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Procedural Email To Employees

To: Patientaccountrep@nh.org From: Anthony Graham adgraham@novanthealth.org Subject: New Procedures for Standard Operation Procedures Greetings Team, This email is to inform you of the new policy and changes that we have implemented for the SOP Program for our department. To ensure that we are able to continue to provide the most remarkable patient experience, in every dimension, every time. The new SOP policy will take effect on October 14, 2014. To provide you the needed information please...

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Explore the Benefits of Procedural Justice and in Particular Present an Argument That Supports the Statement That the Perception of Procedural Justice by Employees Results Into Positive Work Outcomes

Folger and Konovsky (1989) explain that procedural justice refers to the perceived fairness of the means used to determine the amounts of compensation employees receive. Coetzee (2004) further describes it as the extent to which fair procedures and processes are in place and adhered to in an organization, and to which individuals see their leaders being fair and sincere in all they do. This essay will explore the benefits of procedural justice and in particular present an argument that supports the...

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British grocery store chain Tesco has recently been forcing employees at its Dublin distribution center to wear armbands that measure their productivity. The armbands, officially known as Motorola arm-mounted terminals, keep track of how quickly and competently employees unload and scan goods in the warehouse and gives them a grade. The monitors can be turned off during lunch breaks, but anything else, including bathroom breaks and water breaks, reportedly lowers workers’ productivity score...

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Procedural Email Message Assignment

 Procedural Email Message Assignment Ashley Tarver ENG 315 – Professional Communications Ben Xie April 15, 2015 To: taxspecialist@mytax.com From: Ashley Tarver<atarver@mytax.com> Subject: A Successful Tax Season From Beginning To End Greetings All, I hope this finds you all in perfect peace and harmony!! More than that I hope everyone is Ready and Excited about the Tax Season Kick off tomorrow!!!  If you have been given a schedule for the Corporate office, please be ready to report promptly...

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Procedural Email Message

 Procedural Email Message: New Job Login Procedure Marci Smith English 315 – Professional Communications Professor Brandy Isaacs October 18, 2014 To: Service.Techs@knightenterprise.com From: Marci Smith marci.smith@knightenterprises.com Subject: New Job Login Procedure for ALL Service Technicians Good morning Team, The time is almost here where the new procedure for how you will login to each job will go into effect. This new process will begin this Monday 20, 2014. Ensuring...

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The Copyright of Procedural Art

work in its own right and as a computer program. In fact, entire suites of software exist for the sole purpose of creating procedural art (Pixar Animation Studios, 2010). One company may own the copyright for the software, while another may own the copyright for any works they create using the software. This notion of copyright becomes problematic when we examine how procedural art is actually created. As with traditional art, there are a number of basic actions that can be combined to produce a completed...

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history of an email

 MKU KIGALI CAMPUS UCU 002: COMPUTER SKILLS &APPLICATION SUBJECT: EMAIL “The Killer Application of the Internet” Presented by: Pascal Nkongori ...

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Acceptable Use Email

To: All Employees- From: Director of IT Subject: Reminder: Company policy on acceptable use of email and text messaging All, As the size of our company grows I wanted to take a minute to refresh you on the Company acceptable use policy for email and text messaging. This policy is not meant to limit or censor your email and texting but to provide a guideline of appropriate use. The purpose of this policy is to ensure the proper use of the email, so all employees are aware of what...

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Company Email Usage Policies

Company Email Usage Policies Abstract Any time a company allows employees access to their email system, the organization's assets, future and reputation are at risk (techtarget.com, 2004). As a result it is important that a company email policy be created and implemented. This policy will include: the purpose of emails, the ownership of emails, email usage, sensitive and confidential materials, prohibited content in emails, virus checking archiving emails and violations to the email policy. The...

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Email Communication Process

average office worker spends 49 minutes managing e-mail daily, while upper level managers spend up to four hours a day on email” (Mardesich, 2010, guides, para. 3). With so much time spent managing the receipt and sending of e-mails in business it is important that employees understand the basic communication model. Understanding this process when sending e-mails allows employees to communicate more effectively as well as know when to use e-mail, and when another form of communication would be more...

