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On The Sidewalk Bleeding Plot

‘On the Sidewalk Bleeding’ by Evan Hunter ‘On the Sidewalk Bleeding’ is a dramatic short story written by the very popular American writer Evan Hunter. Throughout the story Hunter creates suspense using skilful presentation of characters, his thought-provoking variety of themes, the short story’s simple yet effective plot and the author’s impressive writing style and his clever use of symbolism. The base of the plot revolves around a young teenage gang member called Andy. Who has been violently...

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding

“On the Sidewalk Bleeding” News Report Assignment ENG1P1 Ms. Buccheri You are a reporter and have been assigned to cover the story of the murder of Andy in the short story, “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” in proper news article style. The article must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs (lead, body and concluding paragraphs) and include a photo with a caption. Remember to do the following: • use an objective point of view (just give the facts) • include a strong catchy headline • include...

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding

Being a part of a gang meant to have pride, at least that is what Andy presumes. Andy, a member of the Royals, a notorious street gang, has been stabbed in an alley by a rival gang, the Guardians. Despite this act in Evan Hunter’s “On the Sidewalk, Bleeding”, Andy proves he is not frightened at the thought of death. Instead is only filled with an overwhelming sadness that his life is coming to a short end. Throughout the novel, Andy shows himself as a hopeless, regretful, loving and depressed...

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding

In the short story “On the sidewalk bleeding,” by Evan Hunter, the author makes us feel sympathy for the main character by using a variety of techniques such as characterisation, plot structure and language. The story opens with the main character, Andy, who has just been stabbed because he is in a gang. . Unfortunately it is too late to change what had happened and as a result the reader feels immense pity for him when he dies. This short story includes the themes of regret and how gang violence...

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On The Sidewalk Bleeding

On the Sidewalk Bleeding “On the Sidewalk Bleeding”, by Evan Hunter is a story about a boy from a gang, getting murdered in a dark alley, by members of the rival gang. It is written in the third person omniscient point of view. The story focuses on the theme of realization of one’s true identity. This theme is depicted with the help of several literary devices such as symbolism, to create depth in the meaning of the story, thoughtful use of irony and characterization elements, which create...

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding

Prejudice and our blind eye towards prejudice within our society are evident factors in the story “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter. The main character, Andy, because of his gang membership, is pre judged based on his jacket and not for who he actually is. As a society, we do not notice the injustice within our culture. Prejudice, an underlying and unseen inequality made the difference between life and death for Andy. Andy could have been saved numerous times from after he was stabbed but...

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On The Sidewalk Bleeding Summarizer

 On the Sidewalk, Bleeding- Summarizer Alan Cheng 821 Introduction/Orientation: The story takes place on a rainy March day at 11:30 P.M . Andy, a 16 year old, cigarette smoker, and a member of the gang “The Royals” was stabbed ten minutes ago just below his ribs by a member of the rival gang, The Guardians. He is slowly bleeding to death on the sidewalk in a quiet alleyway somewhere in New York. As he is slowly dying, he just can not...

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding

Conflict is an important part of any short story. The short story, "On the Sidewalk Bleeding," contains three major conflicts: man vs. man, man vs. nature, and man vs. himself. In this essay, I intend to explain, prove, and analyze these three struggles. The most obvious and simplest struggle in "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" is man vs. man. "He [Andy] had been stabbed ten minutes ago. The knife had entered just below his rib cage and had been drawn across his body violently, tearing a wide gap...

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding.

‘On the Sidewalk Bleeding’ by Evan Hunter deals with the important human issue of death, Hunter portrays the main character’s (Andy)journey to cope with his soon-to-be death through techniques such as; themes, plot, word choice and repetition. The base of the plot evolves around a boy called Andy who is stabbed by a rival gang - he is left alone to die as he watches a selection of personalities pass him by, and remains unaided. The character himself is important in discussion of how the issue...

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding

On the Sidewalk Bleeding by Evan Hunter is a short story about a boy named Andy. Andy was a 16 years old and had just been stabbed below the ribs. Andy was part of a gang called “The Royals”. He just stopped by the shop only to buy some cigarettes and the next moment he’s on the ground bleeding,“He had been stabbed 10 minutes ago.” Andy had a girlfriend named Laura who he had left when he went to get the cigarettes and she was the only thing he could think of,“He wondered if Laura was dancing wondered...

