"Strategies Employed To Meet Organisational Responsibilities" Essays and Research Papers

Strategies Employed To Meet Organisational Responsibilities

 Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies Wanda Joyce McGhee Dr. Malinda Swigart Business 508 July 13, 2014 Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies There is no question that Apple is a remarkable company. In addition to its business turnaround, its innovative design, and its media content and apps, the unadulterated sexiness of all its products makes Apple hard to resist. For me, what isn’t hard to resist, is asking: How can a company that is this extraordinary...

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Understanding the Organisational Purpos

Understanding the Organisational Purposes of Businesses Identify the purposes of different types of organisation It is necessary for an organisation that, before it devises its strategy, it must know where it is going and in what direction to move to pursue such aims. J Thompson (1990) describes the mission statement of a company as defining the primary purpose of the organisation, what business it is in and, whom the company is seeking to serve and satisfy. Therefore, the organisation activities...

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Business Environment. Understanding the Organisational Purposes of Business

Introduction In this assignment I am going to identify the purposes of different types of organisations, describe the extent to which an organisation meets the objectives of different stakeholders and explain the responsibilities of an organisation and strategies employed to meet them. I am also going to give examples based on my own personal experience. Identify the purposes of different types of organisation Business organisations can be divided mainly into two sectors. The private sector...

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The organisational purposes of business

Identify the purposes of different types of organisation It is necessary for an organisation that, before it devises its strategy, it must know where it is going and in what direction to move to pursue such aims. J Thompson (1990) describes the mission statement of a company as defining the primary purpose of the organisation, what business it is in and, whom the company is seeking to serve and satisfy. Therefore, the organisation activities should revolve around the mission statement. Many companies...

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Haniel Corporate Strategy And Corporate Responsibility

I. INTRODUCTION Corporate strategy is an important planning process within a company that links strategies with functions of corporation. Nowadays, social responsibility has developed rapidly and corporations are pressured to do their part in conserving social, economic and environment. Haniel is now in the verge of integrating its social responsibilities into its corporate strategies for the group. Part of this process can be derived and analyzed from the case study which I have extracted to explain...

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Strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility

corporation which can shoulder responsibilities of society and obey the rule of ethic deserves to obtain support from the society. In this essay, I am going to discuss about whether if the strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility is relevant. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), like ethics, is easy to understand: it means distinguish right from wrong, and doing right. It means being a good corporate citizen. The formal definition of social responsibility is management’s obligation...

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Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies

 Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies Contemporary Business/508 January 28, 2014 Dr. Allen Beck Apple corporation bases its success on “creating innovative, high quality products and services and on demonstrating integrity in every business interaction.” According to Apple, four main principles contribute to integrity: honesty, respect, confidentiality, and compliance. To more thoroughly detail these principles, Apple has drafted a code of business...

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organisational effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness Organizational effectiveness is critical to success in any economy. In order to achieve increased and sustainable business results, organizations need to execute strategy and engage employees. However, our research indicates that most organizations are struggling to get it right. FREDERICK TAYLOR: EFFECTIVENESS WAS DETERMINED BY FACTORS SUCH AS PRODUCTION MAXIMIZATION, COST MINIMALIZATION, TECHNOLOGICAL EXCELLENCE, Etc HENRI FAYOL: EFFECTIVENESS IS A FUNCTION...

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Introduction to Business Strategy

to Business Strategy Introduction to Business Strategy - In House training and consulting Introduction to Business Strategy training courseThis introductory Business Strategy training course explores practical approaches to developing strategic thinking skills and implementing a strategic management process, by providing proven methods and robust tools for each stage in the development and implementation of business strategy. This highly practical Introduction to Business Strategy training course...

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Corporate Responsibility And Marketing Strategies

Bonny van Dongeren BUS 508 Dr. Steed 28 April 2014 Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies The Apple Corporation has very strong ethical and social responsibilities within the corporate world. Apple currently has a great position on their customer service and significant value. This is important when it comes to upholding a positive image. They have also violated a lot of these ethical and social responsibilities which has caused it to hurt Apple Corporation’s reputation. A couple of...

