Nursing Ethics and Values

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  • Published: March 4, 2013
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Individual Analysis
As a registered nurse practicing in the state of California I am responsible for practicing within my states legal regulations and nursing scope of practice. My concern for the welfare of the sick and injured allows me to practice ethical provisions of nursing. These are required if I am to carry out competent and effective nursing care. Nursing encompasses the prevention of illness, the alleviation of suffering, and the protection, promotion, and restoration of health in the care of individuals. Therefore, as health care professionals we must be familiar with the different philosophical forces, ethical principles, theories and values that influence nursing. At the same time, we must be respectful to our patient’s personal beliefs and values so that we do not allow our own moral ethics or values to get in the way of our patients care. Our primary concern as a nurse must always be directed towards our patient’s safety. The scope of nursing practice was created by the American Nurses association (ANA). This organization describes the scope of practice as the “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “why,” and “how” of nursing practice. (ANA, 2010, p.2). In accordance to the ANA (2010), “the nursing process is often conceptualized as the integration of singular actions of assessment, diagnosis, and identification of outcomes, planning, implementation, and evaluation.” For instance, I remember taking care of a patient who had atrial fibrillation and I could see in the telemetry monitor that the heart rate would fluctuate within 110-150’s, the patient was asymptomatic. I called the doctor and reported my patient’s status; I received new orders to administer digoxin intravenously. After administration of the medication, my patient’s heart rate was in the 80-100’s. By taking action and using the nursing process, calling the doctor, and administering the appropriate medication I was able to provide the necessary treatment that benefited my patient’s...
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