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Persuasion Indoctrination And Inoculation

PERSUASION, INDOCTRINATION, AND INOCULATION 1 Persuasion, Indoctrination, and Inoculation 04/18/2013 Sarah K. Martinez PSY 285 Instructor: Chris Shreve PERSUASION, INDOCTRINATION, AND INOCULATION 2 There are many dangers that plague us in today’s society. One of the most pressing issues is that of driving under the influence of alcohol. This is a problem for many reasons. Firstly, driving while intoxicated is illegal. It shows the rising problem of substance abuse, and...

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In this essay I will be discussing childhood inoculations, and whether or not I would inoculate my child as per the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations. Obviously there are different viewpoints and reasoning as to why someone would or would not vaccinate their child. People vaccinate their children in order to prevent them from getting certain diseases. That is the main reason. That and their doctors tell them they should. One of the main reasons people tend to not vaccinate their children...

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How Does Positive Persuasion Exist in Teenagers? What Are the Effects? Oakland University Professor WRT 160 Close Reading Paper Abstract There are many of us who constantly assume that teenagers are overall just trouble makers, that their up to no good, and that sex, alcohol and drugs are all they think about. Yes, this is a common fact but do you ever think about the positive that comes out of teenagers, if there is any? Society has influenced many around...

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Through means of systematic persuasion the communicator will appeal to reason and logic to help change attitudes, or they may appeal to emotion and habit by means of heuristic persuasion to change beliefs. Every communicator aims to gain different and desired results. For example, sales people, politicians, and leaders in other areas all have different goals and audiences, but use persuasion to their benefit. Cult leaders and other extremists in history have used persuasion to immerse followings and...

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Theories Of Persuasion

message. Inoculation is one way that people can avoid being influenced by persuasive messages. The inoculation theory was developed by William J McGuire in the 1960’s and it explains how and why people reinforce their beliefs and attitudes and how they maintain them in the long term.  In the persuasive text, inoculation is the practice of warning people of potentially damaging information or persuasive attempts that will probably happen in the future (Larson 110). Inoculation strengthens and...

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Theories of Persuasion

Theories of Persuasion 1. Why is persuasion important in an open society? In an open society we are presented with certain opportunities that other cultures and countries are not. Ever since human beings have been able to want and desire, he has also possessed the urge to direct others to see what he sees. Rhetoric, propaganda, persuasion, these are all just words describing the same thing. Methods of persuasion are all around us. The devices from which we are persuaded come from a number...

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Childhood Inoculations

| Childhood Inoculations| Is it a decision for government or parents?| | Linda Trostle| 602.4.17-10| | There is much debate regarding the necessity and safety of childhood vaccinations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a series of vaccinations that include 26 doses of various vaccinations before age 6. Each state regulates and enforces the requirements for childhood vaccinations in the United State. Some parents believe that vaccinations can be harmful...

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Persuasion And Its Definition

Design Persuasion and its definition Submit to: Assistant Professor Dr. Boonchan Thongprayoon 16th November 2014 By Ingkhasond Vongsasirapirom ID 5512210086 Page 1 of 4 Study question What is the key element to render the definition of persuasion? And how broad persuasion can be defined? Literature Review Persuasion The review of these literatures is to have a better understanding of persuasion beyond its lexical meaning originated in late 14th century from Old French “persuasion” and Latin...

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Persuasion Essay

This essay argues that scholar’s perspectives of persuasion make for effective public relations practice by identifying the ways that PR messages can be sent to organisations, groups and audiences. Without knowledge of persuasion, could PR practitioners transmit persuasive messages effectively to their publics and do scholarly definitions meet PR practice in today’s society? Persuasion is a broad topic; scholars such as Gruing (1989), Perloff (1993) and Bernays (1955) provide contrasting definitions...

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Power of Persuasion

11 April 2012 The Power of Persuasion Manipulation and persuasion, two of the major themes in Shakespeare’s Othello that ultimately lead to Othello’s downfall. The power of words and persuasion can cause people to go crazy and do things they normally wouldn’t do. Shakespeare’s character development and background of Othello, Rodrigo and Iago early on in the play gives the reader somewhat of a foreshadowing of the characters that are going to manipulate and be manipulated. The play according to...