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

Roles and Responsibilities as a Teacher As in every profession, roles, responsibilities and boundaries are set in order to define the line indicating the acceptable limits. Many people think the role of a teacher is just to teach students new skills; however the role goes much further than this, it can include assessor, verifier, advisor, record keeper, course designer, working with employers and personal tutor.  Within this position there are naturally a huge number of responsibilities related...

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Management Style and Organisational Structure for a Driving School

produce a large organisation that will, if created, be successful within its market. I shall search and provide relevant background research and empirical evidence to help create the organisation. The main aims for this report are to produce an organisational and management structure that is appropriate for the company I aim to create. Business context The organisation I shall create in this report is East Anglian Driving School (EADS). The organisation shall consist of driving instructors throughout...

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Organisational Marketing Strategies and the Digital Age

Organisational Marketing Strategies and the Digital Age The Role of Marketing Strategy Development As marketing professionals, we have a clearly defined role within the organisation—to promote the organisation’s services and/or products to potential customers in order to increase market share and grow the business. Yet throughout the years, marketing and promotion is straightforward in a world where consumers are spoiled for choice with most any product or service. In addition, consumers...

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Organisational Culture

organisation from other organisations. Culture has its origin in the organisational interaction. The model put forward by Schein (1985) Schein divides organisational culture into three levels: Outer layer: These outer layers are at the surface, those aspects (such as dress) which can be easily recognised, yet are hard to understand; Values and beliefs: beneath the outer layer are “values & beliefs" which are conscious strategies, goals and philosophies Basic Assumptions and...

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Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies

Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies Dr. Tonya D. Moore Contemporary Business January 28, 2014 Introduction Corporate responsibility and Marketing Strategies are essential in today’s market and to any premier company in this day and age. Researching Apple’s ethical and social responsibility and their position will allow the consumer to determine if the company is meeting or exceeding their responsibility. Exploring the publications which documents the...

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The Influence of Organisational Structure on Organisational Culture

attributed to the sum of their parts such as staff, profit, products, strategy, technology, environment, structure and culture. These parts or factors can directly contribute to the strengths or weaknesses of an organisation and they are all interrelated. This essay will examine organisational structure and organisational culture and the influence mechanistic and organic structures have on organisational culture. Organisational structure, as defined by Hodge, Anthony & Gales (1996), is “the sum...

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PTTLS Roles Responsibilities and Boundaries in LLS

interviews, initial, formal, risk and formative assessments, to enable me to be flexible in teaching and delivery strategies to meet the groups/individuals need for instance what will be taught when (Gravells 2011)when designing a scheme of work and session plans. I deliver learning style assessment either before or during the first session. This is so I can plan the learning strategies for all preferences identified(visual/auditory/reading/kinaesthetic), to plan appropriate resources. I aim to be...

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Organisational Culture : Apple

Apple Case Study The role of a successful leader in organisational change cannot be overestimated. Organisational culture is significant for each organisation and its successful operation, playing large role in whether or not a particular organisation has a happy, healthy and comfortable working environment. Organisational culture at any company has to be strong and well-established but able to be changed as well. So, in order to establish, maintain and improve the company’s culture timely...

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Organisational Culture

Business Culture and Strategy Assessment 2 a) Organisational culture is the pattern of assumptions, vaules and norms shared by organisational members. The culture of an organisation can affect the operations of a company and how successful it is. Organisational culture contains four basic elements; basic assumptions which are un-said but happen, shared values which show what is important in the company, norms which the employee should follow and artefacts which show the culture of the...

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Organisational Process

Explain strategy as an organisational process? Ans1. Strategy Organisation is a social system of people who are structured and managed to meet some goals Strategy means the grand plan and the term is borrowed from the military which distinguished between the grand plan and actual action by calling the former strategy and the latter tactics. Strategy in organizations can be divided into three: Corporate strategy Business strategy Functional strategy Organisational Process –...

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Implement Marketing Strategies

monitor their effectiveness in meeting organisational marketing objectives, and take actions to improve marketing performance.No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of endorsement. | Application of the Unit Application of the unit | This unit applies to individuals working in marketing management positions who are responsible for implementing and monitoring organisational marketing strategies. In this role they would usually lead and...

