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Productive And Receptive Skills

1. THEORY OF SPEAKING This part, dealing with the theoretical background of speaking, aims to determine the position of the speaking skill among the other skills and to analyze the elements that speaking as a skill includes. Speaking is as a language skill used as a communication tool to share ideas, feelings, opinions, thoughts, or information by using the target language. It is an interactive process of constructing meaning that involves producing, receiving and processing information...

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Productive Skills

PRODUCTIVE SKILLSProductive skills” is the term for speaking and writing, skills where students actually have to produce language themselves. Although the productive skills of writing and speaking are different in many ways, we can still provide a basic model for teaching and organizing them. I. A basic methodological model for teaching productive skills A key factor in the success of productive-skill task is the way teachers organize them and how they respond to the students’ work...

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Celta- Language Skills Assignment

Cambridge ESOL CELTA Written Assignment 1 Language Skills Assignment PART 1 For the purpose of English language teaching, teachers tend to refer to four particular skills- reading, writing, speaking and listening. (Harmer, 2007) Reading and listening are known as receptive skills. Both of these processes require meaning to be derived from material that is being listened to or read. Speaking and writing are known as productive skills. In the case of both of these processes language is actually...

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Talent vs Skill

Talent vs Skill “Talent” and “skill” are often used interchangeably in conversations and perceptions. Both words pertain to the ability or potential of an individual to deal, work, and perform a particular task. However, their main difference is their point of origin. A talent is defined by resources as the ability by a person that is inherent, inborn, or naturally occurring. A talent is said to be a special ability to do something without prior experience, study, or tutelage. It is often classified...

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Assignment 3 Language Skills

Assignment 3: Language Skills Rationale for using the authentic text The authentic teaching material I have chosen is ‘Welcome to London – information to start your visit’ for use in a Language Skills Lesson to the pre-intermediate level class. This material, produced by Visitlondon.com, is to provide visitor information on public transport and useful tips for visitors. As Harmer (2007) notes that extracting meaning is an active process requiring a degree of engagement, in my proposed lesson...

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Celta Assignment 2 (Skill-related task)

is, most likely, a newspaper article - the vocabulary is rather advanced and the style is quite formal. Lower-intermediate students would probably find this text too complicated. 2. Receptive skill to practice: reading. Since this is a text, reading is the most appropriate skill to practice in this case. Sub-skills to focus on would be a) reading for gist and b) reading for specific information. Before starting the discussion about the text, I would show the students the picture from the article...

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Productive Diverity

 Productive Diversity Marina Zloczower Zukin BUS102 Professor Caroline Howard November, 4th, 2013 I. Introduction Diversity can be described as the many differences within a group of employees. Diversity is what differentiates one individual from another, as employees in the workplace. There are four types of diversity: the diversity of skills and abilities, the diversity of values, beliefs and attitudes, the diversity of personality behaviors, and the...

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Developmental Receptive Language Disorder

can be very common and starting to show at an early age. Developmental Receptive Language Disorder is one of these common communication disorders. Developmental Receptive Language Disorder can affect your comprehension and your speech. ("mixed receptive-expressive language disorder.") Developmental Receptive Language Disorder is a problem where you do not understand or comprehend what you are hearing or reading.("Receptive Language Disorders.") It is often referred to as a learning disability...

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Celta Assignment 2:Skills -Related Task

Written Assignment Two Skills –related tasks Word count: 1082 I acknowledge that this paper is my own work. Trainee: Mileva Genadieva Signature: Date: 18.02.2013 Receptive skills: According to J. Harmer in his book The Practice of English Language Teaching, “receptive skills are the ways in which people extract the meaning from the discourse they see or hear”. In the following text “Playing with your food” the main skill that is being practiced is reading...

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Employability Skills * Experience in the job - if they already have experience they have a better advantage as they don't need training and they have the knowledge they need to complete the job. For example - if applying to be an administrative assistant experience is preferred as you they have the knowledge they need to complete the job. For example -...