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The Power Of Persuasion

The power of persuasion In an attempt to legitimise public relations as a management function scholars…. Have labeled persuasion as an unethical practice within public relations. Do you agree? Why or why not? Persuasion is a key point of communication and plays a fundamental role in our everyday life. Be it at work, in social surrounding or even between ourselves, we are continuously persuading ideas and information, is not only used to convey information within or beyond an organisation, but...

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The Power of Persuasion

The Power of Persuasion Thesis Statement: To inform my audience about the science and the power of persuasion. Introduction I. “If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.” These are wise words spoken by Benjamin Franklin, whom we all know for his roles in American History as a writer, scientist and politician. II. In this quote, Benjamin Franklin speaks of how to persuade. But why would it be important to know how to persuade? III. I always have to ask...

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Humor and Persuasion

Humor and Persuasion Jake Swenson 5/30/2011 The actor John Cleese once said, "If I can get you to laugh with me, you like me better, which makes you more open to my ideas. And if I can persuade you to laugh at the particular point I make, by laughing at it you acknowledge its truth.” (Mortensen, 2004) Humor disarms an audience, making them more likely to open up to you. In a book by Kurt Mortensen, called “Maximum influence: the 12 universal laws of power persuasion”, he stated: ”…once your...

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Humor and Persuasion

COMM 323 Persuasion & Argumentation Professor Megan Trexler February 11, 2013 Humor and Persuasion Humor as it pertains to persuasion is a tactics that is used to get the audience in a good mood, to make them more comfortable, and maybe easier to be persuaded. The use of humor in many aspect of the world has shown to have positive effects, and the use of humor in the art of persuasion would be extremely effective in the presentation. With the addition of humor to the persuasion presentation...

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Humor and Persuasion

Humor and Persuasion July 30, 2012 COM 323 Humor and Persuasion Do you think of yourself as funny, humorous or a joker of sorts? Many people feel they have what it takes to bring humor to different situations. Usually humor is used to lighten a mood or attitude and often makes people feel happy. Understanding that humor can play a very important role in speech enhance the awareness of the proper means and tactics in which to use humor. Persuasion often includes various forms of humor...

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Characteristic of Persuasion

Characteristics of Persuasion 301/ Social Psychology Characteristics of Persuasion Persuasion surrounds us; it is everywhere that humans exist. From politicians, teachers, religious leaders, police officers, sales persons, family and friends, we are literally surrounded. Anytime you log onto the internet and see an ad, when you are cruising down the road and see a billboard, when you pick up a sales ad for your favorite store, when you read reviews of a book before purchasing it, it is all...

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Humor & Persuasion

The Value of Humor in Persuasion Com 323 – Persuasion & Argumentation April 22, 2013 The Value of Humor in Persuasion Introduction On a daily basis, people deal with a lot of persuasion and it has progressively influenced today’s modern society; for example, with people having access to the media, such as television, newspapers, radio, and internet there has been an increase in the frequency of advertisements, which companies attempt to persuade the media audience to purchase...

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Romanticism in Persuasion

Romanticism in Persuasion In the Romantic Era, women thought to not make rational decisions and instead go by their emotions. Jane Austen uses her writing in Persuasion and many other novels to prove that society is wrong and women can and do make rational decisions. For example, Anne in Persuasion, she starts as a meek girl who is easily persuaded by her family, but she eventually grows into herself and decides what is best for her. When discussing the Romanticism is Persuasion, critics usually...

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Attitude Persuasion

a person, place, thing, or event. Prominent psychologist Gordon Allport (1935) once described attitude “the most distinctive and indispensable concept in contemporary psychology”. The words attitude and persuasion are often found together, as in the phrase persuasion and attitude change. Persuasion is an attempt to change people's attitudes. For example, advertisers try to persuade potential customers to buy a product. To do this, they try to create a positive attitude toward the product. Social psychologists...

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Persuasion is Powerful

Running head:PERSUASION 1 Persuasion Is Powerful Tameka James PSY301 Jennifer Weniger Persuasion 2 While many people have no joy in selling, everyone has found himself or herself having to persuade someone at one point in their life. Being a powerful persuader is not just the job of a salesperson but it’s a national process. You may try to persuade your child to study by informing them of the consequences of not studying. You may try to persuade your...