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Emergent Strategy

Strategy Formation Essential Reading for this Section Chapter 3: Core Text, specifically readings: • Managing the Strategy Process - Balaji Chakravarthy & Peter Lorange (p130) • Logical Incrementalism - James Quinn (p134) • Conceptual Models and Decision Making - G. Allison (p141) • From Scenario Thinking to Strategic Action – I.Wilson (p153) Strategy Formation: The Paradox of Deliberate and Emergent Henry Mintzberg suggests that there are four types of strategy, as follows: ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility as Business Strategy

Corporate social responsibility as business strategy There is a visible attention being paid towards social and environmental consequences of business and yet performance in this front is far from satisfactory. Common trait seen across companies is that social concern and business are seen as two independent responsibilities and often at loggerhead. As a consequence, companies lose focus of how social responsibility could have been integrated with the long term business outcomes. Businesses across...

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Developing Information Systems/Information Technology Strategies

DEVELOPING INFORMATION SYSTEMS/INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STRATEGIES INTRODUCTION Despite the ongoing deliberation about the strategic importance of IS/IT, the purpose of IS/IT within any organisation and people is rapidly evolving. Moreover invitation of IT/IS in boardrooms is being applied towards rendering top-line values and business transformations. Ward and Peppard viewed “Information system as a procedure of applying technology, gathering technology, processing technology and the utilization...

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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility What Definition Making a profit within the ambit of the law and to make decisions that will benefit not only the interest and welfare of society but also that of the organisation Origins of Social Responsibility • Entrepreneurs recognised a responsibility to employees. This refers to an act of paternalism to act in a fatherly way, caring and taking responsibility • Josesph Rowntree – Paternalistic Chief Executive – provide generous medical and dental schemes. Not possible...

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Organisational Behaviour

duties and responsibilities are fulfilled with the help of the administrative staffs of the Judicial Service Commission. In this Report I will be outlining this organization in accordance to its administrative role in fulfilling its mission and vision according to the Constitution of Republic of Maldives Article 157 and Judicial Service Commission Act (Act No. 10/2008). The objectives of Judicial Service Commission are to achieve targets and goals entrusted powers and responsibilities stipulated...

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Competitive Strategies Employed by Retail Supermarkets in the Uk: a Comparative Study.

1. Proposed working title: Competitive strategies employed by Retail Supermarkets in the UK: A comparative study. 2. Research Background: This research background focuses on competitive strategies employed by retail supermarkets in the UK.This background will give a general idea as what to anticipate in the report on strategies approach of leading retail supermarkets of the UK. Retail strategy is an overall plan or the agenda of action that has to follow by the retailer to get the success in...

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Ict Strategy: Does a Federated Organisational Structure

has been cited and referenced. 3. This essay is my own work. 4. I have not allowed, and will not allow, anyone to copy my work with the intention of passing it off as his or her own work. Signature: Nathan van Rooyen ICT Strategy: does a federated organisational structure influence effective development and execution thereof? Research proposal presented to the Department of Information Systems University Of Cape Town By Nathan van Rooyen In partial fulfilment of the requirements...

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of this article is to help Treaty Beer Company making a strategic analysis that is about the enterprise internal and external environment analysis. This analysis will out look the future environment, which is the basis for the development of the strategy that makes business development, climate change and company capability achieve dynamic balance. Organisation of Treaty Beer Company The organisation structure of Treaty Beer Company shows bad corporate governance. From the top of the owner...

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Firms Strategy and Structure

Management and Strategy Essay Notes INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION, CORPORATE STRATEGY AND STRUCTURE  Top managers perceptions of the market structure and firms strengths and weaknesses determine their choice of corporate strategy and organisational structure  Both corporate strategy and organisational structure influence the economic performance of the firm and the market in which it sells  One of the main goals for strategy implementation is to achieve synergy between functions...

