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Surplus Variable

THE SURPLUS The surplus product is that part of the total output of an economy that is in excess of what is needed for reproducing and replenishing the labor, tools, materials and another inputs used or used up in production. In other words it is what remains after the necessary product has been taken out from the total product. A way of increasing the surplus is with a labor-saving technical change, which is a new technology that increases the total output produced with a given amount of labor...

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Consumer Surplus

Consumer Surplus: The difference between the maximum price that consumers are willing to pay for a good and the market price that they actually pay for a good is referred to as the consumer surplus. The determination of consumer surplus is illustrated in Figure 1, which depicts the market demand curve for some good.  | | | | The market price is $5, and the equilibrium quantity demanded is 5 units of the good. The market demand curve reveals that consumers are willing to pay at least...

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Man vs. Machine Surplus Theory of Value Output

Mos 1 Steffan J Mos 02/24/13 ISF 100A essay 1 Prompt 1 Man vs. Machine Surplus Value output Within society there has always been producers and consumers, those who work for the benefit of others to gain in return a medium of exchange of wealth and salary for personal consumption at a later time. But at what cost of these workers, what of the surplus or rather byproduct of labor that workers create for capitalists to make economic profit of the workers? Their labor-cost, according...

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The Labor Theory of Surplus Value

Theory of Surplus Value and Cycles of the Capitalist Production Process In Karl Marx’s, “The Theory of Surplus Value” is a reinforcement that illustrates the exploitation of laborers in a capitalist society. Although his theory is just an expansion of David Ricardo “Labor Theory of Value”, it is a contribution that simplifies the meaning of use value, exchange value and value. Surplus value is, in essence, the money form of social product excess or, just as same, the money produced by surplus labor...

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$2800000 to the Community Chest. More than 90% of the staff were finished this walk. They are not for only charity but they can also build up their team spirit. Also Maxim group have the Surplus Bread Donation Programme which started in 2009 About 70 Maxim’s Cake joined this programme in order to donate the surplus bread to the elderly or poor. It can show Maxim’s sympathy to our community. It have been donated more than 150,000 to the people who are needed Moreover,Maxim’s also held some visiting...

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what cnt

economy. Despite the significant deficit on last year’s budget, Wayne Swan has committed to generate a small $1.5 Billion surplus. Big spending cuts in defense, foreign affairs, welfare, pharmaceuticals and the public service have helped the government reach its long-held goal of a return to surplus in 2012-2013 How Revenue Will Be Raised in the Next Year To keep the surplus promise, Wayne Swan had to break other promises. The Government has announced it will no longer proceed with the following...

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Non-profit Organization and Budget

other area to watch closely would be the supply. Make sure you need the same supplies for each visit and if not there is also another cut back in the budget. Increasing Surplus Based on the information provided by CareSafe in regards to their services and their budget a few things can be done to help increase the size of their surplus. Since CareSafe is a nonprofit organization the recommended methods are important to help keep their business successful in order to help the community, the children...

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The Mbuti Pygmies

thousands of years. For the tribe the ituri forest is everything; they view the forest as a scared place in the world, since there is an ample amount of food all year long. There unique traditional economy is run on the basis of survival and not surplus. The mbuti only take what they need and feel that working to gain more than what you need is pointless. That’s why when deciding what to produce, the mbuti tribes or bands always search for the essentials of living, along with scared items for ceremonies...

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Discrete and Continuous Variables

have asked me to recommend three quantitative objects that ought to be tracked about every client that calls and/or their conduct about snack foods and specify whether the variables are continuous or discrete. We will begin by discussing what quantitative data/research is, define discrete variables, define continuous variables, and I will provide my three recommendations. (CTU Online 2014) II. Quantitative Data/Research Quantitative research is conducted utilizing sampling approaches (such as customer...

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Variables That Influence Women in Parliament

VARIABLES THAT INFLUENCE WOMEN IN PARLIAMENT Abstract: Women are consistently underrepresented in political systems around the world. In this research, I examine factors such as the gender equality scale, education, ratio of female to male income and cultural diversity and their impact on the percentage of women in government. My findings reinforce my hypotheses; all four independent variables have statistically significant effects on women in parliament, with the ratio of female to male income...

