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Week 7 Assignment(s) Include:

a) Answer online Week 7 Forum Question: (2%)
i. Research a few of the proposed changes to SMTP and DNS that are designed to reduce or eliminate SPAM. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is responsible solely for sending e-mail messages. In Linux/UNIX, the send mail program activates in response to a command and sends the requested message.DNS servers, also called name servers, contain the server application that supports name-to-address translation. I was introduced to DNS servers earlier in the.Typically, the system on which the name server resides is called the name server system.DNS is a decentralized system: It does not depend on one source for updates, and one server does not store all the data. Instead, DNS is a distributed database that exists on name servers across the Internet. Microsoft Outlook, a popular email application often used in conjunction with Microsoft Office, comes with many Windows operating systems as a standard feature. Like other email programs, Outlook is vulnerable to "spam," or junk emails. Spam emails sometimes carry viruses and can fill your inbox with junk, obscenity and advertisements. But you can stop spam in Outlook by altering the level of spam protection on the program. One of the most dramatic changes of the next 10 years will be the emergence of everyday robots and computer intelligences in our economy and everyday lives. And since the real estate industry is, at its core, a knowledge industry, the emergence of computer intelligences is going to affect all the players in the industry in a variety of ways. Richard Worzel is not only a Chartered Financial Analyst and best-selling author, but is Canada’s leading futurist. In this presentation, he provides an overview of how these developments, plus other tech-related matters, will change the industry and the way things are done, including: Crowd sourcing – The rating of houses, real estate companies, and legal services will move even more quickly in the directions pioneered by tripadvisor in travel, and Amazon in customer-rated books. This will include comments on neigh bourhoods, brokers and agents, and home-builders, as well as alternative service providers and even times of the year when sellers can achieve the greatest success. Artificial intelligence – Computer intelligences will become power aids to those in the real estate industry, as well as potential threats to some. Such intelligences will be able to quickly assess industry, national, regional, and neighbour data to reveal trends not immediately apparent, gauge the strength of economic activity with special emphasis on shifts in sentiment and interest rates, and read body language to assess the seriousness or excitement of specific individuals about either buying or selling. Meanwhile, routine work, such as legal documentation, will increasingly be done by ever-more sophisticated computer software. It's clear that technology is advancing with unprecedented speed, but what is less clear is what effects these advances will have on business, government, consumers, and society. Yet the downstream effects - the secondary, tertiary, quaternary effects and beyond - of technological developments are almost always more significant than the immediate impact of the technology itself. For instance, refrigeration extended life expectancy; the invention of air travel revolutionized warfare, helped produce McLuhan's Global Village, spread new diseases with unprecedented speed, and boosted global terrorism; computer games lead to childhood obesity and health problems and may be eroding the socialization skills the allow society to function; and the Internet is redefining the way business is conducted as well as revolutionizing politics.

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b) Complete and submit the class Project Paper and...
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