• Play Analysis – Sure Thing by David Ivis
    Play Analysis – Sure Thing by David Ivis The Setting of “Sure Thing” by David Ivis is important in terms of setting the mood as well as the context for the play’s main conflict. “Sure Thing” is set in a café where the the two main characters, Bill and Betty, awkwardly encounter one ano
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  • Sure Thing
    Sure Thing In David Ives’ short one-act comedy play “Sure Thing” he examines a number of variations in which a conversation between a guy and girl could take place. Theme, setting, plot, characters all of these things are essential to the understanding and captivation of the audience. With
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  • Second Chances to Make a Sure Thing
     The symbolism of the bell signifying a fresh start, a true chance to have a clean slate and create your own destiny, was brilliant in my eyes.  One of my favorite lines in the play was definitely when Bill said, "You have to hit these things at the right moment or it's no good" (1121).   "Sur
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  • Sure Thing
    In David Ives’ short one-act comedy play Sure Thing he examines a number of variations in which a conversation between a man and woman could take place. The theme, setting, plot, and characters in this play are essential to the understanding and captivation of the audience. With every exchange
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  • Sure Thing Compared to the Importance of Being Ernest
    In both “The Importance of Being Ernest” by Oscar Wilde and “Sure Thing” by David Ives we see many ways that the women in both books are extremely gullible, easily manipulated, and believe what the men are saying to be the truth. We will see that even though the men are caught in several li
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  • Sure Thing
    David Ives’ Sure Thing drama is an interesting play which has different way to entertain the readers. I have never read a play which is a little bit confusing at the first time I read it. Seems its every scene is separated by ring bell. However, by reading it more, I could sense comedy and fantasy
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  • Sure Thing and Working at Relationships
    Sure Thing and Working at Relationships People need to work at establishing and maintaining relationships in order for them to be successful. David Ives’ Sure Thing shows this very well. Relationships cannot be based on words that have no thought behind them. Also, relationships cannot be one-sid
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  • All in the Timing - David Ives
    All In The Timing The plays of David Ives are certainly clever and comic. There is no doubt that Ives gives us inventive scenarios that smartly use language and test our knowledge before we chuckle. But what does it all mean, anyway? What do we gain from the techniques he uses in the one-act plays
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  • One Sure Thing
    A MOTLEY FOOL PRO SPECIAL REPORT HOw TO PROfIT fROm THE ONE “SuRE THINg” COmINg IN 2011 PLuS, THREE mORE fEARLESS PREdICTIONS Motley Fool Pro January 2011 how to profit from the one “sure thing” coming in 2011 — plus, three more fearless predictions Brought to you by Jeff fisc
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  • Sure Thing
    “Sure Thing” response essay In David Ives' play "Sure Thing," the key and only characters are Bill and Betty. The two characters meet, by happenstance in a restaurant and the play unfolds from there with the punch line always being, “Sure thing”. The comedy is centered on a bell that one of
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  • David George Case Study
    1. There are several reasons that make George David become such a highly regarded/respected manager: * He has a good vision and strategic in management. He knew that values are very important in management. It is not only about achieving goal through people but also about how people and organiza
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  • E-Book Microeconomics David Besanko
    accessible, affordable, active learning MICROECONOMICS FOURTH EDITION DAV I D A . B E S A N KO Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management RONALD R. BRAEUTIGAM Northwestern University, Department of Economics with Contributions from Michael J. Gibbs The University of
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  • Sure Thing- Miguel
    "Sure Thing" Love You Like a Brother Treat you like a friend Respect you like a lover You could bet that Never gotta sweat that [x4] If you be the cash I'll be the rubberband You be the match Imma be your fuse Boom! Painter baby you Could be the muse I'm the reporter
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  • Henry David Thoreau
    ------------------------------------------------- Henry David Thoreau From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Thoreau" redirects here. For other uses, see Thoreau (disambiguation). Henry David Thoreau | Maxham daguerreotype of Henry David Thoreau made in 1856 | Your continued donations
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  • David and Hamlet
    Hamlet and David In Hamlet and The Mountain and the Valley, both literary pieces present us with two melancholic characters who live in conflict due to the dichotomy of their natures . Both Hamlet and David are similar because they are conflicted by foils and similar in the na
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  • Henry David Thoreau
    He spent his life in voluntary poverty, enthralled by the study of nature. Two years, in the prime of his life, were spent living in a shack in the woods near a pond. Who would choose a life like this? Henry David Thoreau did, and he enjoyed it. Who was Henry David Thoreau, what did he do, and what
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  • David Hume
    David Hume David Hume was born on May 7, 1711 in Edinburgh, Scotland, into a middle class family. His father died while he was young and left him with wage of 50 pounds a year. When he was twelve years old he went to Edinburgh University but dropped out three years later without receiving a degr
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  • David Duval
    Behind the Glasses: David Duval Chris Weymouth They tried to hide the huge needle, of course. He laid with his face planted hard into the sheets. His father and a nurse held him down by his shoulders and legs. The needle was pushed in just above his hip. He took it better than most boys
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  • David or Goliath
    English 102 John DiMartino Essay #3 24 February, 2004 David or Goliath Each morning Mrs. Smith grabs her daily coffee before work and heads toward her $52,000 SUV parked outside on the driveway. She clicks the keyless entry on her key chain and with a, BEEP, the monster opens i
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  • David Beckham's Impact on American Sports
    David Beckham is always on the front page of any newspaper or headlined on tonight’s daily news wherever he happens to be. He is a world icon in every sense of the word, adored by his loyal fans world wide in Europe and now even more so in the US. He has been in the public eye more than anyone
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