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Productive Behavior

Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors Obviously, there are differences between productive and counterproductive behaviors. The differences in these behaviors play a major role and can either cause the success or failure of an organization. As long as both management and employees can understand the difference between these behaviors, counterproductive behavior will decrease while increasing productive behavior. Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors Any form of action that...

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Listening Skill is a neglected Art

learning a particular language, we enhance the communicative language skills; the receptive skills and productive skills. Receptive skills include understanding through listening and reading. Productive skills are speaking and writing. When we learn English as a language and when we utilize this language as a tool for communication, we learn and make use of all these communication arts. But normally, people become strong in some skills and weak in others. Most of the time, Listening is considered to...

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environment, which made me think out of the box as well. The most important thing after gathering data and before starting the project was planning and organising the project with in time frame and fulfilling OBU requirement along that. This required my skills of project management which I had acquired during the high school. I categorised the project into several activities and steps, made my detailed planning as well as made critical path to achieve the objectives. Since I attempted all of my papers...

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CELTA - Skills

ASSIGNMENT 3 - SKILLS The authentic material I have chosen is a page from the car classifieds from the 'The Week' newspaper (see Appendix 1).The task I have designed is aimed at students at pre-intermediate level. Before giving out the task, students need to be taught some vocabulary so that they can understand the reading. A pre-task could be given for students to match words to pictures of car parts. For example, manual transmission, power steering etc. This pre-task also sets the context of...

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communication skill. Its design rests on two assumptions. First, for a person to improve as a communicator, instruction must be individualized, based on repeated opportunities for practice and feedback. To create this condition MGC breaks from traditional business school conventions. It requires only single-author writing projects, convenes small groups in conference room settings for individual presentations, and employs an action-based workshop format for developing team management skills. The...

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Language and Skills Task Design

ASSIGNMENT 3 LANGUAGE SKILLS RELATED TASKS Candidates can demonstrate their learning by: a) correctly using terminology that relates to language skills and sub-skills b) relating task design to language skills practice c) finding, selecting and referencing information from one or more sources using written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task Length: 750 – 1,000 words Part A: Receptive skills task design 1. What is your opinion of...

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CELTA skills related tasks

Written Assignment Three: Skills Related Tasks Candidate name: Date: Assessment criteria: a correctly using terminology that relates to language skills and sub-skills b relating task design to language skills practice c accessing reference materials and referencing information about language skills to an appropriate source d using written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task Tutor comments: Pass ...

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organizations. Carlopio and Andrewartha (2012) introduce ten main key skill areas for managers, namely managing stress, self-awareness, effective communication, problem solving, power & influence, conflict and negotiation, motivation, empowering and delegation, effective change management and building teams. Out of these, the purpose of this paper is to address the importance of effective communication as a management skill. It will incorporate the concepts provided by Antonakis et al (2012) and...

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Celta - Language Skills

Language Skills Assignment Section 1: Choice of authentic text The authentic text chosen is “Eight ways to work out at work”. It was published by our local Star newspaper on 8 April’13. It is also available online (please refer to Appendix 1, page 2 for the text). The choice of the authentic text was based on the following: From a learner perspective: 1. Connection to own life/situation: The text is of an interesting subject matter which learners can connect to as many of them use computers...

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Influence of Listening Comprehension over Speaking Skills (Literature Review)

INFLUENCE IN SPEAKING SKILLS IN INTERMEDIATE I AT THE FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF EL SALVADOR? LITERATURE REVIEW Traditionally in the field of foreign language teaching, both teachers and learners do not pay much attention to the complexity of this process. The process is itself directed to its basic form of “learning by doing” and “practice makes perfect”. Listening and Speaking are used far more than any other single language skills in normal daily life...

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employibility skills

EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS What are employability skills? Employability skills are non-technical or generic skills, such as communication, team work and problem solving, which contribute to your ability to be an effective and successful participant in the workplace. They are sometimes referred to as key, core, life, essential, or soft skills. Unlike many technical skills, employability skills are transferable between jobs. Given the value employers place on workplace experience, entry-level positions...