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On the sidewalk bleeding

 Don’t judge a book by its cover. We all grow up listening and trying to live day in and day out following the metaphorical phrase. For most of us, this idiom means little however; Evan Hunter uses a character from On the Sidewalk Bleeding to influence the reader of its importance Andy is a young gang member growing up in the rough neighborhood of The Bronx. As a result, the attraction of membership leads Andy to join The Royals, a gang represented by a bright purple jacket. We are first made...

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding

On The Sidewalk Bleeding On The Sidewalk Bleeding is a short story by Evan Hunter. This short story is about a young man called Andy who is part of a gang. To others a gang member is what Andy is known as, except from his girlfriend Laura. Andy gets into bother with a rival gang moments after leaving his home. This experience and situation Andy’s been left in has made him think about his true identity and his main focus’ in life. Symbolism in this short story is very effective to make it more...

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding by Evan Hunter

On the Sidewalk Bleeding Critical Essay Marianne Lavery The story “On the sidewalk bleeding” by Evan Hunter deals with the issue of identity through the central character Andy, a young gang member who struggles with his identity as his death draws near. A young boy called Andy who left a nightclub to go and get cigarettes. He started walking through the alley when suddenly he got stabbed. As he got stabbed he heard a voice saying “That’s for you Royal!” Andy had always been proud to be a...

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Sidewalk bleeding questions and answers

“On the Sidewalk Bleeding” Questions Answer these questions in full sentences. 1. How would you describe Andy at the beginning of the story? How have your impressions changed by the end? Provide evidence to support your answer. Andy is a 16 year old teenager, who is proud to be a Royal. In the story it states that: ''Even in his pain, there had been some sort of pride in knowing he was a Royal” 2. a. Identify each person who comes into the alley who could help Andy. Explain why...

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PLOT OF INTO THE WILD (FILM) The film is presented in a nonlinear narrative, jumping back and forth between McCandless's time spent in Alaskan wilderness and his two-year travels leading up to his journey to Alaska. The plot summary here is told in a more chronological order. In May 1992, Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) arrives in a remote area just north of the Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska and sets up a campsite in an abandoned bus. At first, McCandless is content with the...

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding Essay

reinforced continually in the short story, “on the sidewalk bleeding” written by Evan hunter. The important idea was judgment and how we should not judge a book by it’s cover. I think this idea is worth learning about because too often in society we judge people without knowing them. The author wants to communicate that you should not prejudge somebody for their looks and consider what is inside of them first. In the short story “On the side walk bleeding” the author has employed many techniques such...

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Killers/on the Sidewalk Bledding Essay

ESSAY- “On the sidewalk Bleeding” and “Killers” These books, “killers”, written by O. E. Middleton and “On the side walk Bleeding”, written by Evan Hunter portrays an important idea on how stereotyping corrupts society. This essay will discuss the negative affects stereotyping has on society and why stereotyping is a very important issue to be aware abut. In this essay there will also be example from the texts where the theme is clearly shown A significant event that reveals that the negative...

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Short Story Analysis of ‘the Pedestrian’ & ‘on the Sidewalk Bleeding’

Short Story Analysis of ‘the pedestrian’ & ‘on the sidewalk bleeding’ In the stories ‘the pedestrian’ and ‘on the sidewalk bleeding’, there are in common on conflict and different on the setting. Both story are person against society conflict. ‘on the sidewalk bleeding’ is a short story by American author Evan Hunter. The Pedestrian is a though provoking story and it makes the reader consider what the future may be like and how the reader can act to change it. Mr.Mead and Andy have a common...

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The Pedestrian and On the Sidewalk Bleeding: Short Story Analysis

 Short Story Analysis of ‘the pedestrian’ & ‘on the sidewalk bleeding’ In the stories ‘the pedestrian’ and ‘on the sidewalk bleeding’, there are in common on conflict and different on the setting. Both story are person against society conflict. ‘on the sidewalk bleeding’ is a short story by American author Evan Hunter. The Pedestrian is a though provoking story and it makes the reader consider what the future may be like and how the reader can act to change it. Mr.Mead and Andy have a common...

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding~News Article

student at the community college. He has been arrested and sentenced to 40 years in prison. “It was just a ramble. I hadn’t meant to kill him. I didn’t even know who he was.” cried the assassin, while being hauled into a police car. “Andy was bleeding heavily and couldn’t move!” an anonymous eyewitness told us, “We didn’t want to get involved because he was a Royal.” “We were going to move out of town when we grew up. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to die. He was supposed...

