• Harvard Case Study on Apple
    Apple Computer, 2006 Case Apple was started on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. It humble beginnings led to one of the largest and most successful corporations in history. Today, Apple is a powerhouse of computer technology, putting out some of the most innovative products in the las
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  • Silvio Napoli at Schindler India - Harvard Businees Case
    COMM 374 - International Business Strategy Date: March 4, 2007 To: Silvio Napoli, and Schindler Holding Ltd. From: Chia–Jung Chang 5549039 Re: Silvio Napoli at Schindler India - Harvard Businees Case Napoli, an ambitious vice president who is responsible for Schindler’s India division, i
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  • Keeping It to the Fairway - Harvard Business Case
    Keeping to the Fairway The Keeping to the Fairway case study is a complex situation that needs to be handled in the correct manner. At issue, is whether or not a company named Pace Sterling should proceed with their sponsorship of a Champions Tour golf tournament. The reason why their support is
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  • Real Madrid Marketing Harvard Business Case
    Florentino Perez had been elected for the second times in June 2000 as the president of Real Madrid. Perez had promised to turn around the club's finance, bring in world class talent, and extent the club's brand around the world through multiple channels. Under Perez management, Real Madrid had m
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  • Creative Writing - the Case: an Original Mystery
    Creative Writing - The Case: An Original Mystery "Ring . . . Ring" screamed the phone. "Damn who could that be . . . its almost seven a.m. on a Saturday . . . . hold on Allison it will only take a minute . . . Hello?" detective Pat said. " Hey sorry Sergeant McGurn but we need you to come down
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  • A Case of Needing: Serious Revisions
    A Case of Needing: Serious Revisions Michael Crichton has penned some of the most engaging, timely, and thoroughly accessible tales to be published in the last twenty-five years. What his novels lack in literary merit and distinctive style they make up for in crisp plotting and edge-of-your-seat
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  • Alger Hiss Spy Case
    The Alger Hiss Spy Case During the late nineteen forties, a new anti-Communistic chase was in full holler, this being the one of the most active Cold War fronts at home. Many panic-stricken citizens feared that Communist spies were undermining the government and treacherously misdirecting foreign
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  • Honda Case
    International Strategic Management Case Study Assignment No. 1 Strategy is usually related and sometimes confused by people with planning. But as time course shows in the study of companies, there are different approaches of how a company can develop its strategy. Johnson, and Shcoles, in their
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  • Case Study -Cooper Industries
    Cooper Industries Case Study Jonathan De Leon Ann Lewis Mary J. Roy Crystal Vincent University of Phoenix Online Advanced Problems in Finance FIN 545 William Crockett September 5, 2005 Cooper Industries Inc. Based on the given information in the case study regarding the acquisi
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  • Paul Cronan Case
    Paul Cronan Case LEGAL ANALYSIS MODEL 1. RELEVANT FACTS: Mr. Paul Cronan, a service technician, began his career with New England Telephone in June of 1973. Mr. Cronan's initial function was that of a file clerk at the Needham, Massachusetts facility. After eighteen months with the compa
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  • Snapple Case Study
    Problem: Develop a strategy for Snapple's recovery after a three year trend of declining sales under the management of Triarc Companies. Sales had declined almost 35% in three years (from $674 MM in 1994 to $440 MM in 1997) and had the profile that the company had achieved great success with was d
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  • Explain Judicial Review Using Two Case Examples
    Explain Judicial Review using two case examples. As soon as civilizations created constitutions, actions were being called unconstitutional by those who opposed them. In some instances, unconstitutional acts were the subject of revolution, regicide, or as happened in the American political system,
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  • Cisco Case Analysis
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY January 1994 Cisco's legacy system surpassed its standard modification requirements and encountered a malfunction that resulted in corrupting the database. The company was almost completely shut down for two days. It became clear that the legacy system would not continue much lo
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  • Blockbuster Case Study
    1. Analyze Blockbuster's current position (based on its brick-and-mortar business model) using Porter's 5-forces model. What are the conclusions of your analysis? In Porter's 5 forces model, the five underlying forces for an industry's structural attractiveness are the barriers to entry for new
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  • Harvard Referencing
    1. Why do I need to reference my work? 2 1.1 So tell me briefly how it works 2 2. Referring to an author's viewpoint in your text 3 2.1 Single and multiple authors – summarising and quoting 3 2.2 Author published 2 items in the same year 4 2.3 Author
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  • Corbin Pacific - Case Study
    BUSINESS PLAN CORBIN - PACIFIC Summary 1.1 Executive Summary Corbin Pacific, Inc. is a California based company, whose mission is to produce best motorcycle accessories in the world through innovative designing and high quality manufacturing with a customer oriented approach. Mike Corbin, Foun
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  • Ben and Jerry's Case Analysis
    Ben & Jerry's Case Study Company History Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield founded Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream in 1978. Over the years, Ben & Jerry's evolved into a socially-oriented, independent-minded industry leader in the super-premium ice cream market. The company has had a history of d
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  • Motivation in Times of Change: Kwik Save a Case Study.
    Motivation in times of change: Kwik Save a case study. By Darren Dixon DISSERTATION SUBMITTED IN FULFILMENT OF THE PROJECT UNIT FOR THE DEGREE OF: BA (HONS) MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION NEW COLLEGE DURHAM Submission Date Project Supervisor 23rd May 2005 Les Br
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  • Case Study
    Introduction to Case Study by Winston Tellis+ The Qualitative Report, Volume 3, Number 2, July, 1997 (http://www.nova.edu/ssss/QR/QR3-2/tellis1.html) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abstract This paper is the first of a series of three a
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  • Daewoo Case Study
    BACKGROUND In the late 1990s, the leading South Korean car manufacturer, Daewoo Motors (Daewoo), was in deep financial trouble. For the financial year ending 1999-2000, Daewoo generated revenues of $197.8 million and a net loss after tax of $10.43 billion (13.7 trillion won). The company's re
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