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need to accomplish to meet your purpose, or mission, and address major issues facing the organization. 3. Identify specific approaches or strategies that must be implemented to reach each goal The strategies are often what change the most as the organization eventually conducts more robust strategic planning, particularly by more closely examining the external and internal environments of the organization. 4. Identify specific action plans to implement each strategy - These are the specific...

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corporate communication strategy of an organisation( Dangote group))

Corporate organisation strategy differentiates between macro or corporations, micro or business-units, enterprise as well as their function and active strategies which are depended on identity, culture, strategy and product. With reference to the above, each corporation or business-unit operates at different levels and structure but to achieve the organisational goal, their communication strategic processes must be coherent and consistence. The concept of corporate communication strategy as a functional...

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aldi organisational life cycle

 Organisation Theory [Type the document subtitle] Organisational life cycle is extremely important for an organisation to understand and to be able to apply it to each of the products or services that it provides. I will discuss how the organisational life cycle applies to the company Aldi and I will also use concepts and theories from this module to support my answer. Aldi is a global discount supermarket chain providing good quality food and drink products to customers at...

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Critically Explore How Organisations Can Use Resourcing Strategies Enhance Organisational Performance

Explore how organisations can use resourcing strategies to strategically enhance organisational performance. This paper reviews current recruitment and selection strategies in an Irish organisation – American Airlines (Dublin European Reservations Office). Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and selection are central and boundaryless functions of the organisations (Nelson, 1997). An effective recruitment process follows these steps: job definition, person specification, designing of recruitment...

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Organisational Behaviour Assignment

MID TERM ASSESSMENT - ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR NORHAFIZAH MOHAMED TAN PBS1332345 Introduction The culture and structure of organization plays a vital role in the success of the organization. It is essential for organizations to compete with the culture and keep on performing well, but most of the organizations fail and get into troubled. The organisational structure is the framework, which organisations adopt to perform their strategies and objectives. It helps in providing the clear guidelines...

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Review the Impact That Selected Theories of Management and Leadership Have on Organisational Strategy

Haran IN PARTNERSHIP WITH TEESSIDE UNIVERSITY TMA 02 Leadership Strategy and Planning for Leadership Table of Contents Executive summary Overview: There are three objectives of this assignment: 1. To identify the key strategic management and leadership drivers for an organisation of your choice over the next three years; 2. To apply knowledge of management and leadership theory when creating a leadership strategy for your organisation; 3. To plan for the recruitment and future development...

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Organisational Devlopment: Levels of Diagnosis

evolution is essential for long term organisational outcomes. With economic pressures, a growing demand for perceptibly social and environmental responsibility and an increasingly focus towards international and worldwide trade, modern organizations are confronted with an almost constant need for change (Waddell, Cummings and Worley, 2007). Thus it is important for leaders to have a sound understanding of change issues and theories (Waddell, 2002). Organisational development (OD) is described as a...

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Managers responsibility

Assignment 1 Man11 Mark Coughlan 19594135 The mangers most basic responsibility is to focus people toward performance of work activities to achieve desired outcomes. A manager is someone who works with and through other people by co-ordinating their work activities to accomplish organisational goals. (Robbins, Stagg, Coulter, 2003, p.10) This definition states, the fundamental responsibility of a manager, is to accomplish the organisations objectives by 'getting things done through people'. There...

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UNIT 001 – ROLES, RESPONSIBILITIES AND RELATIONSHIPS IN LIFELONG LEARNING 3 CREDITS, 12 GLH 1. Provide a brief case study of the role of a teacher in the Lifelong Learning Sector. This role may be drawn from a part of the sector in which you work, or where you wish to work. a. Where appropriate, it will be acceptable for some of your information to be summarised in tables, charts, or diagrams. b. Your case study must include clear explanations and description to address all of the assessment...

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Paper for Business

CITY OF LONDON COLLEGE EDEXCEL BTEC HND (QCF Level 5) IN BUSINESS Unit 1: Business Environment Year: 2012 Learning Outcomes: 1. Identify the mission, objectives and responsibilities of an organisation within its environment 2. Investigate the economic, social and global environment in which organisations operate 3. Investigate the behaviour of organisations and the market environment 4. Explore the significance of international trade and the European dimensions for UK...

