Therapeutic Communication

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Therapeutic Communication- Nurse Relationships as Part of a Team


The scenario in which I will discuss within my paper consists of an LPN student and a preceptor working a busy 12 hour shift on their acute care practicum. Both Patty (student) and Mary Lou (preceptor) worked very hard one evening and had not had a break when a patient requested some pain medication. They discussed their options with regards to pain management and later Patty administered Morphine 7.5 mg SC into injector port in Mr B’s leg. At the end of the shift it was noted during a narcotic count that there had been an error with Morphine. Patty had given the wrong amount as per order.

Therapeutic Communication- Nurse Relationships as Part of a Team

Before Mary Lou can organize a meeting with Patty the LPN student, she must first ensure the safety of the patient as paramount. Then she must decide the best way to approach Patty, an appropriate location to interview, the factors to consider while interviewing and the communication skills that would benefit their interview. Also she needs to determine whether anybody else should be involved. After careful consideration and all the facts gathered, Mary Lou calls Patty in for a interview.


Mary Lou decided to call a meeting in a neutral setting that would be non- confrontational and non-threaten to Patty. A place they could sit comfortably across from each other and make eye contact. It is important for Mary Lou not to attach blame and her approach will include sensitivity and respect, after all Patty is a student and still quite vulnerable. Mary Lou wants to make it clear an error has been made and that it needs to be addressed, rectified and reported without demoralizing or belittling Patty. “The methods by which it is reported or addressed should be thoughtful, maintain confidentiality, and be directed toward the appropriate person, agency, or regulatory body.” ( Burkhardt, Nathaniel,...
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