"How Might A Totalitarian Government Affect Business Activity" Essays and Research Papers

How Might A Totalitarian Government Affect Business Activity

Lorraine McKenzie Professor Frazer Business 100 April 21, 2015 Assignment How does microeconomics affect business? Microeconomic is the study of decisions that people and businesses make regarding the allocation of resources and prices of goods and services. This means also taking into account taxes and regulations created by governments. Microeconomics focuses on supply and demand and other forces that determine the price levels seen in economy. Microeconomics looks at how a specific company can maximize...

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How Political And Legal Systems Affect

How political and legal systems affect International Business Introduction Political and legal systems play a major role in the International businesses for the companies that source, produce, market and export products in foreign countries. They pose a big challenge to the companies and the companies need to overcome the factors to become successful in the international stage. We will see the various political and legal environments available and how they would affect the international business...

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Totalitarian Government

Per:A Megan O'Connor Ms.Tolley Honors English March 31,2013 Totalitarian Government The government influences our lives on a daily basis.In the novel 1984 written by George Orwell the government is the "Party".It is a totalitarian government exercising control over the freedom, will, or thought of others.(Dictionary.com)From the word “totalitarianism”, it is obvious that this form of system wants to have “total” control over their people. Unlike democratic rule, under totalitarianism,...

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Totalitarian Governments

of rule, driven by an ideology, that seeks direction of all aspects of public activity, political, economic and social, and uses to that end, at least to a degree, propaganda and terror’. This definition, through brevity, is incomplete. To move toward a more complete understanding, a look at the history of its use can be helpful. This will indicate that initially it was not used as a critical judgement on a government. The word was probably first used by the Italian philosopher, Giovanni Gentile...

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Totalitarian Government

A Totalitarianism Government Totalitarianism is a form of government that has total and absolute control over the people. Some people may believe that totalitarianism is the logical choice of government if the well being of a nation is at risk. However, I do not agree with this statement, I feel that totalitarianism should never be used under any circumstance. First off, totalitarianism offers no privacy at all. The citizens of the nation are watched by the government twenty-four-seven. Everyone...

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Government Support of E-Business

Assignment 5- P6/P7 In this assignment I am going to explain how the government supports the development of e-business and I will use example to support my answers. Also I am going to produce a personal development plan to aid an individual to prepare for increased use of business online. Government e-commerce regulations about online business The E-commerce Regulations apply to businesses which sell goods or services to businesses or consumers through a number of different ways. These can...

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How Diversity Affects the Global Business Environment

title: How diversity affects the global business environment Words count: 1405 Due date: 17/03/2011 Date submitted: 17/03/2011 Time submitted: 08.45 am Teacher’s signature: I hereby declare that: i) ii) iii) This work is entirely my own. All sources used in the preparation of this assignment are fully referenced. No part of this work has been submitted for assessment in any other course of study. Signature: Date: 17/03/2011 How diversity affects the global business environment ...

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Reasons for the Recent Growth of International Business Activity

CHAPTER # 01 Review Questions 2.- Why is it important for you to study international business? * Almost any large organization you work for will have international operations or be affected by the global economy. * You start your own business, you may find yourself using foreign-made materials or equipment, competing with foreign, and perhaps even selling in foreign markets. * Keep pace with your future competitors. 5.- What is portfolio investment? * Foreign portfolio investments...

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George Orwell’s, 1984, a Totalitarian and Communist-Like Government

Introduction In George Orwell’s, 1984, a totalitarian and communist-like government is portrayed, in a futuristic world that allows no freedom of speech, religion, or even thought. The citizens of Oceania, the setting of the novel, had absolutely no freedom of doing anything. They were totally controlled and were immediately terminated if one was to disobey any rule. The “Party” was basically the name for the community and everyone that followed the ways of The Party. Anyone who was against The...