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Mind and Sidewalk

Choice What if you had a choice between living on the sidewalk or the formal economy? Many people in would choose the formal economy without second guessing themselves. Even if individuals were facing difficulties in the formal economy, they would never resort to living on the sidewalks and working because it becomes a burden when trying to be accepted in society. However, that is not the case for some individuals. Many people resort to the sidewalk life to escape from the current life that they live...

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Internal Bleeding

Internal Bleeding Updated Terrell Thomas University of Texas Pan American Author Note: Terrell Thomas, English 1301, University of Texas Pan American Questions regarding this article may contact Terrell Thomas, University of Texas Pan American, English 1301, Edinburg, Texas, Email: tlthomas@broncmail.com Internal Bleeding Updated Often times a book like Internal Bleeding is written primarily from a third or fourth person point of view in an effort to inform the American public about...

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Box Plot

ASSIGNMENT ON BOX PLOT COURSE CODE: URP1251 COURSE TITLE: STATISTICS FOR PLANNERS | SUBMITTED BY MEHEDI MUDASSER 110412 SUBMISSION DATE: 09/05/2012 DISCUSSION OF BOX PLOT GRAPH WITH APPROPRIATE EXAMPLES The box plot goes back to John Tukey, which published in 1977 this efficient method to display robust statistics. Box plots, the term of graphical...

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Plot device

Many stories, especially in the fantasy genre, feature an object or objects with some great power. Often what drives the plot is the hero's need to find the object before the villain and use it for good rather than evil, or if the object has been broken by the villains, to retrieve each piece that must be gathered from each antagonist to restore it, or, if the object itself is evil, to destroy it. In some cases destroying the object will lead to the destruction of the villain.[according to whom?]...

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The Gunpowder Plot

Essay The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 has come to be known as Britain’s greatest conspiracy. If it had succeeded, many say it would’ve been one of the greatest terrorist plots ever. However, the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of terrorism is “the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”. While many may argue that this is what the gunpowder plot was, it was actually an attempted coup, not a campaign of terror and violence. The plot was led by Robert Catesby...

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Gunpowder Plot

Introduction The gunpowder plot happened in 1605 , in London.The people involved were Guy Fawks , Robert and Thomas Wintour, Thomas Percy, Christopher and John Wright, Francis Tresham, Everard Digby, Ambrose Rookwood, Thomas Bates, Robert Keyes, Hugh Owen, John Grant and the man who is said to have organised the whole plot Robert Catesby. The other people involved in the plot were Robert Cecil and mounteagle. Some Catholics decided to come up with the plot , to blow up parliament. There aim...

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Plot of Pride and

P Sunday, 07 November 2010 Plot Construction of “Pride and Prejudice” By Madhurai Gangopadhyay In contrast to the simplicity of her style, Jane Austen’s plots are unexpectedly complex. She was never content to simply draw two or three...

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An Important Idea in 'on the Side Walk Bleeding' and 'the Sniper'

An important idea in “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter was that of the importance of having your own identity. Andy, the central character of this short story taught me a valuable lesson as to the significance of this. He also made me aware of the fact that we need to think things through thoroughly rather than making impulsive decisions. Andy was a sixteen year old boy who ‘wore a purple jacket’; the lettering on the back of the jacket read ‘The Royals,’ a name which he was proud to own...

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Plot Diagram

THE PLOT DIAGRAM The plot diagram: most people learn about it somewhere in elementary school, and indeed, it is the most elementary of tools a writer and reader can use in summarizing and outlining a story. It is so basic and flexible that pretty much every story written in existence can be outlined via the plot diagram. And yet, there are stories that, when outlined, twist the plot diagram into interesting shapes, which leads me to suspect that there is a missing step in the plot diagram: the elusive...

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L02B- Procedure and Rationale for Bleeding First Aid Procedure Rationale for the procedure Put pressure on the wound Pressure is applied on the wound so that the blood flow slows down and eventually stops the bleeding. This is important because it will help you to lose less blood and the body will resume the normal circulation faster. It will also help the wound to become scabbed which means that the platelets in the blood become clotted to stop the bleeding. For example if Colin got a severe...