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Causality and Response Variable Changes

Practice Test Part I - Multiple Choice 1. Suppose that the scatterplot of (log x, log y) shows a strong positive correlation Which of the following must be true? I. The variables x and y also have a correlation close to 1. II. A scatterplot of (x, y) shows a strong nonlinear pattern. III. The residual plot of the variables x and y shows a random pattern. (a) I only (b) II only (c) III only (d) I and II (e) I, II, and III 2. What is the purpose of residual plots? (a) To determine...

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Stylistics Variation and Stable Variables in Speech

without also considering the role of societies in which we live and the social norms that parallel. These factors are in a consistent continuum of influence on each other and cannot be separated in a conscientious study of language and linguistic variables. (Jose, B. Introductory Overview [PDF document] Lecture Notes Fall 2011 https://resources.oncourse.iu.edu/) In the text Introducing Sociolinguistics, Dr. Miriam Meyerhoff looks a three ways these factors shape common models of stylistic variation...

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Staffing Organizations

displaying that so many businesses are closing and forcing employees to the furlough days. 4. Create a plan that you can use to deal with employee shortages and surpluses. I will first deal with the surplus worker dealing with my HR Department, in ways on how to deal with the surplus of employees. A surplus of the workers can be managed with an HR plan in a variety of ways. Regardless of the means, the actions are difficult because the workforce reductions often are ultimately necessary. “Regardless...

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Variable Costing

VARIABLE COSTINGMorenike Onibon Liberty University Abstract Determining the actual valuation of manufactured assets has always been a major problem in the accounting field. The real controversy exist in the decision regarding which costs are relevant to future periods, and thus should be included in assets valuation, and which should not be charged against net income. An understanding of the relationship between costs, volume, and profit, enables management to set more realistic objectives for...

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Variable Manufacturing

Tammy Wang, a new customer, to fulfill a large one-time-only special order for a product similar to one offered to regular customers. The following per unit data apply for sales to regular customers: Direct materials $455 Direct labor 300 Variable manufacturing support 45 Fixed manufacturing support 100 Total manufacturing costs 900 Markup (60%) 540 Targeted selling price $1440 Grant’s Kitchens has excess capacity. Ms. Wang wants the cabinets in cherry rather than oak, so direct...

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Variable Cost

Running head: VARIABLE COSTS Variable Costs ACC/561 June 12, 2012 Variable Costs Any cost which is not fixed and will change in same amount when there is change in production volume is accounted as variable costs. This also means that they change in total rather than per unit whenever there is production or activity change. In production- labor, material or overhead could be the variable costs involved in the business. In Fitness center, there are different variable costs involved and...

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Variable Cost

black paint used to paint the dots on a pair of dice?     A. Choice A B. Choice B C. Choice C D. Choice D 7.  The cost of fire insurance for a manufacturing plant is generally considered to be a:  A. product cost. B. period cost. C. variable cost. D. all of these. 8.  Transportation costs incurred by a manufacturing company to ship its product to its customers would be classified as which of the following?  A. Product cost B. Manufacturing overhead C. Period cost D. Administrative...

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Variable Costs

Plant No. 2 1. Using budget data, how many Apple iPhone 4’s would have to have been completed for Danshui Plant No. 2 to break even? 2. Using budget data, what was the total expected cost per unit if all manufacturing and shipping overhead (both variable and fixed) were allocated to planned production? What was the actual cost per unit of production and shipping. 3. Prepare a flexible budget for 180,000 iPhone 4’s and calculate flexible budget variances using actual costs for August. 4. Estimate...

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Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, and Break-Even Point

Assignment: Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, and Break-Even Point Exercise 10.1 During the sixth month of the fiscal year, the program director of the Westchester Home-Delivered Meals (WHDM) program decides to again recompute fixed costs, variable costs, and the BEP using the high–low method. Here are the number of meals served and the total costs of the program for each of the first six months: Month Meals Served Total Costs July 3,500 $20,500. August 4,000 $22,600. September 4,200 $23...