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Oppression in Oceania, a Result of the Totalitarian Government

be the Japanese Internment camps in Canada in the 1940's, during World War Two. Totalitarian government is a form of government in which the leaders claim complete dominance of all individuals and institutions. An example of a totalitarian dictator in history is Stalin of Russia. In George Orwell's 1984, the district of Oceania is dictated through the physical and mental oppression caused by the totalitarian government, Big Brother. The protagonist of the novel Winston Smith suffers the oppression...

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Introduction to business, Tesco

social environment all affects in the activity of the business. This article focuses on how they do this on Tesco in the UK and also in China. Tesco’s in UK Tesco’s started operating in the UK 1924 and by now, the run 3054 stores just in the UK. Tesco is a worldwide business, but over 60% of group sales and profits come from the UK business. I will be investigating at external environment for Tesco’s in UK – political, legal and social and how these affect the business activity of Tesco. Political...

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FIRST DIPLOMA- BUSINESS DUE: 11TH OCTOBER Different types of business information, sources and purposes. Information is knowledge/data that is specific to a purpose; information is presented to give meaning and relevance that can lead to an increase in understanding. A piece of information is considered valueless as it can greatly help businesses enhance the business. Different types of business information ...

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many new reforms and styles of government as countries began to evolve and modernize. World War I brought about new forms of world power with the formation of alliances and pacts among countries. In the wake of these alliances, a new form of totalitarianism began to come forth bringing a modern approach to an older form of government. Unlike the previous form in which citizens could still live by their own religious beliefs under the government, the new totalitarian system required that every citizen...

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Londis a Business as a Whole

excess of 2000 stores spread all the United Kingdom and the republic of Ireland. We as a group will be analysis and discussing the external factors of one its retailers using a PESTLE analysis method, and discussing what these factors are how they affect the business. The shop is located in Buckingham, and is owned by Robin and......, a couple originally from the town of Oxbridge. It was bought 9 years ago, when the family decided to leave their previous home due the high crime rate and unsuitable...

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How to Establish a Business

the Type of Business to Establish Introduction Rationale There are so many types of businesses people can choose from. They vary according to countries, peoples’ cultures and communities, likes and dislikes, needs and wants, values and even religions. At many instances, the nature of the government also affects the determination of the natures of the businesses, their downfalls and successes. General business policies are formulated and tailored to the existing government laws, rules...

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the opinion that all the macro-environmental factors affect the tourism industry. They are political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal factors. Political factors include how regulations are and policies imposed by government might affect the way business is conducted. A number of political factors such as government policies, internal political issues, consumer laws, lobbying and pressure group affect the business strategies of the hotel industry. Take for instance...

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Government, Regulations and Business Ethics

Learning Activities Project Government Regulations Businesses Must Know Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced (Team) Time Line: 4 hours Description: The students will be assigned to a team to research the government regulations businesses need to know and follow. The team will be given the topics listed below to research. Students should locate at least two different sources for each topic. The team will then need to meet and collaborate to create a presentation to be given to their...

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How the Government, Business Organisations and Individuals Plan for the Growing Use of E-Business

Planning for e-business P4. Describe how the government, business organisations and individuals plan for the growing use e-business Nowadays e-business is a major thing and millions of people are using it so the government, business organisations and individuals have to plan for the growing use of business. The government has introduced new legislations so that e-business is fair for all those that are involved. Legislations such as the, E-Commerce Regulations 2002, Consumer Protection Distance...

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Explain How Fiscal and Monetary Policy Decisions Have Affected a Selected Business

The uk government sets monetary policy by adjusting the funds rate. This affects other short-term and long-term rates, including credit-card rates and mortgages. Governments define fiscal policy by setting taxation levels and writing legislation and regulation for everything from health care to the environment. Fiscal and monetary policy changes can affect businesses directly and indirectly, although competitive factors and management execution are also important factors. Businesses go through...

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How does the fiscal policy affect economic activity and income distribution in the Australian economy?

