• Apple Marketing Plan - Executive Summary
    Apple’s new iPad Marketing Plan Made by: Vu Tien Thanh Bouy Yang Shi Lei QiaoLing Ma 2012 Executive Summary Although facing fierce competition from other companies, Apple is still indisputably at the top of the tablet market (54.7% market share in the 4th quarter of 2011). The company
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  • Executive Summary of Tata Nano
    1 TATA Nano EXECUTIVE SUMMARY TATA Nano is the cheapest car in the world. It is manufactured by TATA Motor Limited, the largest automobile company in India. Its chairman, Mr. Ratan Tata envisions that Tata Nano to become a “People’s car” which is affordable by almost everybody. Tata Nano i
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  • Feasibility Study on Casa Del Sur - Executive Summary
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This study seeks to ascertain the feasibility of providing a cozy transitory HOME for course reviewees preparing for board examinations and cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy. Though, these two types of market are obviously of different kind and not the typical trave
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  • Executive Summary
    Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. INTRODUCTION The idea of the Business Plan is the opening Language Centre in the capital city of Cyprus. The Language Centre offers more than fifteen languages including both Western and Eastern languages. The innovative idea of Language Centre has an i
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  • Smoking in Pregnancy Executive Summary
    Smoking in pregnancy Executive Summary The case for intervention is clear and the evidence to support this is found in secondary and primary research. Smoking is harmful to mother and baby and the financial costs of maternal smoking to the NHS is high. Pregnancy presents an opportunity for
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  • Apple Executive Summary: Market, Competition, Product, Technology, Sales, Operation and Financial Projection
    CONTENT: I. Executive Summary II. Market And Competition Analysis * Market Opportunity * Market Size * Our Section of the Market * Market Segmentation * Market Growth * Market Competition III. Product and Technology * Product Technologies * Product U
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  • Executive Summary
    Executive Summary: Streamline the Nursing Admission Process Stephanie Bakker, RN Grand Canyon University: NRS-451V Billie Gabbard, Instructor January 27, 2013 Executive Summary: Streamline the Nursing Admission Process The health care industry continues to be challenged by daily patien
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  • Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 Preliminary Report Executive Summary
    Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013 - 2025 Foreword 1 MALAYSIA EDUCATION BLUEPRINT CHAPTER 1 CONTExT AND INNOVA 6 Education is a major contributor to the development of our social and economic capital. It inspires creativity and fosters innovation; provides our youth with the n
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  • Executive Summary on Childhood Obesity
    Executive Summary on Childhood Obesity Wilma J. Barboza - RN, BSN February 3, 2013 Executive Summary on Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity is one of the root causes affecting millions of young population today. The health effects related to Childhood Obesity are devastating. At least 70%
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  • Consulting Project Plan - Executive Summary
    Consulting Project Plan - Executive Summary My name is Lisa. I am a consultant from Hexi Consultation Firm. My expertise lies in interpersonal, training, and sales consultations. I was brought in by Mr. Joseph Wilson, your CEO, to research what he believed to be the company problem, diagnos
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  • Executive Summary Gift Store
    Executive Summary Bensai Halstadt and Kaethe Villanova are the principals of Regali Luxuri. Regali Luxuri is a specialty gift boutique located in the enterprising warehouse district of west midtown in Treschicburg. We specialize in an assortment of high-quality merchandise ranging from customized
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  • E-Marketing Plan: Home Depot
    | Final e-Marketing Plan | Home Depot | | Asheenita S. King | 3/2/2013 | | Table of Contents I. Executive Summary (Assignment 8.2) For most people, their home is the biggest financial and emotional investment they make. Before computer technology was as advanced as it is
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  • Factors Affecting Teachers’ Decisions to Leave the Profession Factors Affecting Teachers’ Decisions to Leave the Profession Contents Executive Summary 1. Introduction 2. Reasons for Leaving 3. Resignations 4.
    RESEARCH Factors Affecting Teachers’ Decisions to Leave the Profession Alan Smithers and Pamela Robinson Centre for Education and Employment Research University of Liverpool
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  • Executive Summary
    Executive Summary Example Company/ Project name Tagline (A short and attractive tagline to describe your proposition) I. BASIC INFORMATION: a. Overview (short description of the investment opportunity you are presenting): b. Category in which your idea falls (business venture o
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  • Executive Summary: Renault-Nissan Is No Longer Able to Rely on Their Previous Strengths. Nine Years After the 1999 Alliance We Are Once Again Being Met with a Transforming Automotive Industry. in Order to Ensure Our
    MEMO To: From: Re: Date: Carlos Ghosn, Chief Operating Officer, Renault-Nissan Joseph Klein, Senior Consultant, Klein Consulting Bolstering Renault-Nissan April 30, 2012 Executive Summary: Renault-Nissan is no longer able to rely on their previous strengths. Nine years after the 1999 alliance we
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  • Home Depot Story 1978 - 2006
    Home Depot A. Executive Summary * Introduction * The Home Depot Story - First Stage (1979-2000) * The Home Depot Story – Second Stage (2000 – 2006) * Problem Identification * Case Questions Introduction * Home Depot was founded in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia by Bern
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  • Belgium- Executive Summary
    Executive Summary BELGIUM Kai Briones-Lee, Michelle Lagandaon, Abigail Madden and Bethany Roachell History Belgium had a very rich history before their independence in 1830. The revolution in Paris in July 1830 contributed in the unrest of the lower class citizens in Belgium.
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  • Executive Summary: Monsanto Company
    Executive Summary: Monsanto Company Strategic Management Issues Over the past 20 years, Monsanto has grown and shifted focus from high-volume, commodity chemical products to becoming one of the world's leading producers of agricultural products. The firm has also developed a strong foothold in the
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    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY To meet the requirement of the course outline as well as to comprehend the application of the theoretical knowledge in the practical fields, the internship report on Recruitment and Selection Process of National Bank Limited (NBL) has been conducted. The main focus of the study
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  • Executive Summary
    Coffee Export Business Plan Executive Summary Silvera & Sons prepares green Arabica coffee beans grown in Brazil for exportation to American specialty roasters and sells to wholesalers on the Brazilian market. We will expand production capacity from 72,000/60kg bags per year to 120-160,000/6
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