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Sensitivity Analysis

additional resources, such as 10 labor hours or 3 hours of machine time, should become available, will this change the problem's answer? Such analyses are used to examine the effects of changes in these three areas: 1. Contribution rates for each variable – C FACTOR 2. Technological coefficients – A FACTOR 3. Available Resources – B FACTOR This task is alternatively called sensitivity analysis. It is also called as post optimality analysis. Sensitivity analysis often involves a series of what...

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Mgmt 650

change. This is because 100 > 80. Optimal Objective Value = 16440.00000 Variable Value Reduced Cost -------------- --------------- ----------------- E 80.00000 0.00000 S 120.00000 0.00000 D 0.00000 -24.00000 Constraint Slack/Surplus Dual Value -------------- --------------- ----------------- 1 0.00000 31.00000 2 0.00000 32.00000 3 320.00000 0.00000 Objective Allowable Allowable Variable Coefficient Increase Decrease ---------- ------------ ---------- ---------- ...

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Hsm/260: Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, and Break

HSM/260: Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, and Break Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, and Break Exercise 10.1 During the sixth month of the fiscal year, the program director of the Westchester Home-Delivered Meals (WHDM) program decides to again recompute fixed costs, variable costs, and the BEP using the high–low method. Here are the number of meals served and the total costs of the program for each of the first six months: Month Meals Served Total Costs July 3,500...

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Economics Midterm Exam review MGEA01

A9. When it is said that variable depends on variable , then is (A) a function of . (B) a derivative of . (C) independent of . (D) proportional to . A10. Positively related variables change such that as the value of one variable (A) decreases, the value of the other variable decreases. (B) increases, the value of the other variable remains the same. (C) increases, the value of the other variable decreases. (D) decreases, the value of the other variable increases. A11. Quantity...

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Karl Marx Labour Theory

labour equals power (<http//enwikipedia.org/wiki/Labour_theory_of_value>, March 2012). A commodity gains its value from labour power. This value is the ‘socially necessary labour time needed to produce it’. The value on top of this is known as ‘surplus value’ also known as the capitalist’s profit (Marx, 1906). A commodity is something that has value and can be exchanged for another commodity. Marx’s theory suggests that a commodity gains it’s value through labour power. For example, water in...

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Karl Marx History of Economic Thought

Marx’s concepts of the surplus value theory of labor, value of commodities or general formula for capital, and monopoly capitalism. The surplus value theory of labor in Rima’s text is explained in economic terms using the following formula for the rate of surplus value: S1 = S/V, where the rate of surplus of value for capitalist producers is explained through the surplus value of labor divided by the variable input of labor of the worker. The rate at which surplus value can be created...

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strategies to reduce malnutrition

the research. It should also identify key variables of the study and suggest the appropriate methodology for the study. CONSTANTS, VARIABLES, AND MEASUREMENT SCALES Constant - a characteristic or condition that is the same for all individuals in a study. Variable - a characteristic that takes on different values/conditions for different individuals. Types of Variables Independent Variable - a variable that affects the dependent variable under study and is included in the research...

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PLF - Program Design

find books that are about moths, books that are about butterflies, and books that discuss both: OR means MORE. NOT moths NOT butterflies You want to find books that are about moths, but EXCLUDE those that discuss butterflies Variable Types Following table gives you details about standard integer types with its storage sizes and value ranges: Type Storage size Value range String 1 byte Letters and other special characters int 2 or 4 bytes -32,768 to 32,767 or -2,147...

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Data Mining-East West Airlines

would be likely to purchase Telcon’s services through direct mail. If the accurate categorization is done the partnership will save valuable resources by sending out offers to customers who are likely to accept. The dataset from EA contains 15 variables, which represents spending activity and flight patterns. The task is to use this data and classify existing customers as to whether they would buy Telcon’s service or not using the Naïve Bayes classification model. If the model used is successful...

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Business Statistics Notes

_____________ |1. |If a variable has possible values –2, 6, and 17, then this variable is | |A) |both a continuous and a discrete variable | |B) |a continuous variable | |C) |neither a continuous nor a discrete variable ...

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Accounting: Time and Numerical Values

from students upon exiting the campus bookstore during the first week of classes: a. Amount of time spent shopping in the bookstore Answer: Numerical; Continuous variables because the answer represent quantities. The response arises from a measuring process b. Number of textbooks purchased Answer: Numerical; discrete variables because the answer represent quantities. The numerical values that from a counting process. c. Academic major Answer: Categorical because the values only be placed...

