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Powerpoint Presentation For Evaluating Career Choice Arguments

Title Examining Different Arguments Related to the Choice of a Career Assessment Part A: Critically Evaluating an Argument Build your mindmap. Arts and Sciences (Advantage): Lots of flexibility in career choices: Overgeneralization Arts and Sciences (Disadvantage): Leads to a career in food service - 'Do you want fries with that?': Irrational Appeal Education (Advantage): The best way to make a difference in the world: Overgeneralization Education (Disadvantage): Guaranteed low paying...

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Career Choice

Essay for Career Choice – 75 points You will write a persuasive essay to an important adult in your life. You will attempt to convince the reader (the adult) that your career choice in an acceptable one. You will need to use logical argument, self observation, and researched facts to persuade the reader to adopt your perspective. Through this essay, you will learn the form of a persuasive argument and also demonstrate awareness of the education and training needed to achieve career goals. Objectives ...

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Powerpoint Presentations

College Material Appendix C Microsoft® PowerPoint® Tutorial In the online classroom environment at Axia College of University of Phoenix, you will create Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations. (If you do not already have the software, make sure you get access to it.) This tutorial gives you the very basics for starting up with the program. Getting Started • Open Microsoft® PowerPoint®. • Start a new presentation: Click on Blank Presentation, then OK. • Choosing a slide layout:...

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PHL 458 Week 3 Learning Team Evaluating and Refining Resolutions Presentation

The file PHL 458 Week 3 Learning Team Evaluating and Refining Resolutions Presentation has solutions of the following task: Refine your team’s solution to the issue defined in the Week Two Learning Team Instructions by following Ch. 12 (overcoming errors in reasoning) and Ch. 13 (refining resolutions) of the text. Create an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. Use detailed speaker notes to describe your team’s experience at each stage. Include one...

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(Week Eight) Examining Different Arguments Related to Choice of Career

Title | Examining Different Arguments Related to the Choice of a Career | Assessment Part A: Critically Evaluating an Argument | Arts and Sciences (Advantage): Lots of flexibility in career choices | Logically Sound | | Arts and Sciences (Disadvantage): Leads to a career in food service – 'Do you want fries with that?' | Oversimplifying | | Education (Advantage): The best way to make a difference in the world | Shifting the Burden of Proof | | Education (Disadvantage):...

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Career Presentation

Career Presentation ON TARGET My Career Choice CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER ON TARGET Job Description Simply put, the CMO is to provide vision and leadership for all marketing and sales efforts. Responsibilities Include: • Brand Management and Improvement • Build Marketing Strategies • Hire Great Talent ON TARGET Pay Scale Low High Payscale.com $98,000 $384,000 Glassdoor.com $175,000 $350,000 Source: http://www.cmo.com/articles/2012/1/2/cmo-salary-survey-whats-the-point...

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career choice

CAREER CHOICE FACTORS OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS This Term Paper is a partial fulfillment of the requirement in English IV under the supervision of Mrs. Cynthia S. Tamayo Presented by: Jacquilyn V. Borre ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This term paper is made possible through the help and support from everyone, including: parents, teachers, family, friends and in essence, all sentient brings. Especially Jovilyn, my sister, never doubted me; she gave me the support...

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Tips for Creating a Powerpoint Presentation

Axia College Material Appendix B Tips for Creating a PowerPoint® Presentation Your Week Three assignment requires you to use the Microsoft® PowerPoint® graphics presentation program. This lecture provides you with the very basics for starting up with the program. Getting Started • Open the Microsoft® PowerPoint® program. • Start a new presentation: Click on Blank Presentation and then click OK. • Choosing a slide layout: Click on Format and then click Slide Layout....

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Career Choice

As a child do you remember knowing what career path you would take? I certainly did, or at least I thought I did. When I was younger I always talked about being a social worker. As I got older and started to build my life it changed. I went from being a teacher to being a nurse. Although I went to school for medical I still feel in my heart that my career path is in social work. Now that I know what career path I will take it is up to me to make it happen. With the drive and ambition instilled...