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Plot Twist

A plot twist is a change in the expected direction or outcome of the plot of a film, television series, video game, novel, comic or other fictional work. It is a common practice in narration used to keep the interest of an audience, usually surprising them with a revelation. Some "twists" are foreshadowed and can thus be predicted by many viewers/readers, whereas others are a complete shock. When a plot twist happens near the end of a story, especially if it changes one's view of the preceding events...

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shady plot

did the ghost put forth for providing continued help to John Hallock? Why? Or Why did Helen trouble the narrator of ‘A Shady Plot’? 9. Why was the narrator not in a position to contradict Jenkins? 10. ‘Hallock’s ‘ghosts’ were ‘live propositions’. How could he pen down ghost-special stories? 11. How did Helen look when she first visited the narrator of ‘A Shady Plot’? 12. Why did Gladiola decide to leave her job at the Hallocks? 13. Why couldn’t John Hallock give his whole time to writing...

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Trifles Plot

delineated beginning, middle, or end.." (qtd. in Kirszner and Mandell 1121) Upon closer inspect we can clearly see that Glaspell does indeed have a beginning, middle and end, and the action does not meander. The plot of Trifles follows the pyramid created by critic Gustav Freytag to follow the plot of dramatic work. According to Freytag, a play usually starts with exposition, this is where were introduced to the charters, setting and the basic situation the characters are involved. Exposition is then followed...

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Where The Sidewalk Ends Analysis

ENG4U March 20, 2015 Where does the Sidewalk End? An Analysis of Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein People are drawn to poetry because it uses words to express emotions that most people can only feel. The greatest poems tell stories that readers wish to be true. They open doors to worlds of which readers desire to be a part. Most North-American homes are blessed with one of Shel Silverstein's award winning poetry books. His poem Where the Sidewalk Ends is arguably the best poem of all...

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Plot Analysis

Pride and Prejudice Plot Analysis Most good stories start with a fundamental list of ingredients: the initial situation, conflict, complication, climax, suspense, denouement, and conclusion. Great writers sometimes shake up the recipe and add some spice. Initial Situation We meet the Bennet family: five single daughters with no money. Then a young, rich, single man moves into the neighborhood. This is clearly an initial situation because there's way too much instability in this system. Pushy...

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Bleeding, Leading, and Converging

Bleeding, Leading, and Converging Matt Ceccato CMGT/557 March 29, 2013 Mike Goyden Bleeding, Leading, and Converging One definition of technology convergence states that it “is the process by which existing technologies merge into new forms that bring together different types of media and applications” (Conjecture Corporation, 2013). The iPhone demonstrates technology convergence. This product takes telephony technology and incorporates both basic and complex computer...

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Plot Summary

Plot Summary The plot of To Kill a Mockingbird revolves around main character Scout Finch. She lives with her father, Atticus, and brother, Jem. Atticus is a widow, and Scout has no mother. The family resides in a fictional Alabama town called Maycomb, which is in the grips of the great depression. Even though many in the town are struggling, Atticus is a lawyer with a strong work ethic and a good client base, so the Finch family is doing pretty well - at least when compared to many of the other...

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City of Ember (2008) Plot Summary Showing all 3 plot summaries When mankind is about to come to an end, a group of scientists decide to create and populate a city deep underground. The city of Ember is to last for 200 years after which its inhabitants are to retrieve from a strong box instructions to return to the surface. Over time however, the message is lost and life in Ember is rapidly deteriorating. Their power supply is failing and food is being rationed. It's left to two young adults to...

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Shady Plot

Shady plot What genre of stories does Jenkins want the narrator to write? Why? Answer :Jenkins had always called upon Hallock whenever he wanted a ghost story to be published in his magazine. John’s ghosts were live propositions as Jenkins called them. This time again Jenkins wanted Hallock to come up with another supernatural thriller, which would give the readers horrors and that is what the public wanted too. Does the narrator like writing ghost stories? Support your answer with evidence...

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In this article, Goldstien attempts to describe the aspect of AIDS in Newfoundland. In order to sufficiently do so, she illustrates three main elements which relate to the expansion of the legend in the province; Cultural variability, localization and contemporary legend. The idea of doing this is to give the reader a general understanding of what stories were told in order to enhance the generation of these legends. Throughout the article, Goldstien provides examples of different versions of the...

