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EE4791 Database Systems 2012-13 Project (CA, 20%) Design and Implementation of the Database with Microsoft Access. Group assignment (1-3 persons per group): 1. Propose a database Case Study with at least 5 tables. Write down the requirements on the database. 2. Draw EER diagram. 3. Give relational model (i.e., logical scheme). Normalize up to 3NF. 4. Create the tables in MS Access in Design View. Choose indexes for your query. Implement data integrity (default value, range values, etc) 5. Implement references between tables (Relationship). 6. Add 5-10 records per each table 7. Generate 1 Entry Form (through Wizard), 3 Query (Design View), 1 Report form (through Wizard). 8. Write a report on your project including the following: • Requirements on database • EER diagram • Logical scheme (3NF) • Screen captures of Relationships • Screen captures of all Table design • Screen captures of tables with data • Screen captures of queries, forms and reports The GUI of MS Access is very intuitive. You can use MS Access tutorial on line if needed Submission Deadline: 30 March 2012 (precisely, by 23:59 pm Singapore time). Instruction to submission You will need to submit your written report and the implemented Microsoft Access database file in one rar/zip file. Compress (rar/zip) your 2 files into a single file and name the single file using all names in the project team as written on your matriculation cards (e.g., Li Lianjie and Jay Chou and Soon Kok.rar; If multiple names, separate names with “and”). Login to Edventure. Click the link “EE4791-DATABASE SYSTEMS-11S2”, then click “content”, followed by “Database Project (CA)”. Upload the single file. Due to the large number of students, please do not request our manual confirmation of your submission and do not email the file to us. Also, there is no need to inform us that you have submitted online. At most 3 students can work in a team, and if so, you must indicate in your...
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