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Reasons to Develop a Productive Skill

Reasons to develop a methodology to teach productive skills 1. To have ready our activities, time and material. In this way we prepare ourselves too. Not just the students study and learn at the moment they see a lesson, also the teacher does. So if we prepare our material, the students and us can be clear, fluent, and can have effective communication of ideas. 2. To create a skill in order to accomplish a task. When we learn a second language, we learn to communicate with other people. This...

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Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors

Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors Behavior can be productive but it can also be counterproductive. Determining whether it is one or the other can be tricky at times. There is a relationship between the two and how they work within an organization. “Productive behavior is defined as employee behavior that contributes positively to the goals and objectives of the organization” (Jex & Britt, 2008). Counterproductive is employee behavior that does not contribute positively to the goals...

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Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors Paper

Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors in the Workplace Employees within an organization can either contribute positively or negatively towards their employing organization’s overall success and effectiveness. The organizations that ream the most productive behaviors from their employees typically incorporate motivational and leadership activities that encourage these behaviors (Jex & Britt, 2008). This paper will define counterproductive and productive behaviors and describe the impact those...

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Celta: Assignment 3: Skills-Related

CELTA-June 2013 Assignment 3: Skills-Related Part1: Justification of material choice For this Skills-related assignment, my choice of authentic reading material is “Few Places with Better Stories”. from Asian Geographic magazine (no 78 issue 1/2011, pages 30 and 35). As this magazine is widely read and it is also a popular TV channel, the students will be able to relate to it easily. I decided to use this article as I think it is appropriate for English Language learners at the Intermediate level...

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Social Skills

SOCIAL SKILLS PROGRAMME FOR WOMEN’S PRISON (OUTLINE) To behaviorists, social skills are learned behavior that allow people to achieve social reinforcement and to avoid social punishment. On the other hand, social skills are a group of skills which people need to interact and communicate with others. “One hope is to engender in women jail inmates a vision of their potential for becoming agents of change. Through this process, training efforts have the possibility of being replicated many times...

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Essential English Skills Through Computers

ESSENTIAL ENGLISH SKILLS IN ENGINEERING EDUCATION THROUGH COMPUTERS ABSTRACT Now a days it is essential for the engineering students to learn the language skills which are helpful to develop their career in a good company. According to the job requirements in the industries today, they are supposed to learn to communicate with other in a flawless language, with confidence, and with a good body language. It is the responsibility of the institutions to give them training to get good opportunities...

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Communication Skills

Communication Skills in a Cross-Cultural Diverse Workplace In today’s workforce society, management must deal with a wide range of conflict and communication skills. Communication skills in a cross-culturally diverse workplace can be found in any industry, any organization and pretty much anywhere around the globe. In different situations and places, everyone has to communicate daily. Whether it is at home, work or even at school. Communication takes from many forms and styles and has many elements...

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Celta Language Skills Written Assignment

to focus on their skill based part (reading). The Present Simple is used throughout the text, which is the tense most students know how to use (properly or not) at the beginners level, so I did not have to adapt the tense. Nevertheless, I had to adapt some of the uses of the grammar since they are not used in Halifax or in Canada, and therefore they will not be able to practise that kind of language while they are living here. 1. RECEPTIVE SKILLS The receptive skills I would focus on...

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Social Skill

relationships. EMOTIONAL COMPETENCE Emotional competence is a learned capability based on emotional intelligence that results in outstanding performance at work. Our emotional intelligence determines our potential for learning the practical skills based on the five elements : self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation, empathy, and adeptness in relationships. Our emotional competence shows how much of that potential we have translated into on-the-job capabilities. The emotional intelligence...