How does the fiscal policy affect economic activity and income distribution in the Australian economy? Fiscal Policy is a macroeconomic policy that can be used by the government to regulate aggregate demand and production. Fiscal Policy is implemented through the government’s annual budget and also involves the regulation of aggregate demand by the government changing its level of planned spending (G) and planned tax revenue (T). Fiscal policy has the power to redistribute income, reallocate resources...

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Business Activity

Assessment Activity Front Sheet This front sheet must be completed by the learner where appropriate and included with the work submitted for assessment. Learner Name Assessor Name Date Issued Completion Date Submitted on Qualification: BTEC First in Business Unit 1: Exploring Business Purposes Assessment Title – Exploring Business Purposes Criteria reference To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the student is able to: Task no. Page numbers P1 Describe four...

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How Environmental Problems Can Affect Health Problems in Thai Society

Pongsakorn Prohdeengam #5480995 Section 4 How Environmental Problems Can Affect Health Problems in Thai Society Many people say that the environmental issues in Thailand are chronic problems. According to Ping (2012), irregular environmental catastrophes have occurred more frequently than ever recently. Due to inadequate responsibility, people keep ignoring the environment that absolutely causes climate change and the severe pollution. In October 2011, the catastrophic flood hit the central...

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A Study on How Macro Environment Affect the Business

microenvironment and macroenvironment surrounds and impacts upon the organization. The microenvironment includes forces close to the company that affect its ability to serve consumers, such as other company departments, suppliers, competitors, and consumers. According to Armstrong et al (2006, pg. 61) the macroenvironment consists of larger societal forces that affect microenvironment which is the demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural forces. 1.2 Company must constantly...

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How Can Government Support Business Growth in the Uk

How Can Government Support Business Growth in the UK? Judging from major shopping centres and high streets, it is easy to conclude that the UK is dominated by large successful businesses. “However, Office for National Statistics figures (2008) show that 89% of all UK enterprises have less than 10 employees and 98.1% have less than 50 employees; the very largest companies account for just 0.4% of all UK business enterprises” (Birchall, 2009). Although there are several advantages of being a small...

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Business Environment

Introduction Business environment is the combination of internal and external factors that influence a company's operating situation. The business environment can include factors such as clients and suppliers, its competition and owners, improvements in technology, laws and government activities and market, social and economic trends. Environmental forces of political, economic, social, and technological factors. These factors are outside the control of the business. The business can’t do much...

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how macroeconomic effect business

How Macroeconomics affects business Macroeconomics is a branch of economics that explores trends in the national economy as a whole considering the study of the sum of individual economic factors. Macroeconomics considers the larger picture, and an understanding of how do business operates is crucial to understand macroeconomics. Macroeconomics is intertwined with business because business is affected by the factors that constitute macroeconomics. Circular-flow diagram: a visual model of the...

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Understanding the Different Types of Business Activity and Ownership Unit 1: The Business Environment

Assignment 1: Understanding the Different Types of Business Activity and Ownership Unit 1: The Business Environment In this assignment I will cover two business organisations, Wal-Mart and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, discussing their similarities and differences in terms of their purposes, ownership and their stakeholders and how they affect them both as businesses. Walmart: Walmart is an American family-owned multinational retail corporation, with over two...

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Considering Risks in International Business

CONSIDERING RISKS IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Business by itself requires high awereness of risks, taking these risks, managing them and gain profits from them. The literature names this task as "entrepreneurship". Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting new organizations, particularly new businesses generally in response to identified opportunities. Entrepreneurship is often a difficult undertaking, as a majority of new businesses fail. Entrepreneurial activities are substantially different depending...

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The Role of Government in Australia

The Role of Government in Australia The structure of Government Australia has a three tiered structure of Government. Under the Australian constitution, the central Commonwealth government and the state governments are independent of each other, and have different roles although they might work together. The constitution sets out the absolute limits on what the government is able to do. The Commonwealth government has overall responsibility for the economy and has the most influence on...