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Email Etiquette Xcom285

| |This e-mail is in reference to the two employees who are going to be terminated Friday. We have determined that they are Nicole Stone| |and Lorenzo Torres. As we discussed yesterday, their performances are not on par with those of other employees in the accounting | |department; interventions with these employees have not been successful in helping them improve their performance. Let’s plan to meet| |with them individually...

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Procedural Programming

Procedural programming It is technique that problem solving in “divide and conquer” method. It means program reach the complex problem step by step and break it into separate subclasses. So, it is easy to solve the problem. Each sub classes have the connection with others. So this type of style can be active when it comes to the complex solutions. For example, if you want to calculate the month-end closing balance for a bank account, then the required steps would be as follows. First, you acquire...

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Misuse of Email Facilities: Professional Issues

surrounding the misuse of email facilities provided by MoneyWise Ltd. It will examine the direct threats that any abuse of the email facilities will have on the company. Explain fully the reasons why MoneyWise Ltd requires email usage guidelines. Present a policy outlining acceptable email usage for the company and discuss any legal implications surrounding this policy. Discussion Threats This section of the report will investigate the threats that unrestricted email use would have on organisations...

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Emails and Memos

CC2048 English for Workplace Communication (Sciences and Technology) Lecture 5: Emails and Memos Types of memos and e-mail messages 1. 2. 3. 4. those that inform those that request those that respond those that persuade (chapter 6) 2 E-mails and Memos that Inform Use to explain organization policies, procedures, and guidelines. Be particularly clear and concise. First paragraph: states the main point directly. Body: explains the reasons. Closing paragraph: restates primary purpose...

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Employees Rights

and Procedures: Protecting the Bottom Line and Employees Alicia Murphy Effective Persuasive Writing Professor Ryder May 7, 2006 Employers’ Policies and Procedures: Protecting the Bottom Line and Employees During all stages of employment, employees often feel that the policies and procedures implemented by employers are invasive and unfair. In truth, employers have more legal rights than employees, or prospective employees when it comes to the implementation of policies...

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Case Assignment: Email Policy

To: ACME Employee’s Subject: New Email Policy ACME Employee’s, This email is to announce a new acceptable email use policy that will take effect on 1 April 2011. All personnel, to include but not limited to employees, consultants, and others working with the company, who use the company’s email system, are required to comply with this policy statement. This policy is to inform all employee’s, within the company, how they are expected to use their company email accounts and what would constitute...

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employees obligation

Employees Obligations to Their Employers By: Lauren M. Bernardi Shelley works with a management consulting company and has decided that within a year, she wants to open her own consulting company. In the meantime, she takes steps to set up her business, including getting letterhead and business cards in the name of her new company. She also begins to offer her services outside working hours. A few months before her planned departure from the company, she starts leaving business cards on...

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Procedural Rights

"The history of liberty has largely been the history of observance of procedural safeguards." We agree with this quote because our country is based on the right to have our guaranteed protection of life, liberty and property. Two of the greatest procedural guarantees that insure liberty are the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. According to the Fifth Amendment, a capital crime is punishable by death, while an infamous crime is punishable by death or imprisonment. This amendment guarantees that no...

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Case Study Analysis: Banning Email

Analysis: Banning Email Angela Marie (Amarie) Barker MGT 300 – Principles of Management Colorado State University – Global Campus Dr. Chenee Gilbert November 2nd, 2014 Case Study Analysis: Banning Email The case analysis of US Cellular revealed that an average corporate employee sends and receives up to 112 emails daily. In order to combat the unproductivity of email, Executive Vice President at the time Jay Ellison issued a ban on email every Friday. Initially employees were upset about...

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Tenor in Email Communication

Today we will be discussing “tenor” in workplace emails. We will: 1) explain what tenor and how it is reflected in workplace emails, 2) why using proper tenor in the workplace is important, and 3) provide tips as to how you can successfully determine tenor for use in your own workplace emails. (First Slide) What is tenor? Tenor is the tone of a form of communication that reflects the relationship between the speaker and their audience. In regards to email, it is the relationship between the writer and...