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Evaluating Scriptural Arguments of Polygamy

Evaluating Scriptural Arguments of Polygamy "Polygamy is authorized by God" (qtd. in Polygamy.net, 1), "Entering into polygamy is committing adultery." Which idea is right? Will there ever be an answer? What does God say about it? Although all three of these questions may seem easy to answer for topics like murder and lying, they are very difficult when it comes to deciphering the polygamy code. Christian organizations have been debating the topic for many years and sometimes it seems as if it...

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Web Developer a Creative Career Choice

follow a career choice in Web development are outlined. Recommendations and educational needs are discussed. For high school students, this career focuses on aspects of the Web development industry from programming to graphics. Web Development Project I propose to reflect how the fast growing industry of Web development offers a creative and diverse opportunity to work in a field that fulfills the needs of the employers of today. I will address why Web development is a dynamic career choice for high...

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Academic Services Learning Development Course Code: PP0701 An Introduction to PowerPoint 2007 Version 1.0 www.istraining.bham.ac.uk What’s New in PowerPoint 2007? PowerPoint 2007 is very different from previous versions of the program. The table below gives you an overview of what to expect. Table 1: What’s New in PowerPoint 2007 New user interface Live Preview Themes Create a custom layout Presenter view Save as PDF Digital Signature Allows you to preview how a formatting change...

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Influence of parents in career choice

interest in the interrelationships between career choice, peer group and parental influence. More importantly the focus has been on the factors that tend to move an individual towards a career. PARENTS Parents play a major role in the decisions of their children. As children grow into adolescents, they begin to make decisions that will impact their future. One of the most significant areas in which parents impact the decision-making process is in career choice and preparation. There are several factors...

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CAREER CHOICES--8TH GRADE EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS--"TOOLS FOR SUCCESS" TABLE OF CONTENTS Content Page Acknowledgements............................................................................................................................................................. 3 To The Teacher .................................................................................................................................................................... 4 Course Description ...............

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The Influences of Adult Development on Career Choices

Influences of Adult Development on Career Choices Requirements Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of Module One BUS 391 Adult Development and Life Planning Mount Olive College At New Bern Cohort NB 90 Presented to Instructor: Dr. C. Ray Taylor by Melissa LeeAnn Stewart November 4th, 2010 Throughout adulthood a person transitions through many different roles during their lives. Educational choices, career choices, choice to marry and the choice to become a parent are just a few...

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History Best Career Choice

Career Paper: Historian For my career project I choose Historian, which can be categorized as a History teacher or professor. History is the ideal career for me, due to the passion I have for it. As an individual I see myself as more open to working cooperatively, I find it difficult to work in solitude. Teaching is the perfect career for my personality; I value knowledge and consider myself an exemplary student. This career was one of the choices from my personality...

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Powerpoint Presentations

Lesson 9: PowerPoint presentations 243 9 POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS Creating slide shows and related materials teaching LEARNING OUTCOMES This lesson introduces you to the basic features of PowerPoint which are particularly valuable in the teaching and learning environment. You will learn how to use PowerPoint to capture your ideas in outline form and convert those ideas into multimedia presentations. You will also learn how to use the application to create your own presentations both from...

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Reflective Journal: Listening to the Career Development Presentation

13th of March 2012 in room H102 at 12-1pm Catherine Chinnock from USQ Careers came to talk to the first semester ACC1101 student about career development (ACC1101 2012). I was never one to listen to career expositions or pay attention to any type of career development presentation, because most of the time they would just repeat the same thing over and over again. So when it came to listening to the career development presentation in my first semester (second semester for USQ) I wasn’t too enthused...

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Psychology and Career Choice

Period 2 December 4, 2013 Pre-Calc Lam Career Choice: Psychology My future career choice is in psychology. I want to The definition of psychology is basically the study of human (and sometimes animal) behavior. The word itself means "the science of the soul." The first syllable, "psyche" means soul, and the second part contains the root of the word "logic." Essay on My Interest in the Field of Psychology I have always wondered about human behavior. Why does this person scream when...

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Career of My Choice

selection of a career or profession is one of the most important things of life. But it is equally difficult. The lack of guiding services, proper counseling and ever increasing unemployment has further complicated the matter. There is cut-throat competition. Therefore, most of the young men and women in search of suitable jobs are a confused, indecisive and frustrated lot. It has generated a deep sense of frustration and indiscipline among the young people. A right choice of a career is fundamental...