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Corporate and Organisational Culture

Nestlé Corporate and organisational culture Link to case study Overview: a case study of Nestlé’s strategy of sustainable development and the way this has been communicated. Lesson objectives: ➢ to identify the stakeholders of Nestlé ➢ to identify the values and culture of Nestlé ➢ to appreciate the importance of culture in determining a firm’s success. Introduction (3 minutes) Introduce the lesson: you will look at Nestlé and examine the stakeholders of Nestlé...

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Organisational Analysis

the view that mechanistic and bureaucratic organisations will probably struggle to encourage organisational learning. The structure and learning perspectives of organisational analysis will be used as academic lenses to view and propel this discussion. Relevant theories will be applied to analyse my own organisational experiences (direct and indirect). Examples derived from case studies of organisational situations will be looked at so as to make the discussion more cohesive. To begin with definitions...

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Organisational Analysis and Design

Organisational Analysis and Design Assessment One – Reflective Responses Provide informed opinion on the issues involved in the question framed by the theoretical concepts discussed in the lectures and readings. Back up with evidence whenever possible. 1. Explain why we live in an “organisational world” illustrate with examples. As defined by Robbins and Barnwell (2006:6), An organisation is “…a consciously coordinated social entity with a relatively identifiable boundary, that...

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Organisational Behaviour

Job Satisfaction and performance are the terms which are correlated to each other. Empirical theories depict a strong negative correlation whereas picture depicted through Organisational Psychology is totally opposite, that is strong positive correlation. The term job satisfaction doesn’t have a proper definition because of the general disagreement between the theorist, scientists and researchers. Spector (1994) defines job satisfaction as how people feel about their jobs and several aspects of it;...

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Roles and responsibilities of a teacher in South Africa

7 Roles and associated responsibilities of a teacher 1. Designer of Learning Programs When designing learning programs for your students/class a teacher has the following responsibilities to take into consideration: • The Program - The learning program should be understood and well interpreted as well as original programs designed. • Meet the unique needs of learners in your class whilst overcoming barriers – Although all learners in a class are unique, it is difficult to cater for the needs...

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Organisational Behaviour

ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR UNIT- 5 1.Meaning of Organisational culture? The individual personality and its impact on behaviour. Just as individual have personalities. So too do organizations. The organizational personalities are called organizational culture. 2.Define organizational culture? Turnstall defines organizational culture as, “A general constellation of beliefs, morals, value systems, behaviour norms, and ways of doing business that are unique to each...

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HR Strategy

supporting business strategy and shows how to develop human resources in organisations.( PepsiCo Inc. ) ∆ The role of HRM in supporting business strategy : Human resource management practices and functions have gained more strategic role in today’s competitive organizations. Traditional personnel management and human resources management activities are not enough to compete in the challenging environments. Human resources includes a myriad of functional areas, encompassing responsibilities from recruitment...

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Kbr Roles and Responsibilities Within an Organisational Structure

relationships between employees that are based on mutual respect. The company’s values focus on transparency, accountability, financial responsibility and discipline. Conducting business with the utmost integrity and ethics is the foundation of KBR’s day-to-day business. CURRICULUM TOPICS • Organisational structure • Hierarchy, flat and matrix structures • Roles • Responsibility and authority GLOSSARY Acquisitions: where one business takes over another e.g. by purchasing a majority of shares. Divestments:...

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Implement Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Name- JUGJEET SINGH Id- std02144 Assessment 1. Implement marketing strategies and tactics Briefing stakeholders- Persons involved directly or indirectly with the organisation or project. BBQfun will be the leading outdoor-lifestyle retailer, catering to the growing need for furnishing new and renovated dwellings in the greater Brisbane area. Board of directors- BBQfun’s board of directors need to approve the plan, customers specific needs, prepare a report of high population in Greater Brisbane...

