• voltage and current in series and parallel circuit
    Voltage and Current in Series and Parallel Circuits Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to investigate and prove Kirchhoff’s voltage and current laws, through the use of parallel and series circuits. In a parallel circuit, the voltages at different loads remain constant with...
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  • Series and Parallel Circuit Elements
    Experiment 8: Series and Parallel Circuit Elements Laboratory Report Frenzyl Espinola, Anna Fermin, Loren Gabayeron, Kristal Fernandez Department of Math and Physics College of Science, University of Santo Tomas España, Manila Philippines Abstract The experiment is about the element
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  • Circuit Lab Report
    Senan Farrelly Alec Haas Introduction Ohm’s Law is V = I * R or in some cases I = V / R. The next two laws were established by a German physicist by the name of Gustav Kirchhoff. Kirchhoff’s first law is his voltage law. Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law (KVL) states that around any loop in a circu
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  • Series and Parallel Circuits
    Faculty of Engineering & Computing Laboratory Report Title of Experiment: Series and Parallel Circuits Date Given: January 28, 2013 AIM: To investigate the circuits to tell whether the resistors are in parallel or in series also to determine the internal resistance of a...
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  • physics lab report of Circuits
     Lab 3. Dc circuits and Ohm’s law of measurments Helina Wolfe Tannaz Farnoudi and Najah Rouse Physics 246-205 Professor Joe Renaud 09/23/13 Word count:1453 Abstract: The aim of this experiment was to understand the relationship between the variables of Ohm’s...
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  • Lab Report Manual
    Sample Lab Report for Physics 210 lab: The Ball-Drop Experiment Wayne Hacker and William Flack Copyright @Wayne Hacker 2009. All rights reserved. May 1, 2009 Hackernotes: Sample Lab Report, ©Wayne Hacker 2009. All rights reserved. 1 Contents 1 Introduction 2 Theory 4 4 5 3
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  • Design of Electronic Circuits Lab Report
    ZEIT 1206 DEC1 Lab Report 1 DC Circuits - Analysis and Design Alexander Glover, z3422512 Abstract DC circuit analysis and design, play a massive role in electrical engineering and without the correct application of theory and practise in unison, nothing can be achieved in a true engineering se
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  • Hydrostatic Lab Report
    ABSTRACT On the past two weeks, I have done an experiment on hydrostatics, or is also known as fluid statics (fluid at rest) within the fluid mechanics field of study. This condition explains that in a stable condition, the fluid is at rest. The use of fluid in doing work is known as hydraulics
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  • Lab Report Physic
    Post lab 4. If we increase the temperature of a conductor, its resistance will increase. In a semiconductor, resistance will decrease as temperature increases. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_effect_of_increasing_temperature_on_resistance#ixzz1u3megHV5 1. Resistors Resist
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  • Lab Report
    Voltage Divider Lab Report Table Of Contents 1.0 Introduction The following report consists of test results gathered from the design and construction of a voltage divider. The divider was built with the purpose of reducing the power from 12V to 0V using different combinations of given r
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  • Series and Parallel Dc Circuits
    Lab 4 – Series and Parallel DC Circuits PHY2049L Friday Lab 1:00 8th February, 2013 Introduction The purpose of this lab experiment is to test the predictions for current, voltage and resistance of the relationships of parallel and series circui
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  • Lab Report
    Kinetics Lab Report Chemistry 152, Fall 2013 Kelli Forbes Susan Borowski Section: 5 September 2013 Abstract: For this experiment the main objectives were to determine the best wavelength to use for a Beer’s Law Analysis...
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  • Template for Fourier Lab Report
    Template for the EBU5374 Coursework: A Formal Report Name: Student number: College email: Jialiu Feng ee08b106 ee08b106@buptis.cn TABLE OF CONTENT ABSTRACT ............................................................................................................ 2 INTRODUCTION ...........
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  • Lab Report
    [pic] Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Of SINGAPORE Chemical Engineering Process Laboratory I SEMESTER 4 Experiment F2 Flow Measurement in Closed Conduit and Centrifugal Pump Characteristics Name : Ang Sok Gek Chai Ch
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  • Lab Report
    Manipulating Lexical Decision in Relation to the Semantic Network Model. Abstract This study investigated the effect of priming and the Semantic Network Model had on the reaction times of 149 Griffith University students. The students partook in the experimenting during their elected tutorial ti
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  • Lab Report by Shyam Bhandari
    As we go to computer lab our teacher taught us about various hardware components. The term hardware refers to those parts which we can touch or feel. These are the physical parts of the computer. For example:-motherboard, hard disk, RAM, SMPS, casing, etc. So I have described below what our sir has
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  • Lab Report
    EXPERIMENT NO. 1 INTRODUCTION TO LAB INSTRUMENTS. 1. BREADBOARD We should be familiar to the following things about a breadboard: * What is a breadboard and what is it used for? * How does it work? * Setting Up. * Limitations. What is a breadboard and what is it used for
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  • RC Circuits Lab Report
     Experiment 5: RC Circuits Abstract The purpose of this lab is to learn and understand RC Circuits. An RC circuit is composed of at least one resistor and at least one capacitor. A capacitor is composed of two plates with either air or an insulator also known...
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  • Lab Report
    The Charging of a Capacitor “I am aware of the requirements of good academic practice and the potential for any breaches. I confirm that this report is all my own work.” i) Abstract The transient voltage across a capacitor during the processes of charging and discharging is...
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  • Parallel and Series Combination Circuits
    Page 1 of 5 Name: ______________________________ ECET 231 - Circuit Analysis I Lab 6 Series-Parallel DC Circuits   Objective: Students successfully completing this lab will accomplish the following objectives: 1. Gain experience analyzing and verifying, by measurements, the characteristics o
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