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Bleeding Kansas and Popular Soveriegnty

BLEEDING KANSAS AND POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY Bleeding Kansas was a term used by Horace Greely of the New York Tribune to describe the violent hostilities between pro and anti-slavery forces in Kansas Territory during the mid and late 1850’s. Bleeding Kansas was also a mini Civil War between the North and the South. (Robert McNamara, Bleeding Kansas) For many years the Great Plains area was labeled the Great American Desert, implying that the lands offered little in the way of economic benefits...

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Sentimental Plot Essay

began to publish works with sentimental plots. Generally the sentimental plot is written to make the reader feel an excess of unnecessary emotions, by overemphasizing every work. In every sentimental plot there will always be the typical sentimental hereon that fits the stereotype of a young orphan, unmarried women with moral obstacles. In this plot there are only two types of women the ones that are considered good and the ones that are bad. In the sentimental plot the good will get rewarded by marrying...

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Understanding Character, Setting, and Plot

know about setting and plot: 1. Setting is vital to a story's plot, offering a reader more than a mere description of place. It refers to when and where a story takes place and, in a broader sense, the physical circumstances, culture, way of life, and/or shared beliefs that frame the lives of the characters. 2. A story's course of events that forms the action and is propelled by conflict toward a climax and eventual resolution is called the plot ....

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Analysis of Plot in Roman Fever

Edith Wharton’s Roman Fever develops plot in an interesting way. We see the present situation unfold through the internal dialogue of Alida Slade and Grace Ansley, and the tension that mounts between them. But Wharton also weaves in the past actions of the two friends, showing the years of insecurity, jealousy, and secrecy that lead to their revelations. Alida and Grace spend the entire story sitting on a restaurant terrace overlooking the hills of a Roman village. It has been years since...

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Plot over "The Lottery"

their own lives” (Jackson 239). Her goal is for the reader to notice these traits of society upon evaluating the plot, point of view, and character of “The Lottery.” Plot is a sequence of events that make up a story. Plot is not only one event, but a sequence of many events that include exposition, complicating incident, rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement. The plot of “The Lottery” begins with the exposition, which is what the reader is first exposed to. The exposition of the...

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Linearized Plot: Density

Density (Linearized plot) TA: Blue Rex rex Group Members: Billy and Mandy Tuesday; 1200-1350 Abstract: In this lab the density of hand-made clay balls were calculated to understand how scientists model physical effects and to understand logarithmic plots. The hand-made balls ranged from diameters of 2cm to 6cm and were measured with vernier calipers by each member of the group. A total of 6 independent measures of each diameter were taken to establish uncertainty. The clay balls were then...

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Plot Structure and Setting in Emma

time and order: plot and structure: setting. Narratives are stories about a series of events, usually in sequence and often with one event causing another (Ways of Reading p211). Within the study of narrative there are several key concepts such as time and order, plot and structure and setting, all of which enable the reader to follow the series of events and gain a better understanding of the story. For the purpose of this essay we will examine the main features of both plot and structure and...

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Comparing “the Mouse Plot, ” by Ronald Dahl, and “All Summer in a Day, ” by Ray Bradbury

When Pranks on Played Pranks can be funny, but they can also be hurtful. In the short stories, “The Mouse Plot,” by Ronald Dahl, and “All Summer in a Day,” by Ray Bradbury, both involved children whose shenanigans cause painful consequences. “The Great Mouse Plot,” part of Ronald Dahl’s autobiography, a group of schoolmates plays a trick on Mrs. Pratchett the mean, and filthy candy shop owner. They decided to put a dead mouse into one of her jars of candy, causing Mrs. Pratchett to drop the...

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The Sidewalk Never Ends (Shel Silverstein)

English 1113 5 November 2013 Word Count: 718 The Sidewalk Never Ends “Let us make a pair of pants for the poor old hippopotamus, to cover his hide – once we decide exactly how big his bottomus.” This short, humorous poem from Where the Sidewalk Ends is one of the many unique and entertaining works of Shel Silverstein, a poet, author, artist and musician. As a child, I grew up reading books by Silverstein, including A Light in the Attic and The Giving Tree. I was excited to set out to find information...

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Macbeth Plot Analysis

01.08 Macbeth Plot Analysis Graphic Organizer Plot Elements Element Definition Act in the Play Exposition:    What you need to know. Background information is presented, main characters are introduced, and the conflict is established.  Act 1 Rising Action:   The conflicts and challenges encountered by the characters. How they respond keeps the story moving forward. Act 2 Climax:   The turning point in the conflict. Tension builds until the main character must make...