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Career Choice Essay

flourished. When I participated in my first dissection in High School I became even more captivated by biology and realized that I wanted to pursue a career in the field. Originally, being a coroner had not appealed to me. It seemed more shallow and cold than accurate and cutting edge. Yet through research, I was able to get more of an understanding of the career of a Medical Examiner. Many who watch the 'CSI' television series think a Medical Examiner’s job is glamorous work. While that might be true...

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PowerPoint Evil

Derek Putthoff Dr. Eastman English 1011 2 October 2013 PowerPoint In the passage, “PowerPoint s Evil Power Corrupts PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely,” by Edward R. Tufte, he makes very clear his opinion that PowerPoint is a very ineffective public speaking tool. His very first sentence creates a metaphor for us, PowerPoint is like a prescription drug that has promises of making us beautiful, but instead the drug only had side effects of stupidity, boring everyone, wasting time, and degraded...

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Examining Different Arguments Related to the Choice of a Career

Title Examining Different Arguments Related to the Choice of a Career Assessment Part A: Critically Evaluating an Argument Build your mindmap. Arts and Sciences (Advantage): Lots of flexibility in career choices: Logically Sound Arts and Sciences (Disadvantage): Leads to a career in food service - 'Do you want fries with that?': Irrational Appeal Education (Advantage): The best way to make a difference in the world: Logically Sound Education (Disadvantage): Guaranteed low paying...

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Planning and Conducting Formal Presentations

Planning and conducting formal presentations Planning presentations Planning presentations, involves more than simply jotting down a few points of what you are planning to say and show to your audience. There are at least five or six different presentation formats depending on what you want to achieve and the type of audience you’ll have. These are * Inform employees about recent departmental changes. * Motivate a sales team. * Explain why a project is running over budget. ...

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Teacher Career Presentation

Actually high school teachers work as hard as college teachers. High school teachers need to take charge of the students who is in puberty. Share Passion --- For the people who like to share knowledge and passion with others. Teachers would be the best choice. Parents --- Although most of students’ parents are easy to communicate with, it is hard to communicate with some overly critical parents. Reasonable Work Time --- Although challenge of meeting students needs --teachers need to be arrive earlier...

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Chemistry Career Choice Project

procedures Interventional Cardiologist Compensation: Averages about $545,000 per year, according to the MGMA Electro physiologists are trained in the mechanism of electrophysiology Education 1) high school Students who want to pursue a healthcare career should be well-rounded and should have good grades especially in science classes. Science courses in chemistry, physics, human anatomy, dynamics of healthcare in society, would be beneficent for prospective medical students. 2) after high school...

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Career Choice Paper

For the start of my college career I am majoring in Criminal Justice. The reason I have chosen this major is because of the career path I intend on taking. The ideal career I would eventually like to end up in is working for the FBI as a special agent. FBI stands for The Federal Bureau of Investigations. The FBI’s motto is “Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity.” The FBI’s mission is to defend and protect the United States, and uphold and enforce the laws of the United States of America. The reason I...

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The presentation highschool of san jose Interesting Ideas for School Project Presentations Presentations for school projects must be prepared in a manner that their content is easily understood by the audience. School projects can have a wide variety of subjects like science, history, geography, etc. Many different ideas for the respective subjects can be used for presentation of school projects. The ones that are commonly used include activities like preparing models, creating charts, etc. in...

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What Involved in the Career Choice of Students

What's Involved in Career Choice[1] A pyramid can be used to show what's involved in making a career choice (see Figure 1): Knowing About Myself, such as My values Example: security My interests Example: working with people My skills Example: using a computer to plan a budget Knowing About My Options Understanding specific occupations, programs of study, and jobs Examples: What are typical work tasks for a real estate appraiser? ...

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The Writing Process Powerpoint Presentation

that’s argued. A reasoned opinion supported and explained by evidence is known as an argument. | There are five features that are the structure of a persuasive essay they include: * Introduction and thesis * Opposing and qualifying ideas * Strong evidence in support of claim * Style and tone of language * A compelling conclusion | Avoid using a negative claim for the thesis. Use persuasive arguments to make a positive case. |...