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Persuasion notes

Arts 1031 – Persuasion (1818) Jane Austen Born 1775 to country clergymen – George Austen in Hampshire 1790 juvenile work – ‘Love and Friendship’ – satire of sentimental novels From 1795 Austen sketching out early versions of Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey 1801 – 09 – Austen move to Bath Austen daughters – weren’t poor, but constantly worrying about money 1817 – death Persuasion and Northanger Abbey published 1818 ‘slippery’ pov and voice in Austen Austen...

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Stress Inoculation

academic demands, use ineffective mechanisms for coping. They may use “defense avoidance”, for example, avoiding studying and putting off writing assignments. Teachers can help such students develop more effective mechanisms for coping through “stress inoculation”-managing their courses so that students have more information about what to expect, giving feedback on their progress, and providing a degree of control over course activities. (Whiteman, 1998). Feedback is information about current performance...

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Deadly Persuasion

Kilbourne, Jean. Deadly Persuasion: Why Women and Girls Must Fight The Addictive Power of Advertising. New York: The Free Press, 1999. The reason why I picked Deadly Persuasion: Why Women and Girls Must Fight the Addictive Power of Advertising is because it looked very interesting compared to the other two books I had also chosen. One book had to deal with TV living and the other book had to deal with detecting lies and deceit but when I ran across a book that was mainly focused on women and...

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Propaganda and Persuasion

Propaganda and Persuasion The term “propaganda” became a kind of old-fashioned for communication theories after the Cold War. But we can’t underestimate the power of propaganda today. Propaganda is defined via the eyes and the ears of the audience. (Kuehl 2014: 3) That’s why it is hard to find a definition which is completely proper for everyone in every time period. Even they both mostly have the same principles and purposes, we can’t use the same definition for Nazi’s propaganda and...

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The Psychology of Persuasion

The Psychology of Persuasion Plan of School Event by Psychological Theme Topic and Event Among the huge range of psychological themes, in order to bring an event to school it is necessary to choose a topic not too theoretical. At least one goal is to evoke student’s interest in Psychology. A good way to do so is to try to link already existing knowledge with new views and facts. I chose as a topic “The Psychology of Persuasion” because I think it’s a popular opinion among people and already...

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The Persuasion of Freedom

Aaron Valentine Lehman Eng. 3 Honors 3/26/13 The Persuasion of Freedom In the period of time when the American Revolution was being fought, many influential people wrote documents, or spoke about freedom. People such as Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Paine, shared a common goal. They used a variety of persuasive modes, tones, and stylistic techniques to get their point across. Eventually, with their determination and strive for independence, they helped build a great nation. ...

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Discuss how the meaning of the term ‘Persuasion’ is explored by Austen. Persuasion: to persuade or of being persuaded to do or believe in something, is a term Austen has used in various ways within ‘Persuasion’. Through the robust characterisations of characters and the dynamics of their situations and relationships, Austen moulds conclusions in how we are persuaded and why we are turned to believe in something different. In how the characters are persuaded or in differed to others suggestions...

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The Art of Persuasion

from someplace, it is best to learn the art of persuasive words to use in one’s essays. Persuasion and persuading people is very important. When people do not see eye to eye on a particular topic, there is bound to be hostility among them. This is sure to be followed by fights and arguments on that particular topic. To make other people see on the same level or for them to see a common point of view, persuasion is very important. One should do everything in one’s power to persuade people through...

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Persuasion in Macbeth

Persuasion in Macbeth Shakespeare, in his time period, was renowned for his marvelous play writing and pushing the English language to its limits. “Macbeth”, by William Shakespeare, shows the use of the three forms of rhetoric (logos, pathos, ethos) throughout the play. Shakespeare uses all three forms of rhetoric to have characters persuade others, and, themselves. Macbeth - later on - persuades himself to kill Duncan, the three Witches drive him to think about killing Duncan, and Macbeth...

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The Power of Persuasion

The Power of Persuasion Shakespeare portrayed the key theme of manipulation through several characters throughout the tragic play of Julius Caesar. By definition, the act of manipulating is to influence skillfully and often unfairly to suit ones purpose to their advantage. The characters in Julius Caesar appear loyal in order to deceive someone to their advantage. The theme of manipulation is reinforced through relations between Brutus and Cassius, Caesar and Decius, and the Roman people and Antony...

