• Roommates Relationship Questionnaire
    NAME:吴泓锋 江东岳 陈一夫 TOPIC:Roommates Relationship Questionnaire DATE:2011/6/21 HYPOTHESIS: People in the same bedroom know how to maintaining a harmonious dormitory. RESULT:The survey shows that the college students who are living in a dormitory know how to maintai
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  • Questionnaire
    QUESTIONNAIRE Please highlight your answer. The questionnaire is completely anonymous. Screening questions 1) Do you work in marketing/advertising? * YES NO 2) Do you have a close relation to the company Louis Vuitton? (You or your family member are the employees)
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  • Broken Family Survey Questionnaire
    Survey Questionnaire “EFFECTS OF HAVING A BROKEN FAMILY” 1. With whom you are living with? Father Mother Guardian Others: ________________ 2. Since when you experienced having a broken family? ____y/o 3. How many siblings do you have? [pic] Only Chi
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  • A Doll's House Questionnaire
    A Doll’s House Questionnaire * Do you think this play should be called a tragedy? Why or why not? * This play is a tragedy when you take into consideration the time in which it is written, 1879. Back then, scandal was considered tragic. In today’s world, the events of the play would
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  • College Attribute Questionnaire
    QUESTIONNAIRE We, Rahul Gupta, Krishna Kumari, Mamta Parihar, Sakshi Arora, students of MBA-2nd semester of Prestige Institute of Management, are undergoing a market research as a part of our MBA course. You are required to kindly respond to the statements mentioned below. The information so collec
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  • The Factors Affecting Satisfaction of the Customers of Superstores in Dhaka City: a Study Based on a Field Survey Using a Structured Questionnaire
    The Factors Affecting Satisfaction of the Customers of Superstores in Dhaka City: A Study Based on a Field Survey Using a Structured Questionnaire Page- 1 The Factors Affecting Satisfaction of the Customers of Superstores in Dhaka City: A Study Based on a Field Survey Using a Structured Que
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  • Questionnaire for Employee Satisfaction
    Questionnaire 4. Monthly Income: A) Below Rest. 10,000 B) 10,000- 20000 C) 20,000-30000 D) Above 30,000 5. Education Qualification: A) Under graduation B) Post – graduation 6. Marital Status A) Married B) Unmarried 7. Years of experience: A) Less than 1yr B) 1-2 yrs C) 2-3 yrs D) 3-4 yr
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  • Questionnaire for Teenagers
    Questionnaire For Teenagers NAME - ______________________ Age - ____ Gender - _____ Q.1. Do you play any sports? A. yes, B. No, Q.2. If Yes Then specify? Q.3. How Many Hours do you spend time Playing outdoor games? A.1-3Hours
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  • Questionnaire on Managerial Skills
    Questionnaire on Managerial Skills 1. Name: ____________________________________________________________ _ 2. Institutes Name: ____________________________________________________________ _ 3. Location of the Institute: ________________________________________________________
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  • Questionnaire Sample
    ------------------------------------------------- Students of Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts need more practical time. Dear all, This research is for the requirements of English for Professional Purposes (PBI 1012) course. This research is about students of Faculty of Applied and Cre
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  • Questionnaire
    Good day FUTURE CPA’s! We, the Sizzling Sisig with Egg group of ENG 102 “Effective Communication and Research” under Mrs. Elenita Sebastian, is asking for your little time and attention to answer this questionnaire that we prepared, for us to obtain enough information to accomplish our resea
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  • Thesis Questionnaire
    SAFETY CULTURE QUESTIONNAIRE (Health Care Personnel) I work in the (clinical area or patient care area where you typically spend your time): This is the Department of: | * Encircle the number which corresponds to your answer. | Please answer the following items with respect to your specif
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  • Service Quality Questionnaire
    Appendix 2 SERVICE QUALITY QUESTIONNAIRE This is a questionnaire intended for disabled students of a Higher Education institution: University The questionnaire comprises three parts (A to C). Part A - a single question on your level of satisfaction with the overall services Part B - a
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  • Questionnaire
    Questionnaire Answer the following questions in YES or NO 1. Do you wish to work and settle in U.S.? Yes/No 2. Do you feel secured in India? Yes/ No If not then which country would you prefer? 3. Do you think BSE is dependent on NASDAQ? Yes/No 4. Do you think American style of pr
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  • Retailer's Questionnaire
    RETAILER’S QUESTIONNAIRE Name :………………………….. Shop’s Name :…………………………………. Address: ………………………… Contact No.:…………………………………. …………………………………… ………………………â
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  • Questionnaire on Visiting Nightclubs
    Questionnaire on Visiting Nightclubs / “Clubbing” Gender: Male / Female Age (please specify): ________ Race: Chinese / Malay / Indian / Others (please specify): _______________ Religion: Buddhist / Christian / Muslim / Hindu / Others (please specify): _______________ Occupation (pleas
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  • Org Questionnaire
    Company Name: Toys R Us [pic] COMMUNICATION: Would you describe a situation in which communication was an issue? Do you allow for employees to explain themselves (give explanations)? Do you judge the actions of your subordinates? Do you criticize employees in front of each other?
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  • Questionnaire Regarding Factors Affecting Student's Academic Performance
    “FACTORS AFFECTING THE GRADES OF 3RD AND 4TH YEAR BSCA STUDENTS OF JOHN B. LACSON COLLEGES FOUNDATION-BACOLOD INC.” To the Respondents, This questionnaire is an instrument we choose to utilize to determine the most contributing factor that affect the grades of 3rd year and 4th year BSCA stude
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  • Tooth Paste Questionnaire
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  • Teacher Questionnaire
    University of Phoenix Material Teacher Questionnaire Dear Classroom Teacher, Please answer the following statements related to your personal philosophy of education. This information will be used by the University of Phoenix candidate as part of developing his or her own philosophy of educa
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