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How Stress Affects Physical Health

How to relieve stress physically & How Stress Affects Physical Health People are increasingly facing more stress since the Human-Being society became developed and complicated, by ignoring the physical influence to our body, Human’s health suffered considerably from stress. Many people was suggested to solve the stress problem by using psychological approaches, however, the research in recent decades has identified a significant awareness gap between the benefits of physical activities and stress...

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business finance

Business finance Business activity w/c is concerned with the acquisition and conservation of capital funds in meeting financial needs and overall objectives of business enterprises Main objective Profit maximization Business An organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Sources of funds A company might raise new funds from the following sources: · The capital markets: i) new share issues, for example, by companies acquiring a...

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Business Economics

people and serving the customer rather than transforming physical goods. The personal services are provided specifically to individuals, but what is most important, every business also seeks to offer goods or services which better meet the needs of consumers than those of rival firms. “The goal of competitive strategy for a business unit in an industry is to find a position in the industry where the company can best defend itself against these competitive forces or can influence them in its favour...

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Social Factors – Business Environment

FACTORS – BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Introduction: The main factor that affects most business is the degree of competition – how fiercely other businesses compete with the products that another business makes. The other factors that can affect the business are: Social – how consumers, households and communities behave and their beliefs. Legal – the way in which legislation in society affects the business. Economic – how the economy affects a business in terms of taxation, government spending,...

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business decision making

 Business Decision Making Students Name: Lecturers Name: Unit Title: Submission Date: Table with the risks and weigh of their relative importance against the rate of return that I foresee for my companyaswell as a plan of overcoming the risks Risk Importer Exporter L/M/S How to Overcome It Economic conditions Poor economic conditions will affect my imports. Poor economic conditions in other countries will affect my exports.   If the demand for my imports is down, I will conduct...

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Explain how Leakages and Injections Influence the Level of Economic Activity and Explain how the Government Influences Economic Activity

economic activity, as they basically are economic activity. Without leakages and injections there would be no circular flow, without which the economy would run as it does now. The government also plays a major role in the running of the economy as it has a great influence over what goes in and out of the circular flow by the way of taxation, imports and exports. The five-sector circular flow of income model is a theoretical way for economists to describe certain features of economic activity and the...

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Business Enviroment

HND Business Management Unit 1:Business Environment Outcome 1: Understand the organizational purposes of business. Outcome 2: Understand the nature of national environment in which the business operates Outcome 3: Understand the behaviour of organizations in their market environment Outcome 4: Assess the significance of global factors that shape national business environment Scenario Understanding the relationship between businesses and the environment within which the business operate...

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understanding business ethics

Understanding Business Ethics Learner name Assessor name Majid Razaq / Antonio ZarroDate unit issued Unit Deadline Date unit submitted by student Criteria reference To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the learner is able to: Asst& Task no. Assessor initial & date when met PASS CRITERIA P1 explain the ethical issues a business needs to consider in its operational activities. 1.1 P2 explain the implications for the business and stakeholders of a business operating ethically...

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BTEC IN BUSINESS Level 3 UNIT 2 – Business Resources Assignment 2 Name: P4: Sources of Finance There are two main ways that a business can access financial resources: From within the business (internal source) Can be from the business owner’s savings or from profits From outside the business (external source) There are a number of external sources that can be used to fund a business: Banks/building societies Hire Purchase Leasing Venture Capitalist Factoring Share issues Friends/family...

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How does temperature affect enzyme activity?

Enzyme Activity How does temperature affect enzyme activity? In this practical investigation, my aim is to discover how temperature will affect enzyme activity, by looking at the rate of reaction. I predict that the higher the temperature will be, the faster the reactions take place. However, I also think that there will be an optimum temperature, at which the reaction will work at its fastest; if the temperature goes beyond that, the reactions will stop altogether as the enzymes would have...

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Global Business Enviroment M2A1 Case Study

of beliefs that affect the way policies are instituted, and businesses are permitted to operate. Therefore, it is imperative to gain an understanding of a countries culture and political system before investing in their market. Although the foundational principles of the Theocratic and Secular Totalitarianism systems are different, they are similar in the way they impose authority, lack constitutional guarantees and restrict participation. Totalitarian System In a Totalitarian system, individuals...

