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  • Sure Thing

    Sure Thing In David Ives’ short one-act comedy play “Sure Thing” he examines a number of variations in which a conversation between a guy and girl could take place. Theme, setting, plot, characters all of these things are essential to the understanding and captivation of the audience. With every...

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  • Sure Thing

    Sure Thing Falling in love is something that most of us strive to do. Each of us longs to find that special someone that we can connect to. Every time someone attempts to make that connection for the first time, it always starts with a conversation. Sometimes it can be hard to get the conversation...

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  • Second Chances to Make a Sure Thing

    of my favorite lines in the play was definitely when Bill said, "You have to hit these things at the right moment or it's no good" (1121).   "Sure Thing" by David Ives The Play "Sure Thing" from David Ives examines the endless variations of boy meet girl and the ensuing pick up lines. The central...

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  • Sure Thing and Working at Relationships

    Sure Thing and Working at Relationships People need to work at establishing and maintaining relationships in order for them to be successful. David IvesSure Thing shows this very well. Relationships cannot be based on words that have no thought behind them. Also, relationships cannot be one-sided;...

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  • Miscommunication

    but in every case there is a reaction. In the play Sure Thing written by David Ives, the reader gets to experience an example of how a romantic relationship can either start or come to a halting end. There are many scenarios in the play that Ives provides us with. It is shown that the leading conversation...

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  • Love and Marriage

    wants a second chance, to have said something different, or to re-invent his or her self. Manly, this happens when dealing with the opposite sex. As David Ives has said, we have what he calls “stairway thoughts,” when we think of what we could have said, should and said, and would have said if only it had...

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  • Courtship Interrupted

    relationship hindered by public opinion, social status quo, and personal prospects all lie within two radically different plays by Oscar Wilde, and David Ives. Wilde writes his in-depth play, The importance of being Earnest (1990) based on his issues within the Victorian era where a young man, Jack Worthing...

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  • Sure Thing Compared to the Importance of Being Ernest

    In both “The Importance of Being Ernest” by Oscar Wilde and “Sure Thing” by David Ives we see many ways that the women in both books are extremely gullible, easily manipulated, and believe what the men are saying to be the truth. We will see that even though the men are caught in several lies and deception...

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  • Sure Thing

    In David Ives’ short one-act comedy play Sure Thing he examines a number of variations in which a conversation between a man and woman could take place. The theme, setting, plot, and characters in this play are essential to the understanding and captivation of the audience. With every exchange of...

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  • Cells

    lright so ive been like planning how to say this for soooooo long but i dont even care anymore... ALL we do is fight. obv. we both know that. i think the reason that we fight though is cause you say something and i just make it a fight because every time we become friends again its good until like a...

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  • Sure Thing

    Sure Thing” response essay In David Ives' play "Sure Thing," the key and only characters are Bill and Betty. The two characters meet, by happenstance in a restaurant and the play unfolds from there with the punch line always being, “Sure thing”. The comedy is centered on a bell that one of the two...

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  • To Reinvent or Not, That Is the Question

    one grows through life on whether or not to change themselves to fit an idea or system of preconceived customs. This essay will analysis the play "Sure Thing" to point out the theme of the play and answer the following questions: Does the play shows the need for people to keep revising their personalities...

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  • All in the Timing Review

    one acts by playwright David Ives. The plays explored different human relationships and the awkwardness and difficulty of communicating and relating to each other. Ives collection creatively uses language and bizarre situations and scenarios. The first play presented, Sure Thing, consisted of the continually...

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  • Not Too Dure

    The Play "Sure Thing" from David Ives examines the endless variations of boy meet girl and the ensuing pick up lines. The central theme throughout the play displays a few varieties of a possible conversation that end with a ringing bell that symbolizes a fresh start and a second chance to make a good...

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  • Danger Stranger

    You: Joel
You: yours?
Stranger: hello Joel
Stranger: I am David
You: hey david
Stranger: I put my hand out and we shake
You: haha we both have names from the Bible :P
Stranger: hehe
You: lol i shake it and make awakrd eye contact
Stranger: I just look at you
You: and???
Stranger: where you from?

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  • Drama

    Drama Analysis Mr. Pierson “Sure Thing” On this drama they are only two characters Betty and Bill. They meet at a café. Where they fall in love, at the beginning Betty is very persistent...

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  • Panitikan

    some have entertained angels unawares. I believe I encountered angels one day while on a bicycle ride. I'm not sure if God was testing me as the above scripture makes clear, but I am sure the meeting with these angels was not of this humanly world. I ride a road bicycle quite a lot. I used live out...

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  • Sure Thing

    David IvesSure Thing drama is an interesting play which has different way to entertain the readers. I have never read a play which is a little bit confusing at the first time I read it. Seems its every scene is separated by ring bell. However, by reading it more, I could sense comedy and fantasy combined...

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  • Animal testing

    When the product works well on humans, majority of the time it's lethal on cats and dogs. Making the outcome death for the innocent animal. We test things on animals we have no clue will work out for us. In the end, animals that are innocent and didn't have a voice to stand up for themselves, had to fall...

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  • All in the Timing - David Ives

    All In The Timing The plays of David Ives are certainly clever and comic. There is no doubt that Ives gives us inventive scenarios that smartly use language and test our knowledge before we chuckle. But what does it all mean, anyway? What do we gain from the techniques he uses in the one-act plays of...

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