Reasons to Develop a Productive Skill

Topics: Learning, Education, Communication Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: April 4, 2012
Reasons to develop a methodology to teach productive skills

1. To have ready our activities, time and material.
In this way we prepare ourselves too. Not just the students study and learn at the moment they see a lesson, also the teacher does. So if we prepare our material, the students and us can be clear, fluent, and can have effective communication of ideas.

2. To create a skill in order to accomplish a task.
When we learn a second language, we learn to communicate with other people. This can be writing (including grammatical structures) or speaking (knowing how to begin and end conversations).

3. To involve the students into competences.
Is important to include in our lesson plan the competence in which the students is going to prepare. The communicative speaker needs to know how to say what to whom, when. A competent communicator knows how to make choices specific to the situation. Communicative competence is not restricted to spoken language, but involves writing as well.

4. To avoid reluctant speaker.
To deal with reluctant speakers is a bigger challenge. The reasons why student is a reluctant speaker are: cultural factors, linguistic factors, psychological factors. So the teacher needs to be patient, need to be careful to not hurt a student, and need to include in his/her lesson plan activities that involve all kind of students. There’re two strategies to deal with reluctant speakers: lengthen the amount of time between asking a questions and nominating someone to respond and improve questioning techniques.

5. To motivate students.
Motivation is a key of consideration in determining the preparedness of learners to communicate. Teacher need to check why students are unmotivated (uninspired teaching, boredom, lack of perceived relevance of materials, etc.) and do something ( make instructional goals explicit to learners, break learning down into sequences of achievable steps, encourage creative language use, etc.).

6. To make...
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