Eco-Friendly Products and Consumer Perception

Topics: Environmentalism, Marketing, Environment Pages: 15 (3960 words) Published: March 12, 2013
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research
Vol.1 Issue 5, September 2011, ISSN 2231 5780

*Assistant Professor, Manav Rachna College of Engineering,
Sector 43, Aravlli Hills, Delhi Surajkund Road,
Faridabad, Haryana -121004.

As resources are limited and scarce while huma n wants are unlimited, it is important for the marketers to utilize the resources effectively and efficiently without wastage as well as to achieve the organization's objective. Green marketing is inevitable for the attainment of long term mission and vision of an organization. There has been rising awareness among the consumers all over the world concerning protection of the environment. People do desire to bequeath an uncontaminated earth to their offspring. This research paper covers various forms of environmentally concerned consumer behavior and their determinants. The understanding of environmentally concerned consumer behavior is of importance to consumers, business, market place, educationists, public policy makers, thinkers and academicians. The last decades have seen a progressive increase in environmental consciousness worldwide as the environment moved from a fringe to a mainstream issue and consumers became more concerned about it. However, despite positive forecasts, demand for environmentally friendly products didn‘t grow as expected and both attitude-behavior and intention-behavior gaps emerged. Thus, this study endeavors to explore why people do not buy environmentally friendly products by finding out which are the main constraints impeding them to translate their green intentions into actual purchase behavior. Needless to say, paramount significance is going to be attached to eco-friendly products as they shall come to occupy the centre stage in coming years. Commensurate with that, there will be a shift in consumer perception albeit at a low pace in coming years.

Beginning in the 1970s, a significant amount of research has been conducted o n consumer behavior for environmentally friendly products. Many variables were shown to drive co nsumer choice in regards to purchasing environmentally friendly products. The growing social and regulatory concerns for the environment lead an increasing numb er of companies to co nsider green issues as a major source of strategic change. For years, there have been warnings about the dangers of climate change, excessive natural resource consumption, and ever -increasing waste generation. Consumer Businesses are s ignificant users of natural resources - water, energy, fuel, agricultural resources, forest and marine resources. Outputs from Co nsumer Business operations, including packaging waste, solid waste, emissions, and waste -water, also have significant



KEYWORDS: Green Marketing, green consumer behavior, environmentally friendly products.

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research
Vol.1 Issue 5, September 2011, ISSN 2231 5780

environmental impact, both directly and indirectly through co nsumer usage and disposal behaviors. Media headlines consistently focus on stories predicting dire consequences associated with the environment. Ascertaining fact from fiction and prior itizing true risks can be a daunting task.

Since society becomes more anxious with the natural environment, businesses have started to adjust their behavior in an attempt to address society's "new" concerns. Some businesses have been quick to accept concepts like environmental management systems and waste minimiz ation, and have integrated environmental issues into all organizational activities. People are conscious about the less environment friendly product due to their own welfare that is why this issue is very modern topics for India. This paper tries to unearth consumer attitudes and perceptions towards eco- friendly products in FMCG sector and their...
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