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PHL 458 Complete Class Week 1 - 5 – All Assignments, Presentations, DQs – A+ Graded Course Material

PHL 458 Complete Class Week 1 - 5 – All Assignments, Presentations, DQs – A+ Graded Course Material Click on the Link Below to Purchase A+ Work for PHL458 http://hwminute.com/downloads/phl-458-whole-wks-1-5-dqs-assignments-amaterial/ Week 1 Individual Critical Thinking and Society Exercise Write 150- to 200 words on each of the following topics: • Describe a situation in which critical and creative thought could have been used for a better outcome. Describe why it is important to think critically...

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Career Center Interview Presentation

Career Center Interview Presentation Paper My approach to this presentation paper is informative. I believe an informative presentation paper will be most effective over the persuasive style paper because I did not pick one field in particular to expand on, I chose to inform on basic interview techniques in general. The interview is the most important part of the hiring process and I look at it as the second step in the process. The first step is having a “standout” resume that draws your potential...

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Career Choice: Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Career Choice: Network and Computer Systems Administrator Business and Writing for the IT Professional July 26, 2009 Abstract A network and systems administrator is responsible for network security, installing new applications, implementing software updates, monitoring the integrity of the system, developing management programs, and performing routine backups. As has been noted throughout my research, there has been a decline in technology majors throughout the past couple of years, thus...

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General Course Students Career Presentation

General Course Students Career Presentation Viki Chinn Careers Consultant LSE Careers Service Agenda Using the Careers Service The UK job market Internships UK CV protocol Questions Using the Careers Service Seminars Employer led workshops and skills sessions Forums Careers Fairs Email alert – Tell us what you want to know about One to one advice (go to seminars first!) Jobs board What we can and can’t do We can Help you identify your dream job Reality check – Labour market knowledge...

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My Choice for My Future Career

Voeller Class: ESOL 0051 Date: April 3rd, 2012. Final draft My choice for my future career Today the economic crisis continuously affects the life of everyone in the United States, especially young adults who have just graduated from high school and prepared for independent life. So the most important question for every youngster is which career he or she wants to do with his or her life. It is important because if our choices are wrong, we will waste our money, our time, and maybe our mental...

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Evaluating and Engaging Wal-Mart Argument

Vaughn W. Walker Wilsey-Cleveland Eng. 100 2 November 2012 Evaluating and Engaging Wal-Mart Argument Wal-Mart has made American living more affordable. The company provides more jobs and supplies consumers with cheap merchandise. Over the years Wal-Mart has become a big topic of discussion. Author Steve Malanga exonerates the benefits of Wal-Mart. In Steve Malanga’s essay, “The War on Wal-Mart,” Malanga discusses how Wal-Mart has produced many jobs, made shopping equitable for low income families...

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Career Aspiration

EXAMPLES OF CAREER ASPIRATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT GOALS IN THE PERFORMANCE PLAN |Section 3 – Career Aspiration and Development Goals | | |Career Aspiration or Development Goal 1: To be able to produce high quality overheads and handouts for use in presentations. ...

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Introduction Career development, for most people, is a lifelong process of engaging the work world through choosing among employment opportunities made available to them. Each individual undertaking the process is influenced by many factors, including the context in which they live, their personal aptitudes, and educational attainment (Bandura, Barbaranelli, Caprara, & Pastorelli, 2001). A major turning point in adolescents' lives involves the career choice that they make while in high school...

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ACC 561 Assignment Week 5 Presentation

In this presentation ACC 561 Assignment Week 5 CVP And Break-Even Analysis Presentation you will find a review of the following slides: Snap Fitness Franchise Start-up and Pre- opening Cost Break-even and CVP Analysis Achieve $10,000 Net Income Increase Revenue Franchise Research Business - Accounting Resource: Accounting Read BYP19-7, titled “All About you” Activity, in the Ch. 19 “Broadening Your Perspective” section of Accounting. Write a paper of...

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Career describes an individuals' journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. There are a number of ways to define a careeCareer is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person's "course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)". In this definition career is understood to relate to a range of aspects of an individual's life, learning and work. Career is also frequently understood to relate only to the working aspects of an individuals life e.g. as in career woman...