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Describe the Social Implications of Business Ethics Facing a Selected Business in Its Different Areas of Activity

implications of business ethics facing a selected business in its different areas of activity. ( Pass 3) For this part of my assignment I have been asked to describe the social implications of business ethics which face my chosen company. I will be looking at social implications such as trade unions and protest groups. I will then describe how these groups may affect my organisation. Government policies - The government creates the rules behind how a business is run and how it can interact...

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Business Environment

George Coulston Unit 1 Business Environment D1 1.0 INTRODUCTION In this assignment I will rank the stakeholders of Tesco relating to importance to the organisation with 1 being the most important and 7 being the least important. I will then write a statement about the importance of each stake holder relating to Tesco. 2.0 IMPORTANCE OF STAKEHOLDERS STAKEHOLDER | IMPORTANCE 1=HIGHEST - 7= LOWEST | JUSTIFICATION | Customers | 1 | Customers are the most important stakeholder...

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Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business Level: 3 Learning Outcomes and Indicative Content: Candidates will be able to: 1. Unit code: IM Learning Hours: 100 Understand and describe the nature and purpose of business in terms of what businesses do, what resources they need and who they are accountable to 1.1 1.2 1.3 Explain the needs of different stakeholders in a business; owners/shareholders, customers, employees, management, suppliers, creditors and government Describe the inputs required by a business; labour,...

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How Information Technology Affects Business

As a business owner, and manager the need for a way to manage our information is essential. The ability to handle the overwhelming amount of data and information that goes through a company every day could be a key factor in whether a business fails or succeeds. (Ebert & Griffin 2005) The system in which we collect and use this information is called an Information System (IS). An IS is used in financial accounting, managerial accounting, by laborers, and executives. In my basket shop, an Information...

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Ib 1.1 - Nature of Business Activity

Review Questions 1.1 1. What is a ‘business’? A business is a decision-making organisation involved in the process of using inputs to produce goods and/or provide services. 2. What are the purposes of business activity? Businesses exist to satisfy the needs and wants of people, organisations and governments. Needs – are the basic necessities that a person MUST have in order to survive. Wants – are the desires that people have. Wants are said to be infinite since people always want more...

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business activity 1

Activity 1: investigate what a business is and what businesses do. Introduction: My Businesses. I was asked to choose two businesses which one has to be local and the other has to be national. For this I have chosen Tesco and Sandwiches by Sue as my businesses because I can easily research about them as family and family friends work in both of the businesses, which means my research will be more accurate. I have also chosen them as they both have a store near to me (Tilbury Essex). I have had...

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Small Business in Government Contracting

Assignment 3: Encouragement of Small Business Diana ALTOFT Professor Whitney Davis LEG440 11/13/2012 Government contracting can be a very lucrative endeavor for the small business owner, especially if you fall in one of the minority groups supported by the government’s socioeconomic programs. The encouragement of small business is an important goal of the government that is addressed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations. As stated in Feldman (2012), although the government’s primary...

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Report on How Customer Service Affects Business Profits

My report has to include the following: . The role of a supervisor in delivering customer service, . The impact of excellent customer service on how your team works and the positive benefits to the hotel, team and customers on delivering customer service, . How delivering excellent service can support up-selling and add on-selling, . How we are to monitor service delivery. Research Customer service. What does it mean? . Customer service according to the dictionary...

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How Technology Affects the Business Environment

technological elements of the external environment are a part of the LoNGPEST analysis, which is being used to scan a firms environment, so it in a best possible way can adopt to it. In this essay, I will attempt to explain how technology has been a vital reason for the globalization, and how it has made the world more efficient. There is no doubt that the development of information and communications technology is one of the causes for globalization. The table below shows the reduction in communicating...