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Manipulation Not Persuasion

Jason Rafael Manipulation, Not Persuasion "The contradictory nature of the American myth of equality is nowhere written so clearly as in the signs that American advertisers use to manipulate us into buying their wares. "Manipulate" is the word here, not "persuade"; for advertising campaigns are not sources of product information, they are exercises in behavior modification. Appealing to our subconscious emotions rather than our conscious intellects, advertisements are designed to exploit the discontentments...

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Persuasion Paper After read the two articles “The Necessary Art of Persuasion” and “Harnessing the Science of Persuasion”, I think I would like to be persuasive in doing a presentation. If I want to be a good persuader and speaker, I should consider the way that let audiences know I will let them learn something from the presentation. In fact, the purpose of most public presentation is to convey valuable information, whether the audience can accept the valuable information is depended on whether...

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Tok Persuasion

TOK 1. Persuasion through images.(IV) Images are often not appealing to reason, but to emotions. This is not to say that a lot of thought does not go into graphical expression, but that the images are all ways aimed at moving the viewer visually. For example a form of visual theatre, burlesque will often attack something by representing it so as to look inane. In this case there is an interpreting process going on, but the audience must necessarily have an emotional...

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Theories of Persuasion

commonly used type of speech. The speaker should be able to connect with his/her audience. Therefore, the speaker should be aware of what the audience likes or prefers. The following paper seeks to explore some of the main theories surrounding persuasion. The three that will be discussed are Cognitive Dissonance, the Elaboration Likelihood Model and the Psychological Motivational Theory with special attention to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. These theories when explained in full will discuss...

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Influence and Persuasion

Influence and Persuasion Critical Thinking (Influence, Science and Practice) Chapter 1 1. Suppose you were an attorney representing a woman who broke her leg in a department store and was suing the store for $100,000 in damages. Knowing only what you know about perceptual contrast, what could you do during the trial to make the jury see $100,000 as a reasonable, even small, award? * Research for similar cases with the same injury but with settlements far greater than $100,000. The...

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Polite Persuasion

the man answers that it will. His word lacks any credibility not only because he misrepresented of the operation, but because he is willing to tell the girl anything she needs to hear to follow through with his plan. The man’s last method of persuasion is his strategically placed guilt on the girl. Since she is the one carrying the burden of the baby, he realizes the vulnerable state Jig is in. He encourages her to take part in the operation to relieve them of all their issues, telling “the girl...

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Reflective Essay - Persuasion

Reflective essay – Persuasion I remember the day in sixth grade when we wrote letters to Santa. We wrote about what we wanted for Christmas, and gave three reasons that explained why we should have it. We were trying to persuade Santa that we deserved the Christmas gift of our choice. After writing that letter, every time someone mentioned persuasion, I thought back to the letter. I thought that I had learned everything there is to learn about persuasion from writing that letter. After all, what...

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Presidential Power: Persuasion

various powers and duties such as acting as Commander in Chief and proposing legislation. Some may argue however, the President only has, what Neustadt concluded “The power to Persuade.” Some may argue the President has powers aside from that of Persuasion. The US Constitution gives the President the power to propose legislation “He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient...

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Persuasion, Manipulation, and Seduction

Human communicating is very attention-grabbing and a difficult process full of effective methods employed as persuasion, manipulation and seduction. In the article, From persuasion to manipulation and seduction (a very short history of global communication), Aurel Codoban meaning of human communicating is, “influencing other minds through language” (Codoban, 2006, p. 152). As individuals it’s in our best interest to know and understand how to classify these methods and recognize the differences...

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Persuasion Speech

DeAnna Haase Speech 1200 Persuasion Speech: Domestic Violence Abuse: What is it and is it wrong or right? General Purpose: To Persuade Specific Idea: To persuade my audience to help local non-profit Domestic Violence Organization by donating different items that will help keep the organization open and victims of Abuse safe from their abuser. Central Idea: To persuade my audience that Domestic Violence is not just legally wrong, it is morally wrong...

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Persuasion and Age of Innocence

A deeper understanding of relationships and identity emerges from pursuing the connections between Persuasion and Age of Innocence. Compare how these texts explore relationships and identity. Persuasion (Jane Austen 1815) and Age of Innocence (Martin Scorsese 1993) has thoroughly explored relationships and identity in differing contexts that reflect a rigid society. Connections between both texts have demonstrated, through key themes of social consciousness, marriage and passion, a deeper insight...

