• Database and Data Warehouse
    I. Introduction “Everything has changed, except our way of thinking.” - Albert Einstein Data are a vital organizational resource that needs to be managed like other important business assets. Today’s business enterprises cannot survive or succeed without quality data about their internal ope
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  • Database Management
    Introduction: The purpose of the case study is to examine the concepts and ideas that Anthony Ng used to somewhat develop a digital database system. "The Hong Kong architectural industry had derived enormous gains from the unparallel economic success in real estate and stock market speculation"(CA
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  • Strategic Importance of Knowledge Management
    Abstract Today the world has more and more of free flow of information leading to transfer of knowledge from a person or an organization to others. Whereas this invariably leads to faster development, it also impacts the competitive advantage held by the innovators of processes or technology. It
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  • Database Design Process
    Abstract Database Systems has a practical, hands-on approach that makes it uniquely suited to providing a strong foundation in good database design practice. Database design is more art than science. While it's true that a properly designed database should follow the normal forms and the relational
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  • The Importance of Continual Learning
    The Importance of Continual Learning Whether you are a toddler taking your first steps or a CEO of a major corporation, continual learning has to be apart of your life. Continual learning is the constant development of complex behaviors with no final end in mind and the process of learning ever mor
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  • Input Output Importance.Doc
    Importance of Input/Output However, music stored on a CD is read sequentially, so rotation speed is not an issue. Data on floppy disk – Refers to the 3½", 5¼" and 8" floppy disks, because when waved around they are floppy (at least the 5¼" discs were very flexible). Floppy discs are Computers a
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  • Database Usage
    Database Usage at the Naval Air Warfare Center Technical Library The rapidly changing face of research and technology in the science and research forum, as well as the world, has prompted the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWC-WD) Technical Library to be in a constant state of change.
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  • Microsoft Office Managerial Database
    MGIS 317 Group Project Managerial Database This report is submitted in accordance with the formal requirements for the course MGIS 317 in the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. This report has been prepared as part of an academic exercise under the guidance of the Instruct
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  • Importance of Metrics
    Abstract Establishing metrics is crucial to any organization, especially in technology related company projects. Metrics permit organizations to measure its performance against industry sectors to determine how well the company is doing. Furthermore, metrics allow organizations to evaluate and
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  • Importance of Good Communication
    Importance of Good Communication Paulette Lewis University of Phoenix GEN 300 Ms. Ramona Big Eagle June 4, 2007 Importance of Good Communication To be competitive in today's business world, a team needs to communicate openly and frequently. With the technology that is available, a busi
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  • Importance of Marketing
    It is very important to understand what the consumers want before marketing takes place. Knowing the trends or changes and recognizing when to respond to these helps an organization to efficiently deliver what the customer wants profitably. The true importance of marketing is to also comprehend the
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  • The Importance of Dna Evidence
    The Importance of DNA Evidence What is DNA? Is it these winding strands that look like ladders or is it what gives a person blonde hair and blue eyes? Actually, DNA is both of these things. DNA is a person’s genetic makeup–their hereditary blueprint passed on by their parents. It is a part of a
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  • Evaluate the Importance of Branding, and Brand Loyalty, to Successful Marketing.
    Marketing and branding, two of the most common used words in the contemporary world, is closely linked to each other without doubts, but the importance of branding to successful marketing is enquired to measure in term of the question. In fact, various people have different ideas on marketing and br
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  • Marketing: the Importance of Marketing in Organizational Success
    Marketing: The Importance of Marketing in Organizational Success Marketing: The Importance of Marketing in Organizational Success In the corporate world today, in 2008 creating a thriving corporation faces many challenges. These obstacles often affect their rate of longevity. Even industries th
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  • Database Management
    Database Management What is database management? Why is it useful? According to Wisegeek, “A database management system is a suite of software applications that together make it possible for people or businesses to store, modify, and extract information from a database. Sound like something found
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  • Team Communication: Importance, Methods, Benefits, and Challenges
    Team Communication: Importance, Methods, Benefits, and Challenges In order for a team to communicate effectively, the members should understand why effective communication is important; decide which methods to use; know the benefits they will reap; and how to overcome the challenges that will arise
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  • Database Security
    - 1 - Database Security *) GÜNTHER PERNUL Institut für Angewandte Informatik und Informationssysteme Abteilung für Information Engineering Universität Wien Vienna, Austria 1. Introduction 1.1 The Relational Data Model Revisited 1.2 The Vocabulary of Security and Major DB Security Threat
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  • Importance of Strategic Planning
    Importance of Strategic Planning Strategic planning has a focus on stabilizing the current environment, and it also support the organization's business plans and goals. Strategic planning helps to implement new projects, new technology, consolidation of data centers, data warehouses, exponential
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  • Database Marketing
    Data Mining is the process of extracting knowledge hidden from large volumes of raw data. Data mining, or knowledge discovery, is the computer-assisted process of digging through and analyzing enormous sets of data and then extracting the meaning of the data. Data mining tools predict behaviors
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  • Importance of Uniqueness in Team Member Roles
    When assembling groups or teams, management wishes to produce the most product or highest yield for the company. There are many challenges to assembling groups that are best for the company, this is because every team member has there own strengths and weaknesses, this is what makes people unique. J
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