• Does Stakeholder Orientation Matter? the
    Little empirical work has been done on the effect of stakeholder management on corporate performance. In this study, we contributed to stakeholder theory development by (1) deriving two distinct stakeholder management models from extant research, (2) testing tbe descriptive accuracy of these mode
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  • A Stakeholder View of Strategic Management in Chinese Firms
    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS STUDIES VOL 15, NO1, JUNE 2007: pages 1 of 13 A STAKEHOLDER VIEW OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT IN CHINESE FIRMS Dr Xueli Huang1 Dr Scott Gardner2 Despite the fact that China has emerged as a driving force of the world economy over the last decade, little research h
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  • The Stakeholder Theory
    The Stakeholder Theory of the Corporation: Concepts, Evidence, and Implications Author(s): Thomas Donaldson and Lee E. Preston Source: The Academy of Management Review, Vol. 20, No. 1 (Jan., 1995), pp. 65-91 Published by: Academy of Management Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/258887 Accessed:
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  • Stakeholder Management
    Stakeholder Engagement: A Good Practice Handbook for Companies Doing Business in Emerging Markets Cover photo credits: 1st row (L to R): WB Staff, WB Staff, WB Staff 2nd row (L to R): T.Pollett, I. Michuci, Courtesy of AGD 3rd row (L to R): K.Merckens, C. Warren, WB Staff 4th row (L to R): T.Po
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  • Beyond the ‘Iron Triangle’: Stakeholder Perception of Key Performance Indikator (Kpis) in Large-Scale Public Sector Development Projects
    Beyond the ‘iron triangle’: Stakeholder perception of key performance indikator (KPIs) in large-scale public sector development projects Objectives This research has objectives to investigate the perception of the key performance indicator (KPIs) in the context of large construction
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  • An Analysis of Stakeholder Management in Project Management of the Tianjin Binhai Airport Expansion “Phase Ii”
    An analysis of stakeholder management in Project Management of the Tianjin Binhai airport expansion “Phase II” Yuan Aiying 2025888 Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment for the degree of Master of Science in Management University of Stirling August 2012 Abstract This dis
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  • How significant the impact of corporate social responsibility is associated to the legitimacy theory and stakeholder theory
     How significant the impact of corporate social responsibility is associated to the legitimacy theory and stakeholder theory Area of Interest The research area that I think is both important and of interest is the significance of corporate social responsibility....
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