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PRESCRIPTIVE STRATEGIES Prescriptive strategy is one where the objective has been defined in advance and main elements have been developed before the strategy commences. Prescriptive strategy starts with the analysis of the competitive environments and resources of the organization. Then an agreed purpose is established such as a maximization of return on capital involved in a business. PRESCRITIVE MANAGEMENT PROCESS 1. Develop and define organizations objective 2. Analysis and projection...

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Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis Introduction In this world, the likelihood of being involved or exposed to a negotiation is more common than one may think. In considering yourself, another individual, party, or group that is involved in a negotiation, a strategy should be followed. Although most people view negotiation as a fixed sequence (Salacuse, 2007), having a planning process allows for the negotiator(s) to review all issues and determine a bargaining mix based on the relevant facts...

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1.3 Explain the Responsibilities of the Assessor

1.3 Explain the responsibilities of the assessor * Carrying out assessments in accordance with EAL assessment specifications and assessment documentation * Ensuring evidence provided by learners is sufficient to meet EAL requirements * Providing feedback to the learner about performance and achievement * Devising and agreeing an assessment action plan with the learner as appropriate * Completing all relevant assessment forms and returning them to the internal quality assurer/Centre...

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Organisational Strategy

The University of Northampton STRM002 Organisational Strategy Assignment 1 Submitted by Mohsin Masood ID: 12423835 I was Granted Permission by Ross Thompson for an extension. Q-1: Value Chain: After applying Value Chain system Porter (1985), following data is generated through detailed analysis of General Electric. Value Chain Analysis identified following activities that are being best undertaken by GE. Value Chain | Primary Activities | Supporting Points | | Operations:...

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Corporate Social Responsibility at Your Workplace

Corporate Social Responsibility at your Workplace It’s hot! Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a hot issue in today’s corporate strategy and can be started at your workplace. Before we can be responsible to the society at large, we should show responsibility to our people by taking good care of them before extending our responsibility outside the workplace. It is the job of the human resources (HR) manager or employer to treat employees in such a way that they look forward to coming to...

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Understand organisational structures

1 Understand organisational structures 1.1 Explain the differences between the private sector, public sector and voluntary sector A private sector is usually composed of organisations which are privately owned and not part of a government; whereas a public sector is composed of organisations that are owned by the government and voluntary sectors are composed of individuals of who seek help in charitable activities. Private sectors include corporations such as partnerships and charities, like the...

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Organisational Behaviour Challenges Sb

Organisational Behaviour in the 21st Century Snehaal Bhalavat October 9, 2010 To explain the challenges faced by today’s organisations, I will first express my understanding on organizational behaviour and further will highlight challenges and explain the problems in context to Indian business. Managing People Often managers think managing people is something that they often think they can do, or indeed ought to be able to do. The interesting thing is that it is neither something they...

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Organisational dialogue

Introduction “Changes happen by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you do not believe is right.” – Jane Goodall. There are lots of critiques who argue that dialogue can precisely transform the organisational culture and learning methods. Dialogue is a mutual understanding among the people and empowering them by letting speak and hear (Senge et al. 1999). Dialogue is a controversial subject that generally covers entire communication channel of an organisation...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction (Corporate Social Responsibility and the impact it has on society at a global level is studied (discussed/investigated) as we look at whether current regulations are sufficient or mandatory regulations are required in order to sustain our environment in the future.) Since the 1990’s there has been an increasing trend for companies to provide information regarding the environmental implications of their operations (Gozali et al., 2002). This has arisen due to the increasing importance...

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Can Organisational Culture Be Changed?

Question: Can Organisational Culture be changed? Management within an organisation has the ability to re-shape, re-engineer, re-organise and change their organisation and organisational culture, the majority of organisation’s today, have the ability to change their culture, however, at the same time, it is a very difficult and demanding task. This is where the four main functions of managing come into play; planning, controlling, leading and organising. Robbins at al (2009, p.94) defines organisational...

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Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility Rebecca Perez Gen 200 Monday February 27, 2012 Denise Finney Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility is extremely important in life because it dictates the quality of your life. Your life is directly affected by the level of personal responsibility you practice. The definition of personal responsibility is vague and broad. It is comparable to defining a personality trait that includes several traits in one. These traits include ethics, moral decisions,...

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