• Film Industry: Then and Now
    Film: Then and Now The film industry has always been somewhat of a dichotomy. Grounded firmly in both the worlds of art and business the balance of artistic expression and commercialization has been an issue throughout the history of filmmaking. The distinction of these two differing goals and
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  • Video Games and Film
    It's dark in the jungle, as Agent Stark moves slowly through trees and then he realizes that he's very low on ammo and so he reloads, crouching behind a rock before doing so. A noise from behind, he spins to see a flash of light and Agent's eyes flash red. Stark has been shot. Before he can even
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  • Stylistic Contributions to Film and Home Video Productions in Nigeria: the Tunde Kelani Example
    Chapter One An overview of Tunde Kelani’s model as a film/video artiste. Tunde Kelani is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s most renowned film makers. Hi particular attention to technical and photographic details give his works a clear edge over others which is exactly why he has grown to be known
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  • The Quest on a Film
    INTRODUCTION "The best education in film is to make one." - Stanley Kubrick Aristotle never said it, but it seems that man is a storyteller by nature. From ancient times to the present, mankind has had a hunger for great stories. Novels, poems, stage plays, films - spanning the whole spectr
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  • The World History of Film Industry
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  • Film and Tv
    Keen competition is expected for the more glamorous, high-paying jobs—writers, actors, producers, and directors—but better job prospects are expected for multimedia artists and animators, film and video editors, and others skilled in digital filming and computer-generated imaging. Small or indep
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  • Factors Affecting Growth of Film Industry in Africa
    National University of Science and Technologhy NAME: DAVID SURNAME: MAKACHA STUDENT NUMBER: N0070508B COURSE: MEDIA IN AFRICA DEPARTMENT: JOURNALISM AND MEDIA STUDIES QUESTION Outline factors hindering the development of film Industry in
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  • Film Society Movement in Kerala; a Study of John Abraham's Film Amma Ariyan
    PAPER PRESENTATION THE FILM SOCIETY MOVEMENT IN KERALA: A STUDY OF JOHN ABRAHAM ‘S FILM ‘AMMA ARIYAN’ INTRODUCTION ‘No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep in to the twilight of the soul’-Ingmar Bergman. Cinema provides an experi
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  • Film and Remediation
    Compare and contrast the notion of remediation in the works of Larry and Andy Wachowski. Bolter and Grusin define remediation as “the formal logic by which new media technologies refashion prior media forms” (Bolter and Grusin, 1999, p273). To put it simply, new media forms such as the Interne
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  • Re-Defining the Independent Film Value Chain
    Re-defining the Independent Film Value Chain A paper by Peter Bloore Introduction: An industry value chain or system could be summarized as a connected series of activities, that combine to create and deliver a product (or value) to customers. These activities could include research and develop
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  • From Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia
    11/2/12 Av atar (2009 f ilm) - Wikipedia, the f ree ency clopedia Avatar (2009 film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Avatar is a 2009 American[6][7] epic science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron, and starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodr
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  • Video Games: the Emerging Art
    Art is one of the many ways we have of making sense of our world. Through the careful rearrangement of elements within a composition, most anyone can make something that portrays a message to others–others who can take in the works that have been created. From painting to sculpture to installation
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  • Thesis Paper of Film Distribution
    Film Exhibition and Audiences in Bangladesh : Big-Screen Today and Tomorrow Abstract This thesis examines the current exhibition environment of our films along with the changes that may reshape the distribution process with the introduction of the new digital technology in a time when our Ben
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  • Video Guides
    Video Standards [pic] General Information on Video Standards There are three major video signal standards, i.e. PAL, NTSC, and SECAM, and several substandards such as M-PAL and N-PAL. NTSC is the TV standard in North America and Japan, SECAM is used in France and parts of Africa, PAL is
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  • Documentary Film Guide
    Documentary Film: A Very Short Introduction VERY SHORT INTRODUCTIONS are for anyone wanting a stimulating and accessible way in to a new subject. They are written by experts, and have been published in more than twenty-five languages worldwide. The series began in 1995 and now represents a wid
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  • Historical Analysis of the Film “Farewell My Concubine”
    Historical Analysis of the film “Farewell My Concubine” (1992) (ASIA 355, Section 921, Dr. Wang, Rui) Yohan Kim #37635125 23 July, 2013 Most compelling film “Farewell My Concubine” by Chinese filmmaker Chen Kaige depicts clamorous historical events broken out in China in twentieth ce
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  • Indian Film Culture
    Editor H.N.Narahari Rao Advisory Board, Gautam Kaul Premendra V.T.Subramanian Dilip Bapat Executive Assistance R.Mani Cover and Layout U.T.Suresh Editorial Office Federation of Film Societies of India, th th 230, 45 Cross, 8 Block Jayanagar, Bangalore-560070 Email: ffsico@gmail.com All signed articl
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  • synergy effect between film and fashion
    Synergy effect between film and fashion: a case study of a fashion movie, the Devil Wears Prada, how western fashion film effect clothing consumption and aesthetics among university students 1. Introduction Since China reform and open up to the outside world, Chinese people experience...
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  • indian film industry
     INTRODUCTION The film industry or motion picture industry comprises the technological and commercial institutions of filmmaking, i.e., film production companies, film studios, cinematography, film production,...
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  • Cinema/Film
    Cult. Change & Comm Tech Essay 1: Cinema/Film Many young people today are learning about their world through electronic means – radio, television, video movies, computer games, virtual reality games and the Internet. In particular the visual environment of the electronic media is greatly
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