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Productive Leadership

Productive Leadership Jannah • INTRODUCTION Productive Leadership - Lacking muslim leaders taking on roles in areas especially the NPO/NGOs - Productivity= focus x energy x time from a Muslim perspective, we have another dimension (towards maximising your rewards in akhirah) - productive leadership? • Visionaries (looking ahead) • Harnessing the leaders’ own potential productivity as well as his team Today will focus on improving leader’s productivity & team’s productivity - 3 Concept 1...

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Human Skill

businesses or organizations have begun to focus on the important role of Employer and Employee relationships. In review of Satterlee’s Organizational Management & Leadership, Human Skills are noted as the second fundamental characteristic that a manager needs to possess besides Technical and Conceptual Skills. Human Skills are needed so that communication can be delivered and received effectively with positive results. Communications must be clear, concise and understandable by all parties involved...

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Transferable Skills

demonstrate the transferable business skills that I currently have and how I intend to further develop my transferable skills at the level needed for my intended career path. Transferable skills are the general abilities you develop that are useful across a range of different jobs and industries. They might be role-related, technical or general. You can gain transferrable skills from many different ways from trainability among job types which is being able to learn a skill from one job and being able...

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Communication Skills

psychological state of the receiver will influence how the message is received. For example, if someone has personal worries and is stressed, they may be preoccupied by personal concerns and not as receptive to the message as if they were not stressed. Stress management is an important personal skill that affects our interpersonal relationships. Anger is another example of a psychological barrier to communication, when we are angry it is easy to say things that we may later regret and also to misinterpret...

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Skills Management and Conceptual Skills

need three basic and important skills: technical, human and conceptual. What is more, these three skills are relatively essential to managers who are at different levels that include first-line, middle, top management positions. There will be a discussion about the importance of conceptual skills that are needed by all managers at all levels, especially by top level of managers. The purpose of this essay is to identify and discuss the importance of conceptual skills that top managers are required...

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Interpersonal skills are the life skill

 Interpersonal skills are the life skills all the human-being used every day to contact and interface with others, both separately and in groups. People who have worked on growing strong interpersonal skills are normally more successful in their masterly and personal live. Good interpersonal skills allow us to participate effectively as a member of a team. Moreover, employability skills can be defined as the transferable skills needed by a personal. Beside with good practical understanding and...

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Operational Skills

Operational Management Skills Operational Management Skills www.mce-ama.com/190 level • Middle managers days 4 Workshop overview Operational management is about getting things done through goal-setting, work planning, budgeting, organizing and controlling. The more you can master the basic tasks of management, the more effective you are at getting things done, creating real value for your company. And the more you show your management ability to get things done and add value, the better...

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How productive are you

How Productive Are You? Find out how you can get more done. © iStockphoto/pryzmat When we want to get more done, many of us simply work longer hours, move deadlines around, and multi-task. Although these strategies can provide some short-term relief, they aren't sustainable in the long term. Pretty soon, this approach becomes a way of life, leading to high levels of stress and eventually, poor productivity. Productivity is a measure of how much you accomplish – not how busy you are...

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Communication Skills

Module: Interpersonal Skills Student: Indiyana Saad Tutor: Pauline Pearsons Assessment name: interpersonal communication skills Term: 1 Year: 2008 Assessment: 1 Assessment Type: Essay Word Count: 1929 Date due 21/04/2008 Details of Assessment Discuss the following statement in the light of the theory covered in this module: Communication is not an easy process. It involves verbal and non-verbal attempts to assist the other person to understand what we are trying to communicate. Yet...

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CELTA Language Skills Assignment

scanning and detailed reading. As such, tasks can be designed with enough variety as to encourage them to practice and use different reading strategies (Ur, 2013, p149). It is hoped that these tasks will allow students to practice using top down reading skills in the English language just as they naturally do when reading in their own native language. PRE-TASK In response to this, to get the students oriented to the subject matter, we get students thinking about things they can do for free. The lesson would...