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Totalitarian Government

Totalitarian government is a government that has total control of its country. It is a domineering government with unlimited power that uses ruthless force to apply an absolute control over all the individuals that make up the society. A totalitarian government not only commands total obedience towards its powers, but also demands the individual's total support and very explicit legalization in controlling all others in the society. Also having a totalitarian government does not benefit the citizens...

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Business in Asia

MGN 444 Business in Asia Research Report Assignment No. 1 Table of Contents Abstract...................................................................................................................1 Introduction.............................................................................................................1 1. Business process 1.1 Definition and types of business process..............................................

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How Would You Characterise the Government of Zimbabwe? Is It Democratic, Authoritarian or Totalitarian?

|How would you characterise the government of Zimbabwe? Is it democratic, | |authoritarian or totalitarian? | | How would you characterise the government of Zimbabwe? Is it democratic, authoritarian or totalitarian? The subject of government rule has three broad categories namely democratic, authoritarian and totalitarian. In this essay I would like to present what defines each category and then look at the history and background...

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CSR and how does it work

which it operates, however there are seven key environment or “ external factor “ that affect the organizations : 1. The economic environment 2. The technological environment 3. The governmental environment 4. The legal environment 5. The cultural environment 6. The natural environment 7. The internal environment In this essay, I will be clarifying the cultural environment aspect and how does it affect businesses. What is cultural environment? Cultural environment or what they call it...

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2013-14 BTEC Business Level 3 Unit 1 Assignment brief

Certificate: Business Assignment Brief Unit 1: The Business Environment (10 credits) Unit issue date: Thursday 20th September 2013 Unit deadline: Friday 25th October 2013 Assessor: Mrs S Nti Learning outcomes: 1. Know the range of different businesses and their ownership 2. Understand how businesses are organised to achieve their purposes 3. Know the impact of the economic environment on businesses 4. Know how political, legal and social factors impact on business. Context ...

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Government Business

deregulation, privatization, free trade, and reducing government control of the economy (Taylor and Jordan, 2009, pp. 149). This essay is going to analyse whether no-liberalism is responsible for most of the global economic problems we are experiencing today. It is expected that this essay could contribute to the comprehension of the influence of neo-liberalism. Firstly, with regard to the relationships between free market and government intervention, neo-liberalism emphasizes the spontaneous...

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Business Environment

economy. Task 1 : You are required to identify different types of market structure , and explain how market structure determine the pricing and output decision of business : There are many types of markets: * Perfect competition * Monopolistic competition * Oligopoly * Monopoly * Duopoly Perfect competition Perfect competition can be described as competitive depends in part on how many suppliers are seeking the demand of consumers and with a new businesses can enter and exit a particular...

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Value of Business Organization in Society

ASSIGNMENT TITLE: The value of business organization creates society. Identify, summarize and discuss arguments against business. INSTRUCTOR: TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0. Introduction 1.1. What is business? 1.2. Forms of business 2.0. Negative effect/impact of business. 3.0. Conclusion 4.0. References 1.0. Introduction The role and impact of business organizations in any society...

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How Culture Effects Business

HOW CULTURE EFFECTS BUSINESS? Cross-culture binds together fields which are not quite related such as cultural anthropology and communication within organisation. For understanding cultural issues in organizational setting against international perspective, it is essential to understand employee behavior. Five basic conclusions can be drawn about cross-cultural impact on business: First, individual behavior in organisational setting varies across cultures. Thus, employees based in India, Japan...

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Government and Business Relationship

1004GIR Government Business Relation What role should government play in a globalised word? Student name: LI KE (Luke) Student number:s2771014 Tutor: Ross Ploetz Tutorial: Words: approximately 1371 Contents Introduction to Globalization ...

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Government, Regulation & Business Ethics

Government, Regulation & Business Ethics The issue of business relations with government has increasingly become a key issue of business ethics. Some of the many questions raised are * Is it acceptable for corporations to use their considerable power tp shape government policy? * Is the government jeopardizing its role in protecting the public interest when politicians sit on the board of corporations? The government has a crucial role to play in establishing the ‘rules of the game’...

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