• Journals on transcultural nursing
    Journal of Transcultural Nursing Editor Marilyn “Marty” Douglas, DNSc, RN, FAAN Assistant Clinical Professor University of California, San Francisco Associate Editors Joyceen S. Boyle, PhD, RN, CTN, FAAN Professor, School of Nursing Medical College of Georgia Dula Pacquiao, EdD, RN, CTN Pr
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  • Caring is viewed as the essence of nursing
    Caring is viewed as the essence of nursing, discuss... Introduction Lenninger (1984) described caring as the “essence of nursing”. Over the years many nursing theorists and researchers have examined the concept of caring and written extensively on the importance of caring in nursing. Going bac
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  • Accounting theory and practice the ethical dimension
    Faculty of Commerce Faculty of Commerce - Accounting & Finance Working Papers University of Wollongong Year  Accounting Theory and Practice: the Ethical Dimension M. Gaffikin University of Wollongong, michael gaffikin@uow.edu.au This working paper was originally published as
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  • Moral character viewpoints
    Moral Character Viewpoints The discussion question that was given to the class was whether or not bad habits were indicative of bad moral character. For the most part, the class and my opinion were that the two had no relation to each other and that it was very possible to routinely practice one
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  • Assertion of indian values and ethos
    ASSERTION OF INDIAN ETHOS AND VALUES “Certainly we should take care not to make intellect our God. Intellect has, of course, powerful muscles but no personality. It cannot lead. It can only serve. It is not fastidious about its choice of leaders (Mind or Soul). The intellect has a sharp eye for
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  • Univeral values in international trade
    Submitted for consideration for the Best Paper Award On the occasion of National conference on “International Trade In Goods And Services- Issues And Paradigms” Date: 20th October 2010 Organised by “Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Department of Management Studies, Bangalore Univers
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  • Principles in nursing ethics
    Graduate School of Health Science, Management and Pedagogy Southwestern University MAN 503- Nursing Legal Issues, Ethical Concerns And Trends in Practice Principles in Nursing Ethics Ethics - moral duty - Refers to a standard to examine and understand moral life. - Ethical t
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  • Annotations on nursing theories
    ANNOTATION ON THE IDEAS OF SOME NURSING THEORISTS IN PRACTICE, EDUCATION AND RESEARCH 1. Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory She stated in her nursing notes that nursing "is an act of utilizing the environment of the patient to assist him in his recovery" (Nightingale 1860/1969), that
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  • Effectiveness of 5’cs & therapeutic caring model rendered by public health nurses: an assessment for nursing care model
    EFFECTIVENESS OF 5’Cs & THERAPEUTIC CARING MODEL RENDERED BY PUBLIC HEALTH NURSES: AN ASSESSMENT FOR NURSING CARE MODEL A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of the College of Nursing Lipa City Colleges Lipa City In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course Bachelor of Science
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  • Values of servant leadership
    Values of Servant Leadership Values of Servant Leadership Servant Leadership (DMC 4113) SCD 207/07 Ghana Christian University College 3068 Words October 2010 Values of Servant Leadership 2 Table of Contents Pages 1. Abstract……………………………………………………………
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  • A study to assess the knowledge level of the patient student nurse regarding post operative care & to improve knowledge & practice in hamidiya hospital year - 2010
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  • Evolution of japanese values after 1945
    The Evolution of Japanese Values after 1945 Presented To: Matthew Penney Professor HIST263 Concordia University Presented By: Antoine Nguyen ID: 9263039 Student Concordia University December 10th, 2010 Nationalism can be defined as “the complex network of ideas and philoso
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  • Values in tension
    R L D V I E W when is different just different, and when is different wrong} ple in Denmark or Singapore who refuse to offer or accept bribes. Likewise, if Belgians fail to find insider trading morally repugnant, who cares? Not enforcing insider-trading laws is no more or less ethical than en
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  • Teenage sexuality and media practice
    Teenage Sexuality and Media Practice: Factoring in the Influences of Family, Friends, and School Author(s): Jeanne Rogge Steele Source: The Journal of Sex Research, Vol. 36, No. 4 (Nov., 1999), pp. 331-341 Published by: Taylor & Francis, Ltd. Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/3813717 . Accesse
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  • Defining the nursing profession
    Nursing: Defining the Profession The definition of nursing has evolved since the introduction of the definition by the American Nurses Association in 1980. In that year, the ANA, in their Social Policy Statement, published their official definition of nursing. According to the American Nurses As
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  • Professional values and ethics
    Professional values and ethics are important factors within a business. Permissible to run a successful company each individual has to follow the same values and ethics. Values are defined as relative worth, merit, or importance (www.dictionary.com). Values are the embodiment of what a company stand
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  • The changing image of australian nursing
    The Changing Image of Australian Nursing Jacqueline Bloomfield RN, CM, Dip App.Sci (Nur), BN, Grad Cert Onc Nur, Grad Dip Midwifery, MN, MCN (NSW). ABSTRACT The way in which the public perceives nursing significantly influences nurse�s role performance, job satisfaction and occupational e
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  • Theoretical foundations of nursing
    THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS OF NURSING A. ENVIRONMENTAL THEORY “I think one’s feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results.” Florence Nightingale (1860) Florence Nightingale defined Nursing as “the act of utilizing the environment
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  • Collaborative practice
    o First Patch. Professional Understanding Collaborative practice (Sadler 2004) is at the forefront of health and social care training. For me, like many nursing students, the first steps in collaborative practice were the IPL (interprofessional learning) modules at university. This has been d
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  • Competency level of the faculty and performance of the nursing students in the enhancement program: basis for program upgrading
    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM Background of the Study Teaching in college or university is marked by historic paradox: though institutions constantly talk up its importance, they evaluate faculty members primarily on the basis of evaluations made outside the classroom by the students. Teaching is what
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