Patient Safety

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Model of Nursing Care and Patient Safety

October 10, 2009

Model of Nursing Care and Patient Safety
The purpose of this paper is to identify and describe the model of nursing care used in my facility, and how it relates to the American Nurses Code of Ethics (ANA) and patient safety guidelines. The hospital I worked for is a catholic based nonprofit organization, which uses Patient Centered Nursing Care model in most of the areas of nursing within the hospital, except for specialty areas such as the operating room where Functional Nursing model is utilized. Since I work in the operating room , I focus my on the descriptions of Functional Nursing model as implemented in this arena, how the model as practiced relates to respect for human dignity, relationships to patients, the relationship of nurse to patients, and the relationships to other personnel working within the perioperative setting. Functional nursing is an organizational model, that uses the RN as a team leader and unlicensed assistant personnel (UAPs) to perform tasks, activity oriented duties that are specific functions performed for all patients (Grand Canyon University, 2009). While the surgical setting routinely is set up with essential personnel to include surgeon, anesthesiologist or certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), a circulating nurse, RN, scrub person (may be an RN, or an UAP), and possibly an assistant (may be a physician or a non physician assist). The surgical team’s goal is teamwork, providing collaboration where patient care, positioning, and goals are directed to optimal outcome of patients’ safety during their surgical experience. The surgical team is the primary care provider; however, other key workforce of anesthesia technician, patient care technician, radiology technician, and housekeeping personnel play an integral part of this teamwork. Each key member of the surgical team is trained to...
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