsible Person(s) or Agency: Darren, auto teacher, Darren’s parents, special education teacher. Education and Training Goal: After high school graduation, Darren will develop a plan to attend...

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Building an Ethical Organization Part 2

Building an Ethical Organization Part 2 Barbara Wheeler HSM/230 February 26, 2012 Kelli Trueba Building an Ethical Organization Part 2 In April 2010, the newly formed The Center for Sexual Abuse/Assault Recovery will open their doors. According to the U.S. Department of Justice (2009), a sexual assault happens once every two minutes. The victims of these assaults need a safe place to turn for assistance. Currently there is no centrally located center for these victims. As the director of...

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Building an Ethical Organization Part 2

Building an Ethical Organization Part 2 Tabatha Eblen 11/14/10 University of Phoenix The human service organization that I have become a director for is an addiction clinic. The clinic will be providing treatment for people within the community that have addiction problems. There will be programs available for people to receive treatment to meet each individuals needs. The goal will be for the patients to receive the best care available to be able to beat addiction. This clinic’s goal will...

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History 221 Timeline Part 2

even Maine. But are especially common in Ohio and other eastern states. The Clovis were big game hunters and were scattered across the Great Plains. They lived in small camps along rivers and streams. They abruptly vanished around 10,500 years ago. 2) The effects of British colonization on the Native Americans. Early 1600’s British Colonization had many effects on Native Americans including: loss of land, disease, laws which violated their cultures (including aggressive attempts to convert to Christianity)...

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Organizational Staffing Plan: Part 2

Organizational Staffing Plan: Part 2 The purpose of this paper is to provide additional insight into the staffing process to be implemented by the coffee shop. This paper will present several key points in order to procure final loan approval. These points include the formulation of a recruitment plan and strategy, which will be used by the coffee shop initially and throughout the next three years. The targeted communication message and delivery medium will be presented for the purpose of attracting...

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BUS 210 Week 5 DQs part 2 of 2

This pack of BUS 210 Week 5 Discussion Questions part 2 of 2 contains: Review the political tactics used by organizations described on pp. 196 Business - General Business WEEK 5 DQ 2   How do effective leaders communicate persuasively? Describe and provide examples of how a leader you know has been an effective and persuasive communicator. ·  Friendly Persuasion Persuasive Language ·  Make Constructive Criticism Work for You ·  Leadership   Memorize...

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Nico Forum 2 Part 1

 BUSI620: FORUM 2 - Questions 5 and 1 BUSI620: FORUM 2 - Questions 5 and 1 This paper explores the importance of savings in households and in the economy. It also compares finds the elasticity of a good and seeks to compare its effects to a second good through point price (and cross-price) elasticity of demand. Question 5 How important is saving for a household and the economy? How much should be saved? Saving may be important to a household for Biblical and retirement reasons, but also...

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2 Week Diet Plan Part 2

Coca Cola 330ml Chicken fajitas – 330 Salad – 70 Coca cola - 139 The chicken will give the athlete protein and salad will give the athlete vitamins that they need. 1500 Training – Gaelic Football Specific Snack Orange x2 Orange – 47 calories x 2 = 94 This will give the athlete vitamin c from the orange. 1700 Cool Down Snack Lucozade Sport Body Fuel Energy Bar and a lucozade energy. Lucozade Sport Body Fuel Energy Bar- 240 calories Lucozade energy 380ml - 62 This will replenish the glucose...

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Delivering Employability Skills Parts 1 And 2

Certificate in Education and Training - Level 4 Assignment brief Unit: Delivering Employability Skills (Part 1) Assessment criteria: 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 6.1 and 6.2 Part 1: Discuss the difference between ‘employability skills’ and ‘employment skills’ (1.1). Review the advantages and disadvantages of each in the current jobs marketplace (1.2). Part 2: Analyse the interpersonal skills, qualities and competencies required for delivering employability skills. Review your own strengths...

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