• The Negative Effects of Indirect Rule on Africans
    Indirect rule was a system of ruling Africans that sought not to displace African authority, but instead to rule through it. It was first used by the British and later adopted by other European powers after they witnessed its success. Indirect rule is largely considered a more humane alternative t
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  • British vs. France Rule in Africa
    Within the information presented in this course there have been many similarities and differences noted about the French and British rule in western Africa. Because the authoritative forces were of two completely different countries, each had their own ideas and concerns for the African nations. It
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  • Resistance to Colonial Rule in Africa
    By the start of the 20th century, Colonial rule by both the French and the British in Southern Africa had rising expenditure costs. The British method of indirect rule in their colonies, created by Frederick Lugard to leave existing government as it is, had far lower costs than the French method of
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  • Direct and Indirect Rule
    Direct and indirect rule is a significant concept in Southeast Asian colonial history. It refers to the method of rule that colonial powers practiced on the Southeast Asian nations which they ruled. Definitions and Examples of Direct and Indirect Rule ‘Direct’ rule means relying on colonial ad
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  • The Devlopment of Modern Africa
    The Development of Modern Africa There are over 40 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the wealth of natural resources and the prevalence of wealth in the northern segments of Africa have led many to speculate about the equity and economic development in the sub-Sahara. Unfortunately, the progr
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  • Colonialism in Africa
    Throughout many centuries, Europeans have force their ideals and religion onto African cultures. Portuguese settlers began arriving into the West Coast of Africa to find direct routes to the gold trade and trade routes to spice islands of South Africa. In 1444, Portugal made their first encounter wi
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  • The Siezure of Africa
    The Seizure of Africa The Western Industrial Revolution resulted in a vast breach in power and wealth between industrial (Europe) and non-industrial (Africa and Asia) regions. Between 1750 and 1970, average income in Europe grew to 25 times as great as that in the poorest countries in Africa and As
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  • Analysis of the Conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 2 Overview 2 Struggles 2 Population 2 ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY - Primary Sector (Agriculture) 2 ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY - Secondary Sector (Industry) 2 POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY 2 EDUCATIONAL DILEMMA 2 Problems 2 Overall 2 Geographic 2 Historical 2 Health 2
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  • Africa Is a Rich Mosaic of Diversity
    1.Africa is a rich Mosaic of Diversity. Discuss African Politics in these areas. 1.A. Africa was once under authoritarian rule but today the country boasts an optimistic belief in both the willingness and the ability of democratically elected leaders to correct deficiencies and begin to create a be
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  • Scramble for Africa
    What were the major historical factors explaining ‘the scramble for Africa’? In order to approach this essay question, my analysis will be divided into two parts. The first section will define what the scramble for Africa means. In the subsequent sections, I will refer to the case history of co
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  • Party Politics and Elections in West Africa
    Introduction Strong and sustainable democracy is dependent on the existence of well-functioning political parties. Political parties are crucial actors in bringing together diverse interests, recruiting and presenting candidates, and developing competing policy proposals that provide people with a
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  • Why Most Policies Fail in Africa
    The Institute Of Professional Sociologists Nigeria (IPSN) WHY MOST POLICIES DON’T WORK IN AFRICA Eve
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  • Did Colonialism Change or “Transform” Africa “Forever”?
    Did Colonialism Change or “Transform” Africa “Forever”? From 1440 until 1833 the Atlantic slave trade was the principle reason for “normal” relationships between Europeans and Africans. This trade, along with other forms of commerce, allowed for a healthy, friendly and somewhat fair re
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  • Imperialism & Colonialism in Africa
    Stephanie S McKnight Hist 205 Dr. Mary Louise Nagata October 20, 2011 Imperialism and Colonialism in Africa or South/Southeast Asia in the Modern Era Kenya is now an independent country, which has been independent since 1963. Kenya is located in eastern Africa and it’ a very unique country b
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  • Imperialism over Africa
    Imperialism over Africa & Asia Ursula A Strickland April 4, 2005 Dr. G Spurr In the late 19th century Imperialism swept through Europe like an extraordinary force with the most obvious motive of economic gain. The causes of development with inten
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  • British in Africa : West and Egypt
    Do you agree or disagree, and to what extent, with the statement that: ‘ the exploration and further opening of western Africa for the British was similar to the experience in Egypt. The British were only interested in money and strategic placement’ I do believe this statement is, in large, t
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  • History of West Africa
    HISTORY OF WEST AFRICA Overview The history of West Africa is the long history of human movements, incursions, displacements, intermixtures of peoples, and of the impact of these on the beliefs, attitudes, social and political organization to the peoples West Africa. The history of West Africa
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  • Political Islam in West Africa and the Sahel
    Ricardo Laremont, Ph.D., and Hrach Gregorian, Ph.D. Political Islam in West Africa and the Sahel Guinea-Conakry, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, and arguably, Côte d’Ivoire. Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin, Togo, and Liberia also contain substantial Muslim minority communities. Our focus is primarily
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  • Assess the Significance of Strategic Factors in Bringing About Change in Relation to Expansion and Dismantling of the British Empire in Africa in the Period C1870 – C1981
    Assess the significance of strategic factors in bringing about change in relation to expansion and dismantling of the British Empire in Africa in the period c1870 – c1981 The British expansion into the Dark Continent rose as fast as it declined, although there were many contributing factors to
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  • Africa and International Relations: Regional Lessons for a Global Discourse
    Africa and International Relations: Regional Lessons for a Global Discourse Author(s): Tandeka C. Nkiwane Source: International Political Science Review / Revue internationale de science politique, Vol. 22, No. 3, Transformation of International Relations: Between Change and Continuity. Transformati
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