On the Sidewalk Bleeding

Topics: Gang, Gangs, Crime Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: October 30, 2012
On The Sidewalk Bleeding

On The Sidewalk Bleeding is a short story by Evan Hunter. This short story is about a young man called Andy who is part of a gang. To others a gang member is what Andy is known as, except from his girlfriend Laura. Andy gets into bother with a rival gang moments after leaving his home. This experience and situation Andy’s been left in has made him think about his true identity and his main focus’ in life.

Symbolism in this short story is very effective to make it more interesting, personal identity is a main theme. Andy’s jacket clearly meant a lot to him as it had his name on his gang jacket which filled him with pride of being a Royal. “The boy’s name was Andy and the name was delicately scripted in the black thread on the front of the jacket. The name scripted over Andy’s heart on the jacket shows the importance of Andy’s role in the gang and how proud it makes him. It shows that he is truly devoted and loyal to the Royals. I think that Andy has completely forgotten his true identity and how others around him see him. I also don’t think he realizes how much trouble he has dragged himself into. Andy’s girlfriend Laura is the only person to know the true emotional and personal side of him. What Andy doesn’t realize is how the other people around him see him, they see him as a thug and a danger to the streets which makes them have no sympathy towards Andy and gangs.

The particular setting Evan Hunter has used ties in perfect on the main characters situation. It sound’s horrid and miserable as Andy is sprawled along the sidewalk helpless and unaware of how serious the situation he is currently in. “He lay on the sidewalk with the March rain drilling his jacket and drilling his body and washing away the blood that poured from his open wound.” Helpless and unable to move whilst the night storm shower you sounds terrifying and gives a feeling of sympathy towards Andy and his situation. Only a few minutes ago he had a life, a...
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