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Email Assignment

KELLER GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT WEEK 2 EMAIL ASSIGNMENT INSRUCTOR: PROF.Wendy Finlay BETUL OZTURK SEPTEMBER, 2012 MESSAGE 1 Sender: Thomas Jans, HR Assistant To: You Subject: Happy Anniversary! Message: Good morning! I looked at my calendar and noticed that today is your fifth anniversary. Congratulations! How is everything going? Do you have any questions? Let me know if you would like to sit down and review your 401k and benefits. Have a Great Day! Thomas ...

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Style subsection below. The report is to be based on the following scenario: The use of email has made it possible for people to send messages instantaneously to colleagues and friends who could be located almost anywhere in the world. Constructive use of email has the potential to improve communications amongst people within an organisation and between the organisation and its customers. The advantages of email over traditional mail and/or telephonic communication is the minimal cost, speed and ability...

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Email Etiquette

Email etiquette refers to a set of dos and don'ts that are recommended by business and communication experts in response to the growing concern that people are not using their email effectively or appropriately. Since email is part of the virtual world of communication, many people communicate in their email messages the same way they do in virtual chat rooms: with much less formality and sometimes too aggressively. Email etiquette offers some guidelines that all writers can use to facilitate better...

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Routine Email

TOURO UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL ANTHONY ELLIS BUS303 Business Communication MODULE 1 SESSION LONG PROJECT ROUTINE EMAIL DR. CYNTHIA PHILLIPS From: NC1 Ellis, Officer Programs Officer (OPO) To: NRD Ohio All Hands Subject: Officer Referrals Just to clarify the process with officer referrals...if you have an applicant that is currently enrolled and attending an accredited 4yr college or university, or classified with the education code D, K or N, they shall be referred...

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Telecommuting and Employees

information you need to have a good understanding of what telecommuting is and why it is becoming so popular. In addition, it will discuss how businesses design telecommuting jobs, how they work and how they are managed. Telecommuting involves letting employees of a company complete part of if not all of their daily work in the convenience of their own home. In some cases this may involve connecting to the companies computer network through the Internet via modem. In other cases it may just mean they...

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Email Security

Privacy of data becomes more important when one works in a public domain like the Internet. This paper will suggest some of the precautions that an ordinary person needs to take to maintain personal privacy and ensure safety of data while working with emails. Analysis The advent of the internet has changed the way in which technology was being used to support businesses as well as personal needs of users worldwide. Little did people realize that the internet would establish itself as a powerful facilitator...

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Email Marketing

We are all far too aware with email newsletters that waste our time, pitches that annoy us, and downright spam. I normally use one of my Gmail accounts as a general dumping ground for email marketing. I did my usual daily trawl last night to see if anything of interest had been sent through. As predicted, there was a huge list of offers and newsletters from number of companies. The first email was from amazon. I looked at the subject line; it said, “ Your Order with Amazon.com”. I instantly knew...

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Email Privacy

Email Privacy, page 1 Running Head: Business Ethics – Email Privacy Email Privacy XXX University Email Privacy, page 2 Today I will talk to you about the ethical decisions to keep email private from other’s viewing. Within this discussion I will be explaining the utilitarian and deontological ethics aspects of the decision to keep your emails private. My hope for this discussion is to give you a better understanding of the...

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Email communication

Email Communication Do’s and Don’ts Crafting your Emails Single Clear Purpose Relevant Important Email Communication Do’s Email Do’s  Bottom line to the Top  Strong subject line: Impactful  One subject: 1 A for 2 Qs  Email series: Split in stages  Attachments: Long/Complex Subject  Concise: Easy on “Eyes” Email Communication Don’ts Email Don’ts  Ask ‘what you want’ at the end  No fancy: Typeface-Only Black; graphics  No ALL CAPITALS  Emailing Subtle...

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Technical Email

Subject: Susan: E-mail Hello Susan, This email is being sent in regard to the information requested, presenting the differences between technical writing and expository writing methods. The writing elements to be covered in this email are related to the following aspects of writing: • Audience • Formatting • Purpose • Tone • Personal Experience I am certain you will find the following information to be of value and this email will serve its intended purpose, to verify...