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The Ib lab report format

1b. Variables Variables Control of the variables Independent variable State your independent variable and the range, if applicable, and also the number of repeats How will you manipulate your variable? State the range of values if you have one. How will you measure your independent variable? Dependent variable State your dependent variable as directly measured. How will you measure the dependent variable? Controlled variables State all the For each controlled variables that could...

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Business Research Method 1

Outcome of the Research ❖ VariablesVariable to be Tested ❖ Measurements of the Variables ❖ Measurement Scale for Each Variable ❖ Conclusion Business Research Methods 1 Learning Team C has selected the real estate data set from the textbook, “Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics” by Lind, Marchal and, Mason. This textbook covers 106 sales price and various key property characteristics. The dependent variable is house price measured in thousands...

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Absorption and Variable Costing

ABSORPTION AND VARIABLE COSTING Learning Objectives 1. Explain the accounting treatment of fixed manufacturing overhead under absorption and variable costing. 2. Prepare an income statement under absorption costing. 3. Prepare an income statement under variable costing. 4. Reconcile reported income under absorption and variable costing. 5. Explain the implications of absorption and variable costing for cost-volume-profit analysis. 6. Evaluate absorption and variable costing. ...

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Statistics Using Excel

Open the Excel spreadsheet labeled "Example Database." The first page is the Data Dictionary. The Variable Label is the "handle" used for computation. The Variable Name is longer and more descriptive. The Values column shows the numerical values associated with categorical variables. In the data dictionary, you can see that the only categorical (nominal) variable is SEX. The others are ratio variables (why?) Click on the Data tab, which opens the window with the data. We wish to obtain descriptive...

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Stop Hardcoding- Follow Parameterization Technique

contains a list of parameters and variables with their assigned values. $$LOAD_SRC=SAP $$DOJ=01/01/2011 00:00:01 $PMSuccessEmailUser=admin@mycompany.com Each heading section identifies the Integration Service, Folder, Workflow, Worklet, or Session to which the parameters or variables apply. [Global] [Folder_Name.WF:Workflow_Name.WT:Worklet_Name.ST:Session_Name] [Session_Name] Define each parameters and variables definition in the form name=value...

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Microeconomic Terms and Graph

Details | Page number | 1.0 Article Summary | 3 | 2.0 Introduction | 3 | 3.0 Analysis | | 3.1 Demand and Supply | 4-6 | 3.2 Substitute | 6 | 3.3 Shortage | 7 | 3.4 Elasticity | 8-9 | 3.5 Price ceiling | 10 | 3.6 Consumer and producer surplus | 11-13 | 3.7 Tax | 13-14 | 4.0 Conclusion | 15 | References | 16-17 | | | 1.0 Article Summary The article “Consumers complain cooking oil sold at higher than fixed price” which was published on November 27, 2012 talks about the consumers...

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Variance Calculation

in June.    The company applies variable overhead on the basis of direct labor-hours. The direct materials purchases variance is computed when the materials are purchased.   Required: a. Compute the materials quantity variance. 15,600 F b. Compute the materials price variance. 44,100 * 0.1 = 4,410 F c. Compute the labor efficiency variance. 16 * (510 – (5,500 *0.1)) = 640 F d. Compute the labor rate variance. 7,803 – (510 * 16) = 357 F e. Compute the variable overhead efficiency variance. 6 *...

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cis121 chapter 2 and 3

Global variables and constants are known to the entire program. When you write programs, you work with data in three different forms: ____. a. variables; literals, or unnamed constants; and named constants The priming read is an example of a(n) ____ task. a. housekeeping A ____ variable is not used for input or output, but instead is just a working variable that you use during a program's execution. c. temporary A ____ read is an added statement that gets the first input value in a program...

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split on two independent variables (called factors). You need two independent, categorical variables and one continuous, dependent variable. Assumptions * Dependent variable is either interval or ratio (continuous) * The dependent variable is approximately normally distributed for each combination of levels of the two independent variables. * Homogeneity of variances of the groups formed by the different combinations of levels of the two independent variables. * Independence of cases...

