Lenovo Case Study

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NUS Cerebration 2011 – Round II Submission
Lenovo - For Those Who Do


PGP-II Term-5 AY-11-12
Date of Submission: 20th September 2011

Submitted by:
Team: Three4All
Jaipal Charan| p10jaipalc@iimidr.ac.in | +918085722442
Rahil Maniyar | p10rahilm@iimidr.ac.in | +917879278890
Sandeep Kumar | p10sandeepk@iimidr.ac.in | +919752830949
Executive Summary2
Situation analysis4
Competitor Analysis5
Market Developments7
Consumer Understanding9
Proposed Strategies10
The Key Strategy11
Executional Ideas for Communication12
Market leader positioning strategies12
Social Media Strategy12
Jive and chat them at work14
Pull users to Lenovo’s Digital Platform15
Partner with MTV16
Launch a global competition under the brand ‘The Lenovo brain’17
Promoting Lenovo by partnering with Pepsi19
Lenovo experience20
For Rural areas20
Global Strategy21
Execution plan for communicating an ecosystem/convergence22
Lenovo Culture22
Ideas for youth of key markets23
Marketing/Media Plan24
Measuring Marketing Investments’ Effectiveness28
Measuring effectiveness at different levels of campaign28
Techniques to measure effectiveness29
Hybrid Level Marketing Plan31

Executive Summary
Present scenerio
In an attempt to drawing business strategies to strengthen the position of Lenovo as a brand for youth and further strengthen its position in emerging economies, the market factors, Lenovo’s internal strengths and consumer perception about Lenovo and preferences among all competitors are studied. Market factors include industry analysis, competitor analysis and recent market developments that may affect/influence Lenovo’s position/market share. The single most important strategy is chosen based on parameters such as positioning, how well market developments are capitalized upon, fit with the organization’s capabilities, Financial viability and turnaround time. Execution Ideas for Communication Strategy

Once the communication strategy has been finalized, the various execution ideas to strengthen the brand “For those who do” is strengthened through the communication are established. These ideas aim at achieving the following objectives: 1. Achieving the market leadership in PC market

2. Communicating the ecosystem/convergence of services, products, applications & content 3. Getting recognized as one of the best companies to work for How different social media strategies are utilized to achieve the 1st objective is elucidated, so are the various digital platform ideas, ideas for penetration into rural marketing. Each of these ideas are aimed at trying to identify the various objectives of the organization viz. marketing, PR, HR and top level management. For each of these ideas, execution and financial risk (wherever applicable) and the mitigation plan is also elaborated. Various plans that can be employed to create marketing buzz in the identified key markets have been laid out. The idea for communicating the concept of convergence as well as emphasizing on culture to make Lenovo one of the best places to work for have been explained with the example of one territory. Media Plan

Executional level details in terms of budget plan (expected expenditure) for each of the media: Events, TVCs & In-program promotion, Public Relations and , Social Media are covered in detail.

Measuring Marketing Investments’ Effectiveness
Most often the marketing investments are measured directly against the sales and it is not a true reflection of the objective of marketing campaign such as segmentation, creating awareness among target consumers etc. In order to efficiently measure the effectiveness of various marketing investments, how different media influence various stages of the purchase process are studied. Also several techniques such as enquiry, techniques to measure the purchase...
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