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Collection Agency and Employees

collections employees. In addition to overseeing the collection department staff, she tracks customer feedback through the review of incoming letters, emails, and phone calls and the analytical data collected through outside reporting agencies. She also identifies errors or glitches in collection procedures and recommends solutions to increase collections on delinquent accounts while ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. The Plan I have established a plan to keep the employees in Tangie’s...

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The Email Encounter

CASE SNAP SHOT June 2nd – John blames her for the entire mishap. June 2nd Susan questions her on the email where now John becomes less than apologetic. July 1st – Susan struggles with the situation WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? How does communicating by E-mail vary from telephone conversation or talking personally? E-MAIL COMMUNICATION Following are the Advantages of Email Communication Low Cost Speedy Information Transfer Easy to Broadcast Decreased Managerial Layers Easy to Reference...

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Employees as Internal Customers

Assignment 6.2 Employees as Internal Customers In recent years, m any employers and employees have been faced with a horrid economic downturn. Many employees have been laid-off, demoted and a slew of other horrible issues. Many employers let go of average employees and retained the high-performers. What seems to be the norm nowadays is to pinch every penny and never give more than what is necessary. This leads to employers devaluing their employees and making high performers feel inadequate and...

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Rules for monitoring employees

Rules for monitoring employees in professional and ethical manners Privacy in the workplace is one of the most professional concerns in today’s society. Due to the escalation in cyberloafing and lawsuits in workplaces, employee monitoring has become more prevalent. Nevertheless privacy issues cannot be effectively addressed; deprived of considering the ethics and ethical manners. Employee monitoring has risen up concerns to our society and workplaces such as – business & accounting organizations...

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A 6 year old girl’s body remains still forever. A twelve year old boy is given a life sentence. So who is to blame for his behavior? The media? Could it have been a sociological factor? Possibly a trait theory or a choice theory? As stated by, Perron, (n.d.), “The first goal is referred to as the crime control model and was developed by Herbert Packer and presented to the academic world in his analysis of the criminal justice system in the 1960’s.” (Para. 3) These two competing systems of values...

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Motivation and Employees

works hard and their job and shows enjoyment in what they are doing. As a health care manager you play a large role in how motivated your employees are in doing assigned tasks, reaching goals along with daily duties. As a health care manager I would implement the following motivational method techniques in order to keep good productivity, satisfied employees and good team work skills. One motivational technique that I would use is motivation through self- confidence. When individuals have a high...

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Motivation and Employees

unmotivated employees could cost you your business. More concretely, when workers are not inspired, you are apt to see complacency, declining morale and discouragement, reduction in productivity, increased absenteeism which will eventually result in an organisation losing potential employees. Employees need that something extra, however small to feed their esteem and self-worth, so they can get up tomorrow and do the job in hand with enthusiasm and confidence. Motivated employees embrace corporate...

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Motivation in Employees

manager to use motivation to drive its employees to accomplish acts which they normally would not have done. The study of motivation helps managers understand what prompts people to initiate action, what influences their choice of action, and why they persist in their action over time (Daft and Marcic 444). Over the years many theorist have studied the human condition of motivation, and learned various techniques to help managers figure out what makes employees seek to attain higher knowledge, wealth...

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Motivating Employees

 Strategies for Motivating Employees Strategies for Motivating Employees I. Introduction II. Motivation III. Strategies for Motivating Employees A. Employee Involvement B. Providing Performance Expectations C. Providing Feedback D. Implementing Professional Development E. Employee Recognition F. Giving Incentives IV. Establishing Relationships VI. Conclusion Introduction There was...

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Motivation and Employees

psychological rewards to enhance job satisfaction, such as the opportunity to use one's ability, a sense of achievement, receiving appreciation and positive recognition or being treated in a considerate manner (Mullins, 2002:P490). Such methods ensure employees are constantly motivated while being engaged in activities that are enjoyable and rewarding. The function of manager is to complete a task on time. The task or project may be very simple or vastly complex and technically challenging. Where, a...