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week 4 Assigment

Replace the variable r with 10 in the expression. p(10)+p Replace the variable p with 200 in the expression. (200)(10)+(200) Divide 200 by 10 to get 20. This will be the Dividend for the year. (20)+200 Add 200 to 20 to get 220. 220.00 Problem 2 p=5670 r=3.5 n=1 p(1+r)1 Reorder the polynomial 1+r alphabetically from left to right, starting with the highest order term. p(r+1) Multiply p by each term inside the parentheses. pr+p Replace the variable r with 3.5 in...

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Operational Definition.Pdf

operationally the key variables and terms of the study. Operational definitions serve two essential purposes: (1) They establish the rules and procedures the research investigator will use to measure the key variables of the study, and (2) they provide unambiguous meaning to terms that otherwise might be interpreted in different ways. Every research proposal must include operational definitions of major variables and terms. Operational Definitions of Variables Suppose that a dependent variable of a study...

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A Regression Analysis of the Number of Establishments in the Florists Industry

number of establishments and a number of descriptive variables, arranged per state and if not, whether this creates entry possibilities in the market. The variables considered are taken from Carree (2002). In the last part of this paper, an extra variable, the percentage white persons within the state, is added to the regression. Regression and Explanation In order to investigate the relevance and the relation of the different variables with the number of establishments, the following equation...

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Week 1 Lab_ CIS_115

TCO 1: Given a simple problem, design and desk-check a solution that is expressed in terms of pseudocode, flowchart, and/or input-process-output (IPO) diagrams. Lab This exercise will cover the steps used to create a solution. You will use variable lists, IPO charts, pseudocode, flowcharts, and desk-checking. Rubric Point distribution for this activity: Lab Activity Document Points possible Points received Part 1 10 Part 2 10 Part 3 10 Part 4 10 Part 5 10 Total...

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Creative Writing

(state) to be stored in the arrays listed below. With a one to one correspondence for arrays sState, sName, and iAge, family members name will be entered in sName array and will have their state and age entered in sState and iAge arrays respectively. Variables will be defined as: * sState – string array to hold the state * sName – string array to hold the name * iAge – integer array to hold the age * iCount – integer to hold the count The Main module will contain the following submodules:...

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the family AverageAge (as a float variable) Name of family member Name (as a string variable array) Inputs: Name of family member Name (as a string variable array) Age of family member Age (as an integer variable array) State of family member State (as an string variable array) Derived Inputs: Number of family members will be derived by adding the number of times that the user enters the names of family members into the program. NumFamily (as an integer variable) Sum of ages will be derived from...

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Mm207 Mid-Term

one variable that is discrete and one variable that is continuous. Explain your reasoning. How do you know? a) Discrete: Gender, because it takes only specific values (male or female) b) Continuous: Q3-Height in inches, because height can take any value within a range. 6. From the MM207 Student Data Set identify the following: a) A variable measured at the nominal level of measurement. Gender b) A variable measured at the ratio level of measurement. Q3-Height in inches c) A variable measured...

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Quantitative Methods of Data Analysis

total sales value last month? 3450.60___ 7. What was your total sales value this month? 4628.90___ 8. Enter the date you started working for your present employer: _1_ _6__ _88__ Codebook for sales_force_survey.sav |Full variable name |SPSS variable|Coding instructions | | |name | | |Identification...

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Week 1 Activity – Pseudocode

Point distribution for this activity: Pseudocode Activity | Document: | Points possible: | Points received | Problem #1 | 6 | | Problem #2 | 6 | | Problem #3 | 8 | | Total Points | 20 | | Problem #1: The variable X starts with the value 0. The variable Y starts with the value 5. Add 1 to X. Add 1 to Y. Add X and Y, and store the result in Y. Display the value in Y on the screen. Output #1: ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ...

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Banana Economics Assignment

Queensland¡¦s banana industry slowly recovers from the damages. However, to really see the full impact of the cyclone on banana prices and the effect on society¡¦s welfare, the economic aspects of demand and supply, elasticity, consumer and producer surplus, total surplus and the government¡¦s subsidy for banana farmers will be analysed in this report. The economic aspects of supply and demand the most basic fundamental concepts in economics used by economists to analyse competitive markets. The quantity...