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Visual Arguments

Visual Argument: Purpose and audience: In today’s society, images play a large role in defining who we are, in communicating ideas, and in shaping what we think. For instance, controversy surrounded the President using images of the World Trade Center tragedy for purported political gain. The advertisement for drinking more milk (“Got Milk?”) is a popular image, while MTV moved young people toward small visual sound bites. Think about what type of images “speak” to you. Think about what certain...

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 This semester I’ve been giving a lot of presentations and it has been helping me get over the fear of speaking in front of a group of strangers. Through this whole process I’ve learned many ways to cope with the stress of delivering an oral presentation. In this article I’m going to talk about different things that I believe are important to consider when giving a presentation. First, I’ll talk about preparation, then visual aids and handouts. Next I’ll touch on practicing before you deliver...

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ACCT461 Final Course Presentation Instructions 2

Final Course Presentation Instructions Background In the ACCT461 senior project, students submit an extensive amount of written analytical work addressing six case studies carefully selected from the course textbook. The course Doc Sharing tab contains a document titled “ACCT461 Case Study Instructions” explaining the detailed requirements for these case studies. In addition to the six case studies, students must also separately complete and individually deliver one graded oral presentation, listed...

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Career Choices

CAREER CHOICES THAT CHANGE THE WORLD Prepared for Prepared by June 15, 2012 Memorandum To: From: Date: June 15, 2012 Subject: Career Choices That Change The World During the difficult world of choices that one must make in life, I have chosen to compare and contrast two career choices in Software Engineering and becoming a Health and Wellness Physician. Both of these career fields have high demand growth potential and offer very lucrative salaries to live a comfortable lifestyle...

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Self Presentation

Andriy Blyznyukov (group 101) Self-presentation as instrument of searching work on the labor market Self-presentation has always been and still is a compulsory part of finding a job nowadays. Presenting yourself, not only in terms of style and looking, but also in in terms of CV and recommendations plays an important role when it comes to finding a job. I will use a wide range of arguments in order to prove you this so that you can make relevant conclusions and increase your chances of finding...

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BSHS 462 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Functions of a Human Service Organization Research Presentation

Functions of a Human Service Organization Research Presentation General Questions - General General Questions Consider the key elements and functions of human service organizations. The key functions as listed in your text include: Planning Designing the program and organization Developing human resources Supervising Managing finances Monitoring and evaluating Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with a minimum of 15 slides in which you describe your...

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1. Careers Tech Careers ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Search Bottom of Form * Tech Careers * Education * Find A Job * Career Advancement * * Share * Print Apply now to guide this site Discuss in our forum Resignation Letters - Samples From Laura Schneider, former About.com Guide See More About: * resignation letters * job letter samples * offer letters * cover letters * reference letters The technical industry...

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Career choice

Pharmacy Undergraduate Students: Career Choices & Expectations Across A Four-Year Degree Programme Keith Wilson, Jill Jesson, Chris Langley, Katie Hatfield and Laura Clarke. Aston University August 2006 Page 2 The research on which this report is based was commissioned by the Pharmacy Practice Research Trust funded with a grant from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. The research was undertaken by a team of researchers at Aston University. The views expressed...

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Five Tips to Make PowerPoint Business Presentations More Effective

Make PowerPoint Business Presentations More Effective Using PowerPoint in a Business Presentation? These five tips will make your communication more effective It is almost expected today that you will use PowerPoint in business presentations. It can be used to add visuals to the message and is an easy way to create a leave-behind handout or e-mail the presentation to others later. But too often business presenters aren’t as effective as they could be when delivering a PowerPoint presentation. Here...

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Controversial Issues Presentations

issues from more than one perspective Project Explanation (100 points):  Each group will research a current controversy and teach a full class period on that issue. Presentations must be balanced, rather than biased. Students must give equal time to opposing views on the issue. Students will give a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation describing the controversy in detail, and then lead 20 minutes of class activities and/or discussion on the topic.  Students will also create a wiki page for their project...

