Paramore Now: Video Analysis

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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-‘Paramore - Now’ video analysis.

By Georgia Challinor 12DPE

1. Are there any generic conventions? (eg stage performance in a metal video, dance rotine for a boyband, cutting to the beat) Are there any conventions from other genres?

This video is not very generic of the genre of rock music. In comparison to other Paramore videos there isn’t an element of stage performance in a studio or any instruments involved. In most of their old videos they have been in a concert style set-up studio or location miming along to a ballad with bright lights and colorful writing whilst minor storylines happen around them. Instead this video is set in a battlefield filled with dirty- clothed enemies, dust and rotten vegetation, making them the storyline. This has often been done in pop music videos such as ‘Battlefield by Jordin Sparks’ and ‘Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri”. In a previous Paramore video for ‘crushcrushcrush’ they were in a similar dusty setting miming along to the song and allowing people to smash up their attire. I feel that as the band have a fresh start and begin to produce more mainstream music their videos will become less stereotypical of rock music and the band’s previous self.

I feel that this video has some elements of pop music, using smoke bombs and colour powder

One thing that is often seen in a rock video is the use of violence and gore/blood. In this video there is violence on the battle field but instead of using blood they replace it with coloured paint powder. I believe this is for many reasons, one to make it more light hearted but also to show the band’s old stereotype disappearing and new beginnings being released.

2. Describe the style of this music video. What effect does it have? A sense of arrogance has been created from the start of the video; he is looking into the lens of the camera as if he was looking into the viewer’s eyes with a blank facial expression and ignoring all the chaos and drama behind him. This...
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