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of profit. d. additional cost of a marginal increase in quality. e. variable cost of production. 10. Can a demand equation be used to test effects of changes in explanatory variables? a. No. b. Yes, but only one of the explanatory variables can be tested. c. Yes, but the useful information from the test diminishes. d. Yes, for one or more of the variables. e. Yes, but only simultaneously for all of the variables. 11. Which of the following will cause a demand curve to shift? a....

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PT1420 Unit 4 Assignment 1 Homework

is a local variable? What statements are able to access a local variable? A local variable is declared inside a module and cannot be accessed by statements that are outside the module. 5. In most languages, where does a local variable’s scope begin and end? Usually begins at the variables declaration and ends at the end of the module 6. What is the difference between passing an argument by value and passing it by reference? Passing an argument by value copies the data from the variable but does not...

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Mth231 R2 Scavenger Hunt

gov/data-products/food-environment-atlas/data-access-and-documentation-downloads.aspx#33770 You should download the Excel file “Data Download” and the Documentation (click on the pdf symbol). The documentation has a detailed explanation about how the different variables were collected and their significance. Instructions for the Scavenger Hunt Answer all of the following questions for Part I and Part II of the Scavenger Hunt. Save the file, and attach it to the Assignment files for this assignment in New Classroom...

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Imperial Units and Optic Calculator Program

program in your own type of language to lay it out 2.) Computer programs typically perform what 3 steps. A.)Input, Process, Output. 3.) What 2 things must you normally specify in a variable declaration. A.)Type, Identifier. 4.) Write assignment statements that perform the following operations with the variables a, b, and c: a. Adds 2 to a and stores the result in b// Ans.)B = 2 + A b. Multiples b times 4 and stores the result in a //Ans.)A = B * 4 c. Divides a by 3.14 and stores the result...

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Computer Programming and Following Statements

following is a reserved word in C++? a. Const b. include c. Char d. void e. int f. Return 4. What is the difference between a keyword and a user-defined identifier? Identifiers are names that are given to various program elements, such as variable, function and arrays. C take some reserved word called keyword, they have predefine meaning in C. Identifiers consist of letters and digits. Keyword consist only letter. Identifier’s first character must be a letter. Keyword’s all character is letter...

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Exercise 11 and 16

receive full credit on calculated answers, please show your work. (Use Word's equation editors, etc., and/or provide a short written description as to how you obtained the final result.) Exercise 11 (4 points per question) 1. What demographic variables were measured at least at the interval level of measurement? Age, Income, Length of labor, Return to work, and Number of hours working per week. 2. What statistics were used to describe the length of labor in this study? Were these appropriate...

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Case Study

connections between variables which is important in any problem situation. Variable is anything that can take on differing or varying values. In this case study, there are 2 types of variables. Firstly known as the dependent variables, this is also known as the criterion variable. The second one is the independent variable, known as the predictor variable. Dependent variable is the variable of primary interest to the researcher. It is to understand and describe the dependent variable, or to explain...

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Visual Basic Terms


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Steps Involved in Processing of Data

groups and classes depending on the resemblance and the similarities. With the help of the classification of the data, the entire data can be condensed; with this important characteristics can be very easily noticed. The various features of the variables can be compared and the data in a tabular form can be prepared. With the classification of the data, one can highlight the salient characteristics of the data at a glance. Types of Classification a. Geographical Classification – Here classification...

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Microeconomics: Variable Cost

to the concepts of fixed inputs and variable inputs. Fixed input: an input whose quantity remains constant during the time period in question. Variable input: an input whose quantity can be altered during the time period in question. In the case of Bob’s Bakery, ovens are a fixed input during any period less than 3 months, whereas labor is a variable input. Fixed Cost, Variable Cost, and Total Cost In the short run, a firm will have both fixed inputs and variable inputs. These correspond to two types...

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Motivation Paper

2010). With internal sources there are two different variables with in this source. These two variables that are within internal sources are biological and psychological variables. These two variables are different but are also linked in some way. Biological variables are known as material characteristics of the body and brain that serve to motivate behavior (Deckers, 2010). An example of a biological variable is hunger. Hunger is a biological variable because when you have the desire and feel that you...

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