• The Violent Trends of Our Children
    Violence among children has become a recent trend in our society today. From the most severe to the most common, it has become a major problem. In America, violence is a part of every child's life. Most of us choose to ignore it until it hits close to home. Others choose to do things to prevent it s
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  • Making an Impact
    "Making an Impact" Street crime is a common occurrence in most parts of the country. Whether it is vandalism, shoplifting, pick pocketing, or purse snatching, these types of crimes take up valuable time of law enforcement and courts. While juveniles cannot be totally blamed for such crimes, they a
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  • Does Violence in the Media Create Violent Hostile Children?
    It was only eight years ago when the unthinkable became reality. Two teenagers, by the name of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, launched an assault on Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. The two murdered thirteen and wounded twenty-three others before they turned the guns on themselves (Sh
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  • Effects of Divorce on Children
    The effects of divorce This paper is going to be about the various effects of divorce. I will look at three different ways that divorce effects the children. I will first look at the ways that divorce affects a students academic achievement. I will then look at the effects that divorce has on r
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  • The Plight of Children at Risk [Orphaned and Vulnerable Children]
    Introduction One notable trend affecting the world wide church is the plight of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, populating much of the developing world, with large concentrations on the Asian and African continents. This research paper attempts to provide some detail regarding how vast this probl
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  • The Sexual Exploitation of Children
    The commercial sexual exploitation of children through various countries is a growing trend, particularly in the United States. This occurs when a child is sexually abused by an adult or the adult receives some sort of payment for the child. The child is treated as a sexual “toy” or a commerci
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  • The Results of Children in Fatherless Homes
    Divorce and out-of-wedlock childbearing are now epidemic in American society. Both forms of disrupted families are harmful to children and to society. The children of single parents are more likely to do poorly in school, commit crimes, and become single parents themselves. In addition, the increase
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  • Divorce: How It Affects Children
    Divorce: How it affects children. October 1, 2008 Divorce is to legally dissolving a marriage. When a mother and father are considering divorce they should make sure that their children are old enough to understand what will be taking place. Divorce affects children more than we can im
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  • Ethics- Junk Food Advertising for Children
    What are the facts? Child obesity is a growing problem in Australia, with an estimated 2/3 of children considered overweight, 1/3 of which are considered obese. Coincidently, Australia not only has the most overweight children, it also has the highest proportion of junk food advertising on comme
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  • Policies for Children and How They Are Developed
    Using different examples, discuss how policies for children and families are developed in response to the ways in which the needs and aspirations of children and familes are perceived. The general idea of a policy is to set a direction for a problem to be fixed. I will explore the different reaso
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  • What Is the Impact of Disability on Children's Experiences of Childhood?
    What is the Impact of disability on children’s experiences of childhood? Every child matters and the quality of life of disabled children. This assignment explores the perceived quality of life of children with disabilities, and the impact of the United Kingdom Government ‘Every Child Matt
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  • Broken Families
    Causes and Effects of Broken Family Family is the basic unit of society. This is the most essential component of a country. Governance will only be effective if the citizens are properly oriented with good values and virtues, which is commonly taught by the family. A home is where a family li
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  • Children and Computer
    Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 62 (2009) 314e320 The Internet is valid and reliable for child-report: An example using the Activities Scale for Kids (ASK) and the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory (PedsQL) Nancy L. Younga,b,*, James W. Varnic, Laurie Sniderd, Anna McCormicke, Bonita Sawatzky
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  • Impact of Internet and Media on Modern Youth
    Cultures of Consumption Working Paper Series Children online - consumers or citizens? Professor Sonia Livingstone London School of Economics and Political Science Nothing in this paper may be cited, quoted or summarised or reproduced without permission of the author. Abstract In t
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  • “the Effects on Children Who Witness Domestic Abuse”
    “The Effects on Children Who Witness Domestic Abuse” Domestic violence is a devastating social problem. “Domestic violence is about one person getting and keeping power and control over another person in an intimate relationship. It is a pattern of behavior in which one intimate par
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  • The Impact of Poverty on a Child's Academic Achievement
    The Impact of Poverty 10 BIBLIOGRAPHY Houston, A. C. (1991). Children in Poverty: Child Development and Public Policy. Cambridge University Press. Biddle, B. J. (2001) Social Class, Poverty and Education: Policy and Practice. New York: Routlegefalmer Press. Gamoran, A. (2007). Standards – Base
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  • There Are No Children Here
    The West side of Chicago, Harlem, Watts, Roxbury, and Detroit. What do all of these areas have in common? These areas, along with many others have become mine fields for the explosive issues of race, values, and community responsibility, led by the plight of the urban underclass. Issues such as viol
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  • Global Health for Children
    Is health for all children an achievable goal? In this assignment I am going to begin by looking at the definition of health in children and the international legislation which has been put in place to try and implement this globally. I will go on to discuss why it is so vitally important to spec
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  • Divorce Effects on Children
            The idea that children of divorced parents would be the ones who would suffer, was seen as conservative thinking and many scoffed at this notion in the 1970?s. What child would want to be part of a family that constantly fought? With the accepted idea of couples counselling a few yea
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  • Keeping Children Safe
    Keeping Children Safe Online Abstract The major areas of concern on the web are: 1. Cyber Bullying 2. Sexual Predators 3. Pornography 4. Damaged Reputations 5. Hate Sites 6. Online Gambling 7. Internet Addiction This paper will discuss research o
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