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The criticism of His criticism In Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion, diction and subversive tone depict Austen’s disdain and disapproval towards the society. Sir Walter Elliot informs Anne and Mr. Shepherd about his irritation toward people who strive to rise above the society. He mentions how naval officer is a profession that transits “man with obscure birth into undue distinction” (Austen 14), and expresses his disgust towards the officers growing old in appearance sooner than any other man. Sir...

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ethical behavoirs and persuasion

 Instructor Megan Trexler COM 323 Persuasion and Argumentaion By: Ranita Wallace Ashford University Ethical Behaviors and Persuasion The vision of this essay is to detail the importance of ethical behaviors and its significance in persuasion. It will explain current events where ethics lack and ethics distinguish the influence on persuasion. Modifying on whom the persuader may be, or what field or line of work they are associated in, ethical guidelines are set for most professions...

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Julius Caeser and Persuasion

Persuaded To Kill Persuasion is something that happens everyday. Persuasion is used through the media, politicians, family, friends, and even right now. There is not single day persuasion isn’t used to stray people from their beliefs or convince them to do or say things for the benefit of a particular group. In Shakespeare’s tragedy “Julius Caesar” persuasion, in the form of ethos and pathos, is used by senate members on others and on themselves in order to achieve the goal of killing Julius Caesar...

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Social and Personal Order in 'Persuasion'

‎"Jane Austen is always concerned with the order of things, and her last novel is her most radical ‎exploration of social and personal order".‎ Often regarded the most political of all her novels, Jane Austen’s Persuasion (1816) explores various aspects of ‎social and personal order within the context of Regency England. Through the use of character, in particular ‎character foil, and the development of Anne Elliot in her relationship with Captain Wentworth, Austen examines ‎the themes of class...

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Cialdini’s Persuasion Model

Cialdini’s Persuasion Model Cialdini R. “The Psychology of Persuasion”. (2000). [pic] The single biggest danger in negotiation is not failure but to be successful without knowing why you are successful. -Jens Thang Persuasion is something everyone has to do. There is no secret formula on how to persuade more effectively; there is no magic formula. The ancient Greeks (especially Aristotle) wrote much about persuasion and rhetoric. Robert Cialdini has come up with Six principles...

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Seven Faces of Persuasion

Chapter 1 notes Seven Faces of Persuasion- Interactive media – media in which the receiver is able to actively participate in the communication process. Cultural diversity – the increasing numbers of persons from other cultural backgrounds, races, ethnicities, sexual preferences, educational levels, political and religious beliefs, etc. Propaganda – set of messages designed to influence large numbers and warns that it is selective and that it “…presents facts selectively in order to…produce...

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Benefits of Humor in Persuasion

Benefits of Humor in Persuasion Humor has many benefits for communication and persuasion. Communication through humor is an important way to make stories more memorable, characters more compelling, and causes more accessible. Understanding and appreciating humor is a unique part of being human, and making people smile and laugh is a learnable skill. To truly understand the nature of humor empowers the individual to communicate strategically – to create messages that are “stickier,” or more memorable...

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Persuasion, seduction and manipulation

a “one size fits all” variety. There probably never will be a single, unified theory of persuasion capable of encompassing all persuasive phenomena in every context.” (Seiter, 2006) As you go through our day whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, a full time student or a stay home parent it is close to impossible to avoid persuasion. At work and at school you are sure to come across a form of persuasion from a coworker or fellow student, and as a stay home parent it is literally unavoidable...

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Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion Summary

In both of Austen’s ‘romantic comedies’; ‘Pride and Prejudice, and Persuasion’ Jane Austen delicately provides an insight into life and social habits at the time; exploring the themes of love, class and money and in doing so creating a realistic and meaningful account; combining what is often comic irony, with steadfast morals. Both novels ardently focus on pressing social concerns of the time, with Austen portraying through each story; the section in society in which she is most familiar with...