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Cliffhanger Plot Device

of narrative or a plot  device in which the end is curiously abrupt so that the main characters are left in a difficult situation without offering any resolution of conflicts. Why use a Cliffhanger? • As a result of a sudden end, suspense is created at the very end of the novel, leaving the readers in such a state that they could not help but to ask, “What will happen next?” This type of end is common to the serially published novels which end at a dramatic or suspenseful moment. Cliffhanger plot device ensures...

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Plot and Mrs. Sloane

is that both men think that they have the right to own the land. 
 4. The setting provides background for the story, and that helps to create a mood.Plot, the things that happen in a story, is what develops or changes a character. The setting affects the plot and the characters of a story so much that without a setting, there will be no plot for the story to be held.
 The setting can affect a person’s personality. For example, everyone hates Naruto in Konoha, and it affected Naruto by making...

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Literature Plots of Deception

The Plots of Deception L. Ann Williams ENG 125: Introduction to Literature Instructor: Professor Brendan Praniewicz 05/17/2010 The Plots of Deception Deception can occur many ways in a story, play or poem. Several of the literary works we read in this class involved deception as a plot. Many of the people we read about appeared to be one type of person and ended up being a totally different one. I found it interesting that works by Flannery O’Connor, Lorraine Hansberry...

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macbeth plot analysis

01.08 Macbeth Plot Analysis Graphic Organizer Plot Elements Element Definition Act in the Play Exposition:     The beginning of the play in which the characters and settings are introduced and initial conflicts are also presented.   Act 1 Rising Action:   The point of the play in which the initial story gets more complicated and the conflict is more revealed. Act 2 Climax:   The highest point and also the turning point of the story in which many of the initial situations...

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Conventional Plot Model

Conventional Plot Model Plot: Sequence of events Convention: An expected, traditional element feature ingredient 1. EXPOSION Intro to setting Main character (protagonist) Background Info 2. INCITING FORCE Intro to conflict 3. RISING ACTION Attempt to resolve conflict 4. CRISIS TURNIG POINT Pro. Makes a final decision on how to resolve conflict 5. CLIMAX Highest point of emotional intensity 6. FALLIN ACTION Consequences of confrontation 7. CONCLUSION E.g. Wedding Denouvement:...

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Merging Leading Edge Technology with Bleeding Edge Technology

Merging Leading Edge Technology with Bleeding Edge Technology Emerging Technologies and Issues CMGT 557 June 20, 2011 Merging Leading Edge Technology with Bleeding Edge Technology We have all seen it, rather on television, in newspapers, magazines, and now on your computer. The vendors bombard us with the terms like New, Improved, Latest and Greatest, better than ever, and the Fastest. It’s amazing when it’s for the same product; the listing is somewhat endless on what the product can...

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Plot in the Scarlet Letter

Analyzing Plot in The Scarlet Letter In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne outlines the plot of the story through his specific placement of three very significant scenes which take place on the scaffold: Hester's public punishment for committing adultery, the minister's vigil and reunion with Hester and Pearl, and lastly, the revelation of the scarlet letter. The second scaffold scene in Chapter 12 is substantial in that it is the first time that the Reverend Dimmesdale, Hester, and Pearl...

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A Rose for Emily - Components of a Plot

The Components of The Plot In William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" there are numerous aspects of the plot that can be explored. The use of conflict, foreshadowing, and flashbacks throughout the story form the plot along with its characters. The plot's stages can be traced throughout the story. The start and end of the exposition, climax, and resolution can be identified. There is also a protagonist and a few antagonists in this story. The story is based on the life of a southern woman and the...

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Plot of Pride and Prejudice

Plot Construction in Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen is at a considerable skill in constructing her plots. The plot of the novel ‘pride and prejudice’ turns on the development of love between Darcy and Elizabeth and its final culmination in marriage Jane Austen has shown remarkable dramatic scene in exhibiting the different stages of growth of pride and prejudice of the hero and the heroine and their final self knowledge which cure their feelings.  The arrival of the wealthy Mr. Bingley to the estate...

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A Shady Plot 1

Bharat National Public School Class: X,B,C Lesson Plan – A Shady Plot Core objective: Students understand, analysis the actions, questions and responses of John Hallock, the ghost and Lavinia. Strategy: Making connections and inference. Stage Objective Instructional flow Time taken Dates Materials required Home-task Learning Outcomes Pre-reading While Reading Making connections Inference ...

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