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Communication Skills/ Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills/ Interpersonal skills After explaining the elements and the process of communication as explained in our textbook, here we come to talk about some terms which usually we hear about, but not gaining them as skills. In order to do so we need to practice such skill on a daily base, mainly in our classes. Effective listening: it is essential to ensure accurate understanding and clarity of meaning in Communication by mainly: Asking questions; seeking information that clarifies...

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Counselling Skills

involves the counsellor using skills in which they possess in order to communicate effectively with clients (Hough, 1998). This reflective essay clearly articulates my application of counselling skills used in this practice session and suggestions for improvement. It will provide a summary of the session, identification of a range of skills used and a brief explanation of the reasons for using the skill. It will also provide an evaluation of my application of the skills chosen, including verbatim examples...

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Negotiation Skill

Negotiation Skills Introduction Everybody negotiate in his or hers personal and professional lives and it is an important part of the competitive modern life. Negotiations can occur over dealing with people, business contracts, official matters, service, buying products and relationships. As James Poon (1998, p. 41) expressed that negotiation is a basic human activity. The world is like a giant negotiating table that person can negotiate many different things in different situation. Definitions...

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critical thinking skills assignment

2. It is important for our graduates to be productive members of the work-force. How can colleges / universities better prepare under graduates to meet these challenges? Colleges and universities better prepare under graduates by exposing them into the tough world that they will be facing after they graduate. Attending higher education institutions are not always the answer because some people have better skills in other things than education. This shows that they can succeed in different ways....

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Skills for Success

brighter and bigger future. When you can envision a future that is better, happier, more productive, you are more likely to make the changes that are necessary for you to reach that type of life. When a leader has a vision, they have the ability to see today as it is and calculate a future that grows and improves. Likewise, when a leader has a vision, he has the drive and a commitment to achieve it and also the skills to make it happen. A successful leader can see the future and still stay focused in...

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Skill Development and Unemployment

Skill Development and Unemployment Unemployment is a curse to any economy. It destroys productive resource. It impedes growth in the country. It generally reduces output and aggregate income. It increases inequality creating a gap in between employed and unemployed. Apart from lost output, there is a personal cost attached to the unemployment. In developed countries due to high unemployment allowance, short term unemployment may not affect a person much but in long term its effect is a personal...

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Interpersonal Skills

 Interpersonal skills According to Investopedia, interpersonal skills are skills used by a person to properly interact with others. In the business domain, the term generally refers to an employee's ability to get along with others while getting the job done. Interpersonal skills include everything from communication and listening skills to attitude and deportment. Good interpersonal skills are a prerequisite for many positions in an organization. (http://www.investopedia.com/terms/i/interpersonal-skills...

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Describe the Benefits of a Productive Working Relationship

A productive working relationship can be defined as one that is productive in the terms of supporting and delivering work and that of the whole organisation. The people involved are those you are expected to work with they maybe people from all over the organization and those from “partnership” organizations. My Person Specification requires me to work at Level Two for Interpersonal Skills that is to “work collaboratively with people in teams, sections, directorates and partner organizations”. At...

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Tefl - the Systems & Language Skills of English

Module 3 ~ Essay 2 | The Systems; Language Skills of English | | | 1. Take a look at the list of items below. Decide which system these relate to: lexis, phonology, grammar or function. | | I went to London; I´ve been to London.grammar | | Lend me $5. Could you possibly lend me $5?Function | | library; bookstorelexis | | foot; footsgrammar | | I'd rather not; No way!Function (grammar? Because of ;?) | | hit; heatPhonology | | photograph; photographerLexis | | should;...

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Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills Communication is a complex process by which the sender encodes the message with language and sends to the receiver through an appropriate medium. When the other person receives the message, the receiver will listen to decode and interpret the message with understanding and then responds effectively as a feedback. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Below I will briefly explain about interpersonal communication before moving into communication roadblocks and reflecting skills from...