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Tecacher Emails

Staff Email Directions: Copy and paste the email address into your “TO:” box. Arrazola, Teresa—Teacher— arrazolat@pcsb.org Atkinson, Dianna—Media Specialist— atkinsondi@pcsb.org Barkman, Vanessa—Teacher— barkmanv@pcsb.org Bauman, Bo—School Resource Officer— Behmer, Janet—Teacher— behmerj@pcsb.org Boehm, Beth—Teacher— boehmb@pcsb.org Bohl, Stephani—Teacher— bohls@pcsb.org Bradley, Erin—Teacher— bradleyer@pcsb.org Brose, Jennifer—Teacher— brosej@pcsb.org Buidens...

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Happy Employees Make Productive Employees

Employees who like where they work will help the company make more money. Sears conducted an 800-store survey that showed the impact of employee attitudes on the bottom line. When employee attitudes improved by 5%, customer satisfaction jumped 1.3%, consequently increasing revenue by one-half a percentage point. Seeking ways to motivate and build worker morale pays dividends to any business or organization. The motivated worker is more committed to the job and to the customer. In order to attract...

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Employees Development

that works? When people aren't motivated, they become less productive, less creative, less of an asset to your company. Now more than ever, we need motivated employees! Then, obviously, the answer to "why is employee motivation important?" is simple: So you can stay in business. With that in mind, here are some ways you can get your employees motivated, enthused, and ready to go conquer the world: First, motivate yourself. Have you ever worked for a sourpuss? I know I have...on more than one occasion...

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Motivation and Employees

Motivation 1. Describe what is meant by motivation. What types of non-financial reward might a company use to motivate employees? Motivation is atracting a person to do something because he/she wants to do it. No one has to force him/her. A motivated employee is dedicated to his/her work. He/she will work harder and do the work in a less period of time. They are focused to their work. Motivation is a passion for achievement for its own sake, not simply the ability to respond to whatever incentives...

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Sales and Employees

strategy, and (2) To motivate its sales employees. They tried to evaluate and compensate based on sales performance measured by SPH (Sales Per Hour) ratio, to motivate their employees to put efforts into providing better customer service/satisfaction and increase customer loyalty. However, the time the employees used for customer service/satisfaction or attend internal meetings (that did not account for any sales) negatively impacted their SPH ratio. So the employees were encouraged not to record those...

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Employees Benefits

Employees Benefit Maribel Ochoa Ms. Swift Heald College January 10, 2013 Bernie Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, and Pat Farrah. The Home Depot’s proposition was to build home-improvement warehouses, larger than any of their competitors’ facilities. Investment banker Ken Langone helped Marcus and Blank to secure their necessary capitol. In 2007 the Home Depot sold its $13 billion revenue wholesale division, HD Supply, to a consortium of three private equity firms, The Carlyle Group, Bain...

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Motivation of Employees

some of the theories regarding motivation, the factors that play a role in motivating employees, the need of motivation, why motivation is important to organisations, and, why employees are or are not motivated in the workplace. McShane, Olekalns and Travaglione, refer to motivation as “the forces within a person that affect the direction, intensity and persistence of voluntary behaviour. Motivated employees are willing to exert a particular level of effort (intensity), for a certain amount of...

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Motivation of Employees

that when buying services customers tend not to be simply buying the elements of service, but something much greater: consumers buy the whole concept (Slack, Chambers, Johnston, 2005). In terms of its elements, employees can be a weak or a strongest link in this service chain. Employees can influence the association a customer makes with a corporate brand, they act like an ambassadors of the organization even if they don't have a direct contact with the customers: and the main aim of them is to...

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Unit 9 - Email

urgency regarding their technological advancement. Dalman and Lei are under a lot of pressure to adopt this new technology and implement it in a very limited amount of time. The increase in customers has left Sandwich Blitz almost crippled. Their employees are unable to properly fulfill all of the orders coming in which in turn is reflecting negatively upon their business. All of the errors that are being made will eventually run their business into the ground. Customers have come to expect a quality...

