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Essay Plan

1) Read the question - make sure I understand it.

2) Re-read and listen again to appropriate material - make sure to note references and if/where they will be used. Obtain material from external sources

3) Do rough copy of assignment. Make sure it has a beginning, middle and end. Consider what kinds of things affect the throw away society - could this way of thinking be altered?

4) See what could be improved

5) Check word length

6) Re-do if necessary

7) Spell check and word count

8) If satisfied, submit TMA.

Are we a Throw Away Consumer Society?

What are consumers? We are, we all are. We are the final users of both goods and services provided to us. Everything we buy is a form of consumption. How did this affect the throw away society? Once you would have been defined by your job, not by what you could afford to buy. Now, what you can buy and how often you can update the products you use is how we are defined. This is where the start of the throw away society is. So what is a throw away society? A throw away society is a description of people who do not keep things for very long, despite the fact that they may still work or be useful. A hallmark of the modern throwaway society is the wasting of finite resources of nature. We are anually using a lot more of the planets natual resources than she can replace in the same time period. ‘Throw away society’ was a term first used in the August 1st edition of Life Magazine, 1955, in an article called ‘Throwaway Living’ for describing how disposable plastic utensils liberated housewives from the daily chore of washing - allowing them to spend more time with their families. This allowed a great boost for the manufacture of plastic at the end of World War II and plastic soon become interwoven into every day daily life - even down to the polyester threads that keep your cotton tshirt together. Nearly every object we purchase contains plastic - this man made oil based product...
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