Reflection of Values in Practice

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Reflection of Values in Practice
Nursing always attracted me as a profession because of the need for caring and helping each other. To me nursing is a profession that allows a person to develop strong ethical and moral values. It also instills a sense of responsibility and accountability for an individual as they provide effective delivery of health care services (Donovan 55, 1983). Personal Values

Being a mental health nurse, I have my own personal values which have included respect, independent decision making, justice, and self-sufficiency. Mental health nurses work with people who suffer from various psychological and mental diseases (Aroskar 268, 1997). The scope of the work of a mental health nurse is vast and diverse. They can work in a number of settings like private homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and psychiatric wards. They have to coordinate their work and activities along with that of mental health specialists, workers, and therapists (Condon 14, 1992). Impact of Personal Values

My personal values deeply affect my work as a mental health nurse because of the reason that I have to care for patients who are suffering from chronic mental problems. I have to investigate and analyze the special needs of certain patients by solving their problems. I also have to ensure that services are provided efficiently and effectively to the patients. Respecting the patients involves the ability to create professional relationships with patients and their caregivers (Rassin 614, 2008). This can assist in the generation of trust and confidence between the nurse and patient (Pinch 372, 1985). Personal values can ensure the development of healthy relationships and mutual respect between the patient and nurses. Benefits of team work

Working in the team is very effective in developing my skills and knowledge as it allows the ability to deliver the correct treatment to the patients. It also ensures the rapid response to helping patients that suffer from...
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