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Motivating Employees

Motivating Employees Motivation is defined as the reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Motivation is one of the most important factors in employee performance and in keeping a business afloat. Workers with hourly wages are motivated to work more hours because working more hours means more money in their pocket. Motivation is an abstract concept, one can not see motivation in another person, only the results of it. Why is motivation important? Well there would be no reason...

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Rewarding employees

Using rewards to motivate employees. How to pay: rewarding individual employees to variable pay programs Types of pay programs         Piece-rate pay Merit based pay Bonuses Skill based pay Profit sharing plans Gain sharing Employee stock ownership plans Evaluation of variable pay Piece rate pay    Provides no base salary and pays the employees only for what the one produces. E.g. ball park workers Limitations are that they are not feasible for many jobs Profit sharing plans...

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Bonus to the employees

 Bonus to the employees Introduction The scenario is thus expounded as how to distribute the bonus to the employees who are present in the ample amount. The process of parceling out the bonus to the several employees had thus become a major issue. It has thus become a question because the employees receiving pronominal bonuses from the company thus feel rather crest fallen and the others receiving higher amount feel motivated to proceed out with the good work again to have more bonuses next...

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Boomerang Employees

Boomerang Employees: Bring ‘Em Back G.MURALI MANOHARI FACULTY, NEHRU INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLGY, COIMBATORE B.SUDHA VENKATALAKSHMI FACULTY, NEHRU INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, COIMBATORE “Great Things are coming back” Employee turnover is one of the biggest expenses for organizations. Losing and replacing employees can cost one times the salary and benefits of the departing employee. One method of combating high turnover costs is to focus on bringing back boomerang employees also...

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Your Late Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team HBR

WORK-LIFE BALANCE Your Late-Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team by Maura Thomas MARCH 16, 2015 Around 11 p.m. one night, you realize there’s a key step your team needs to take on a current project. So, you dash off an email to the team members while you’re thinking about it. No time like the present, right? Wrong. As a productivity trainer specializing in attention management, I’ve seen over the past decade how after-hours emails speed up corporate cultures — and that, in turn, chips away at creativity...

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Business Email

To: d.johnson@vandalay.com.au From: mengyinw@our.ecu.edu.au Date: Apr 12, 2013 Subject: Further Information about Business Edge Program Dear Mr Johnson, Thank you for your email. I would be happy to provide you with information about the Business Edge Program, and explain how the skills I have developed make me an excellent candidate for this position. ECU designed a specific program called Business Edge what helps students develop their employability skills, which also helps students...

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Training of Employees

harder approaches would point to the need for organizations and managers to seek control over their employees; on the other hand softer approaches would point to the role of PMS in establishing greater commitment and developing careers. Recognizing the above discussion this article will aim to consider the question of what options are open to an organization seeking to improve the performance of its employees. Recent research undertaken by the CIPD provides a snapshot of a number of features of performance...

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Motivating Employees

While working as a manager in an organization, his job is to make sure that the employees are doing their jobs and they are doing it in the most productive way. But employees are not machines that we could just program their task in their brain and they will do it automatically, they require motivation to actually do their job properly. This is easier said then done, to understand the ways of motivating people we first need to understand human nature, which is the fundamental nature and substance...

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Bsiness Email

and by adapting to the situation our goals could be met. The same theory could be met when it comes to the corporate world. Human Resource Managers specially, should poses the skills of working in teams, and getting things done with and through employees. Adapting and the ability to overcome obstacles successfully is something that every manager should have. And through activities such as the above, the ability to work independently and as a part of the team has been molded into all of us who took...

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Athletes or Employees

Athletes or Employees Student athletes receive scholarships for their skill set and ability to play at the collegiate level, while employees receive stability, income and benefits for their skill set and ability to contribute to the work place. Athletes as well as persons in the work force deal with adversity that directly affects there lives, yet only members of the workforce are rewarded with a source of income. It could even be said, athletes are under more pressure to perform due to not only...

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Employees Retention

EMPLOYEES QUESTIONARIES: 1. Name of the employee: 2. Age group: a) 18-25 b) 26-35 c) 36-45 d) 46-55 e) Over 55 3. Gender: a)Male b)Female 4.  If you look for a new Job, (in a new company) what will be your preference? a) Career plan ...

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