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Developing Research Skills

GEN 195 Developing the Library Research Literacy Skills: The ability to find, interprets, and use the information to meet your needs. Learning to be information literate: Know how to find the information needed Learn how to interpret the information you find Have a purpose Information Literate Students Can: Determine the nature and extent of the info needed Access info effectively and efficiently Evaluate info and its sources critically Incorporate info into your knowledge base and...

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Transferable Management and Study Skills

BMAN10721 – TRANSFERABLE MANAGEMENT AND STUDY SKILLS ‘Transferable skills’ are skills developed through experience, which can be used in the workplace. Describe two transferable skills a student will acquire at university and evaluate their importance to a future employer. Justify your answer with reference to relevant literature. The definition of ‘skill’ can be described as ‘the ability to do something from one’s knowledge and experience’. Benjamin Franklin once stated that “An investment...

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Critical Thinking and Interpersonal Skills

Page number Executive Summary 1 Definition of Interpersonal Skills 2 Strength of my interpersonal skills 3 Weaknesses of my interpersonal skills 4 Area of Improvement 5 Mind map 6 Conclusion 7 Reference 8 Executive Summary In this assignment, my objective is to find out the definition of interpersonal skills, and discuss about interpersonal skills. Other than that, I would find out my own strength, weaknesses and a...

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Interview Skills

INTERVIEW SKILLS What is an Interview? An interview is a face-to-face meeting, especially for the purpose of obtaining a statement for assessing the qualities of a candidate. It further, indicates a physical meeting of people with two possible objectives: * To obtain a statement or opinion – as is done when film stars are interviewed to get their views on any particular role, or when the prime minister is interviewed to get statement on the result of his discussion with another political leader...

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Conflict Resolution Skills

ResolutionPaper 10/9/10 Conflict resolution and relationship skills should go hand in hand. Learning conflict resolution skills means learning productive, effective, and non-destructive ways to face, cope with, and resolve conflict in all areas of life. This entails conflict in one’s personal and professional life. Relationship skills pertain to all the relationships in our lives- family, friends, spouses, coworkers and acquaintances. How we interact...

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Productive and Counterproductive Behavior in Organizations

Productive and Counterproductive Behavior in Organizations March 1, 2012 PSY/428 If the leader of an organization you were considering making an investment in was consistently tardy to meetings and procrastinated deadlines, would it make you reconsider where you were putting your money? You want to know that the person has ambition and is organized. The ideal person would be right on time, prepared, and be eager to conduct business. These are some of the differences of productive and counterproductive...

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Interpersonal Skill

Interpersonal Skills? Skills You Need HE LP ING Y OU DE V E LOP LIFE S KILLS HOME INTERPERSONAL PRESENTATION LEADERSHIP WRITING NUMERACY 1.3K Like 480 IT RHUBARB Search Skills: Search Custom Search Interpersonal Skills See also: Employability Skills and What are Social Skills? What are Interpersonal Skills? Interpersonal skills are the life skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, individually and in groups. Interpersonal Skills: Communication ...

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Atl Skills

language-acquisition skills—developing effective language-learning strategies, reading and listening for main ideas, reading and listening for specific information, awareness and use of techniques for working out grammatical rules and conventions, recognizing morphemes and syntactical structures, recognizing parallels, similarities and differences between languages, deducing meanings from context information literacy skills—working effectively in a resource centre, knowing which sources to use and...

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Manegerial skill

 1a.Why managerial skills play a critical role in organizational and individual success alike? Under what conditions they have an even more prominent role as a growth-producing agent? Management is such a term that is almost a synonym to success. Whether it’s individual or organization, management is must in order to be developed or to grab success. Management of time, management of work load, management of staff, management of environment, management of finance etc everything...

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All About Listening Skills

ALL ABOUT LISTENING SKILLS 1. Listening is the first language mode that children acquire usually from parents. It provides a foundation for all aspects of language and cognitive development. It plays a life-long role in the processes of learning and communication essential to productive participation in life. A study by Wilt Suggests that that people listen only forty five percent of the time they spend communicating. Wilt found that 30 percent of communication time was spent speaking, 16 percent...

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