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Persuasion - Jane Austen

Janeca Latore AP English 12 Mr. Connelly April 7, 2012 Persuasion In Persuasion, the last of Jane Austen’s works, the readers are immediately intrigued by the autumnal tone of the piece, and the mellowness of the main character, Anne Elliot. Anne, a twenty-seven year old upper middle class woman, met and fell in love with Captain Frederick Wentworth at the age of nineteen. She was however, forced to break off the relationship at the time because Wentworth was deemed an unsuitable match. Eight...

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Persuasion in "12 Angry Men"

In his article, “The Necessary Art of Persuasion”, Jay Conger stated that persuasion is NOT about selling or convincing; rather, it is a learning and negotiating process. Good persuaders use and listen to ongoing and active discussions (or debates) to learn about their audience and include different opinions into a shared conclusion. In the movie “12 Angry Men”, juror number 8 (Henry Fonda) was not sure if evidence presented against a young defendant in court left reasonable doubt for a guilty...

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Persuasion: Attitude Change and Message

Persuasion Kenroy Fletcher PSY301: Social Psychology Willard Meeks July 19, 2012 Persuasion Life in the twenty-first century is a bit overwhelming with the multitude of choices regarding nearly everything. We are persuaded daily to choose this over that or that over this. Persuasion is a method of influence that attempts to change a person’s beliefs, feelings, or behaviors. In other words persuasion attempts to change attitudes by attacking one or more of the tricompnants of attitude, affect...

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Persuasion Theories in Adverti

Persuasion Theories in Advertising We are bombarded daily with a variety of communicative devices that attempt to influence our thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes in some way. The primary role of this advertising methodology is to persuade, to change the way we construct a certain meaning in our head. Persuasion is a very powerful tool in affecting our idea of how, what or who people should be. The media uses this tool in an attempt to create a need for their product in society. In the ad...

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Rhetoric: the Art of Persuasion

Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasion Since the development of the human language, many philosophers throughout history have given their own interpretation of rhetoric. The term rhetoric is used to describe the effectiveness of language and how incorporating certain aspects into writing and speech can lead to improved clarity and persuasion. If used correctly, rhetoric should include ethos, pathos, and logos, also known as the rhetorical triangle, in order to have a well rounded argument. Although opinions...

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Character Analysis in Persuasion

and live by her own discernment. Unlike her other heroines, Austen rarely ridicules Anne but instead lets Anne’s own experiences and feelings shape her understanding of herself. Through satire, developing character, and symbolism Jane Austen in Persuasion uses the static characters of Sir Walter, Mary and Elizabeth Wentworth to contrast and ultimately define Anne’s character. Throughout the novel, satire can be observed through the critiqued characters of Sir Walter and Elizabeth. When the...

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Macbeth and the Power of Persuasion

Persuasion is a powerful and threatening tool against those who are weak. It can sway one's decisions between good and evil, concealing judgment and jading the conscience. It plays the critical role of a spectral villain, an invisible danger to the protagonist in William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Macbeth is a victim of persuasion of others, making him ultimately not responsible for his actions. Macbeth's own partner Lady Macbeth persuades her husband to commit murder and fulfill his ambition. The three...

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Mass Media Persuasion

and how it is influenced Effective persuasion is central to public relations. Persuasion is a feature of most informational communication and organization-public messages. According to Bryant, persuasion is “the process of adjusting ideas to people and people to ideas.” This process of adjusting ideas to people and people to ideas is very important, because this transaction takes place daily in many facets of our lives. Some of the areas where persuasion is used to sway public opinion are in...

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Persuasion Techniques in Business

7 Great Persuasion Techniques To Use In Business   1. Give and you shall receive When someone does you a favour, you know instinctively that you will have to do something in return in the future. Psychologists call this the reciprocity rule, and it can be very useful in persuasion. Try it out next time a colleague or your boss needs help with something by being the first to stand up and lend a hand. Even better, think ahead and be aware of the deadlines and meetings your boss has to reach...

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Jane Austen Persuasion

Matthew Elmasri Sam Arkin Humanities Core 1A Monday December 7, 2009 Obliging Compliance and Private Rapture Jane Austen weaves the theme of travel throughout her novel, Persuasion, to solidify the value she places on sincerity of character in relation to social decorum. However, travel in this context is more broadly defined as any change or movement from one place to another. Changes of setting, social standing, or time, for instance, are all examples of travel that result in the reinforcement...

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