Procedural and Behavriol Justice

Topics: Distributive justice, Organizational studies and human resource management, Justice Pages: 17 (5224 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Procedural and distributive justice and its impact on organization citizenship behavior among employees in banking sector Pakistan

Author: Sohail Hamayon Khan, Muneeb Abbasi, Ahsan Saleem
Supervisor: Sajjid Bashir
Institute: Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

The effectiveness and efficiency of teams determine organizations performance, productivity, and growth. The citizenship behavior plays a key role in this perspective. This research is conducted to determine, Procedural and distributive justice in pay and benefit leads to OCB (Organizational Citizenship Behavior), Procedural and distributive justice in promotion leads to OCB, OCB leads to profitable organization evidence from the growth and increased level of productivity in comparison with organization that have less OCB, Negative reinforcement reduces OCB. Samples of 113 employees of 4 different organizations were tested for the above mentioned variables using questionnaire. The primary data gathered was then analyzed in SPSS. Results illustrated that the both independent variables are not affecting OCB highly. When Supervisor’s support is moderating the procedural justice it has significant impact on OCB. So the procedural and distributive justice in pay, benefit and promotion don’t lead to OCB. But when the Supervisor’s support is moderating then the procedural justice leads to OCB.

Equality and equity are two factors that play a vital role in employees’ satisfaction thus more loyalty and dedication towards the organization. The major concern of the managers is to achieve optimal level of equity in the organization to promote team work and productive organization. This equity among the employees can be achieved by procedural and distributive justice in pay/benefits and promotions. Meaning that not only the ends should be just, but also means to the ends should be right to have more productive and satisfied employees. The employees who have certain degree of job satisfaction go beyond the basic requirements of the job are to a large extent unrestricted, and to benefit the organization. Performing activities that are not in job description and doing it without expecting supplementary recompense for that activity. In considering the OCB many dimensions have to be covered one of which is Organization support to the employee in both monetary and compassionate. OCB is a wider are of study and the researcher has to consider many dimensions of OCB while analyzing and interpreting data (Lepine, Erez, Jhonson, 2002). Those employees who are supported by the organization in term of involvement in decision making and job involvement exhibit OCB (vanyperen, van den berg, willering, 1999). Most employees consider the end benefits they receive for their effort to be more effective then how they receive it. Distributive justice is much better indicator of pay justice than the procedural justice (Tremblay, sire, Balkin, 1998). Supervisor’s behavior is also important while determining OCB according to Zellars, Tepper, Duffy (2002) Organizational scholars have given great stress in disrespectful supervisor which has harmful result on organization’s productivity and harmony. Some organizations tend to hide information about the process and standards involve in giving rewards to the employees which also affect OCB. The importance of the procedural and distributive justice depends on the time of the information provided to the employees (Bos, Vermunt, Wilke, 1997). Moral values are important to determine the procedural and distributive justice (Skitka, 2002). While determining the relationship between the organization efficiency and OCB the organizational factors may also be considered such as the technology required, flexible timing and turnover (Podsakoff, Ahearne, Mackenzie, 1997). Keeping all the above factors in mind while determining OCB many researcher have given more stress on Procedural and distributive justice to impact the OCB...
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