• Consumer Behaviour Towards Eco Friendly Body Care Products
    Minor Project Synopsis CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS Submitted by XYZ MFM I Under the supervision Of Prof. Priti Gadhvi Submitted to Department of Fashion Management Studies (FMS) National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) (Ministry of Textiles, Gov
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  • Consumer Preference of ‘Hen Product’
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  • Consumer Preference Towards Mcdonald’s
    Abstract My dissertation is on the topic CONSUMER PREFERENCE TOWARDS MCDONALD’S. It talks about the fast food sector to which McDonald’s belongs competitors, threats and the costumer satisfaction and preference towards MCDONALD’S outlet in DUBAI. McDonald’s is a part of McDonald’s Corp
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  • Consumer Preference of Brighton & Hove Teenagers on Organic Food, Do They Really Care?
    Research Background There have been many studies investigating the influences on consumer purchasing and consumption of organic foods. It has a Journal of the Human Environment that argues that parts of researches have frequently taken the form of asking consumers directly about their reasons for p
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  • Progress Is Possible, No One Can Stop It: a Case Study on Eco Friendly Green Marketing
    Name of author- Priti Srivastava Regd. No. 1050108617 Research Scholar Singhania University, Rajasthan Under Supervision of Dr. Seema Dhawan 1) Problem definition: PROGRESS IS POSSIBLE, NO ONE CAN STOP IT: A CASE STUDY ON ECO FRIENDLY GREEN MARKETING 2) Research design –Conclusive-descriptive
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  • Consumer Preference
    Consumers preference towards the brands GAP and Marks and Spencer This chapter is about research methods which would be used for taking the research further. It forms the basis for the entire approach used , tools of data collection, methods. Bryman and Cramer (1990) gave the research model. This m
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  • Internship Report Proposal on Consumer Preference Towards Otc Drugs
    Contents Chapter 1: Introduction 3 Origin of the report: 4 Objective of the study: 4 Scope of the study: 5 Methodology: 5 Limitation of the study: 7 Chapter Two: Brief Review OF Literature 8 OTC Drugs: 8 Important tips for using over-the-counter medications: 9 Chapter Three: O
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  • Consumer Preference of Bijou Blanc Goods
    Summer Internship Project Report On Customers preference while purchasing Bijou-Blanc products Submitted By Nandita Saini A0116212014 MBA Class of 2014 Under the Supervision of Dr. A.K Pandey Department of human resource In Partial Fulf
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  • Consumer Preference
    Study of consumer preference for Online versus Traditional Shopping in the purchase of Apparels Contents 1. Objective of Research 2. Research Design 3. Sampling Design 4. Data Collection Method 5. Data Interpretation 6. Hypothesis Testing (Z-Test) 7....
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  • Analyse Impact of Eco friendly labels
     A Study to analyze impact of eco-friendly labels ABSTRACT The recent years mark the appearance of many Eco-label schemes in the attempt of helping consumer to recognize the products with less harm to the environment. However there...
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  • Eco friendly Green Marketing
    ISSN NO. 1040-8603 vol.1 Jan 2014 www.studymode.com Title of Research paper: Eco friendly Green Marketing Janki Agarwal Research Scholar Bhagwant University Under the guidance of Dr....
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  • Consumer Behaviour Towards Branded Apparels
    An investigation on consumer behavior and preferences towards apparel, purchase by Indian consumers age 15 – 25 Submitted by Karthikeyan Sundarraj S105650 MASTER OF SCIENCE Branch: Applied Textile Management Swedish School of Textiles, Högskolan i Borås, S-501 90 Borås Revised 6 August
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  • Servey Questionnaire
    Survey Questionnaire for Consumer Behavior 1. Occupation: ______________ 2. Age: a. 18-25 years b. 25-32 years c. 32-39 years d. 39-46 years e. 46 and above 3. Sex: a. Male b. Female 4. What you want to be in future? a. Doctor b. Engineer c. Executive d. Government Se
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  • Consumer Behavior Towards Kiosks
    Research Objective We evaluated a market research study involving regret and low variety related to kiosks purchases. We evaluated the results with an SPSS program in order to prove our analysis. The aim of this study is to gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and opinions regarding k
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  • Process of Developing Consumer Based Brand Equity Aarong Bangladesh
    Brand Management (MKT – 423) Assignment On Process of Developing Consumer Based Brand Equity Of [pic] Aarong Bangladesh 1.1 Introduction 1.1.1 Origin of the Report The report on “Consumer Decision Making Process of Aarong’s Customers” was prepared as assigned by the Course I
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  • Consumer Buying Process
    Consumer Research Methods Market research is often needed to ensure that we produce what customers really want and not what we think they want. Primary vs. secondary research methods.  There are two main approaches to marketing.  Secondary  research involves using information that others have
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  • Preference for Sports Shoes
    TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENT PAGE NO Certificate 1 Acknowledgement 2 Declaration 3 Executive Summary 4 Research Objectives 6 Research Methodology
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  • Consumer Buying Behavour for Sony Products
    ROURKELA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES DISSERTATION REPORT ON “COMSUMER BUYER BEHAVIOUR OF SONY PRODUCTS IN BHILAI, CHHATTISGARH” Submitted for the Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A), Rourkela Under the Guidance of
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  • Parle Agro Brand Research and Consumer Perception
    Summer project report On Brand Awareness of Parle Agro products Undertaken at Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd. Prepared by Rohit Ajmera PGDM-054 (ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai) Under the guidance of Company guide College guide, Mr. Manish Joshi
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  • Inderstanding Consumer Behaviour Towards Luxury Products
    A Report On Understanding Consumer Behaviour towards Luxury Products By Jitesh Sanghvi MMS – 137, Marketing Year 2009-10 K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research Understanding Consumer Behaviour towards Luxury Products Understanding Consumer Behaviour Towards Luxury
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