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311 Deliver a Presentation write up

311: Deliver a Presentation 1. Understand the purpose of preparing for and evaluating a presentation. 1.1 Different types of presentation can be used to provide a range of different information. The different types can be used to inform, instruct, persuade or to facilitate decision making. Presentations have various formats depending on what is supposed to be achieved. Different types of equipment also provide different information and may facilitate different styles of learning such as using a...

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anne roe's theory of needs and career choice

theory of personality development and career choice, her most enduring scientific contribution. Roe had no experience of careers or vocational guidance and counseling but was originally interested in personality theory and occupational classification (Roe, 1956, 1957). Much of her early research was focused on the possible relationship between occupational behavior and personality (Roe and Lunneborg, 1990). Ann Roe suggested a personality approach to career choice based on the premise that a job satisfies...

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Career Choice

on this task. "A person's career choice should be determined by his or her interest." Discuss. You should write at least 350 words. [60 marks] Career choice has become a complex science with the advent of information technology, the emergence of post industrial revolution and job competition. Career choice is a complex decision for people since it determines the kind of profession that they intend to pursue in life. As students try to make career choice while in secondary school...

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Cultural Diversity Presentation

 Cultural Diversity Presentation Jose Ortiz ELL 240 Linguistically & Culturally Diverse Learners Ashford University Instructor: Catherine Tapia Date: 10/06/2013 Introduction: This presentation that I will be displaying is to demonstrate the schools, parents and teachers the importance of English language learners and to encourage all parents to get involved and be part of the school culture activities. The involvement is important...

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Track Presentation

Nate Helmuth September 5th – December 9th SECTIONS  Commercial Lending  Collections  Customer Service  Portfolio Management  Marketing  Corporate Development  Career Path Commercial Lending Underwriting Commercial Mortgages  Evaluating Credit Worthiness of a Business  Determining Real Value of Businesses and Property  How to read Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements and Personal Financial Statements  Amortization Schedules  Commercial Real Estate (CREL)  How to Create and...

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Emanuela Sabau Dr. Geri Harmon English 1101 12/07/2010 Choices Our lives are full of choices, from the moment our eyes open in the morning to when they close at night. We make choices every day. Some are considerably easy and we don’t even pay attention to them, while others are at times complicated. Some of the choices we have to make in life are easier than others. One of the relatively easier ones is what clothes to wear every day. Selecting what to wear each day can be a horrific, time-consuming...

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Week 4 Learning Team A 7Cs PowerPoint Presentation

7 C’s PowerPoint ® Presentation: Personalize Your Pop Learning Team A MKT/552 July 6, 2015 Prof. Ron Rosalik Introduction • A description of the company’s approach to developing targeted marketing communications as they relate to Coca-Cola Personalize Your Pop campaign • An explanation of the 7Cs of customer interface • An explanation of the goal or purpose behind each interface and how Coca-Cola will address that need for each C • An explanation of the approach Coca-Cola plans to take and how...

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Factors Affecting Students' Career Choice in Accounting

American Journal of Business Education – October 2011 Volume 4, Number 10 Factors Affecting Students’ Career Choice In Accounting: The Case Of A Turkish University Ali Uyar, Fatih University, Turkey Ali Haydar Güngörmüş, Fatih University, Turkey Cemil Kuzey, Fatih University, Turkey ABSTRACT This study investigates the reasons that influence students’ career choices in accounting. In order to determine these reasons, a questionnaire survey has been employed. The empirical findings can be...

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Career choice

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in a persons' life. Every person needs to consider a number of things when deciding upon a particular career path. One cannot simply waltz into any career and expect it to be adequate. Research needs to be conducted and deep thought needs to have taken place. One should also seek advice from experienced persons as to HOW to pick a certain career path as oppose to WHAT career path to take. The career path a person chooses to take needs to be...

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Outline of the Product Presentation

Outline of the Product Presentation 1)      Introduction - This is normally just a title slide where the speaker introduces themselves, and the point of the product presentation.  This is where you want to hook your audience and tell them what is in it for them. If you are not going to be giving the presentation you may want to have a note slide with the point on it. (1-2 slides) 2)      Agenda - An agenda is optional, but provides you with an your opportunity to tell your audience what you are...

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