• Corporate entrepreneurship: a strategic and structural perspective
    International Council for Small Business ICSB 2002-001 47th World Conference San Juan, Puerto Rico June 16-19, 2002 Corporate Entrepreneurship: a Strategic and Structural Perspective Dr. Joao Ferreira Abstract Recently there has been a growing interest in the use of corporate entrepreneurship
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  • Corporate entrepreneurship
    Promemoria (PM), 4 credits Organizational theory and Entrepreneurship (EFO512) Advanced level, 15 credits, spring 2010 School of Business LITERATURE REVIEW - CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP Levan Asambadze, ThuyNguyen & Sergio Quiñones Mälardalen University 2010 Keywords: Corporate Entrepreneu
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  • Corporate entrepreneurship at ge and intel
    2010 EABR & ETLC Conference Proceedings Dublin, Ireland Corporate Entrepreneurship at GE and Intel John Zimmerman, Zayed University, U.A.E Abstract This is the first of three planned articles concerning Corporate Entrepreneurship (CE). The author is a former entrepreneur practitioner who secu
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  • Corporate entrepreneurship
                            Academic Year   2012‐2013                                          CEMS BLOCK SEMINAR:  Take‐home examination  Corporate Entrepreneurship            Pauline GELDOF – CEMS Master 2  Introduction   
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  • Corporate entrepreneurship
    Corporate Entrepreneurship | Group Research Paper | | Table of Contents Introduction3 Entrepreneurial Orientation5 Corporate Entrepreneurship……………………………………………………………………7 Entrepreneurial Strategy…………………………………â
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  • 4 Models of corporate entrepreneurship
    Background In current socio-economic times, innovation is more important than ever, whether in new start-ups or within a corporation. For a corporation to stay ahead of times and sustain a competitive advantage in a fast-changing global consumer market, the challenge is for the management to instil
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  • Corporate entrepreneurship
    Corporate Entrepreneurship Corporate Entrepreneurship can be seen as the process whereby an individual or a group creates a new venture within an existing organization, revitalizes and renews an organization ,or innovates. Zahra’s(1986) definition of corporate entrepreneurship suggests aformal o
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  • Corporate entrepreneurship
    1.2 The importance of Corporate Entrepreneurship Conventional wisdom indicates that corporate entrepreneurship (hereafter CE) leads to financial growth and superior firm performance. In literature, it has been long established that corporate entrepreneurship is a p
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  • Corporate entrepreneurship intro
    As business environments are changing rapidly, companies have to anticipate to competitors’ moves in a quick and thorough manner to make sure they do not lose sight of them. This defiance concerns not only the external environment of firms with respect to technology development and innovations, bu
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  • Nokia - corporate entrepreneurship
    Nokia’s Story, an Overview The Beginning Nokia’s history demonstrates corporate entrepreneurship, which has been defined as a set of behaviour, processes or activities that rejuvenate, renew or reinvent an organisation. Nokia Corporation’s story is an astonishing one, much longer than one
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  • Google corporate entrepreneurship
    1. Do you think Google will be able to maintain its entrepreneurial culture in spite of its recent growth and increased size? Why or why not? The book refers to entrepreneurship as identification, evaluation, and exploitation of opportunities. Entrepreneurship is defined by businessdictionary.com
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  • Major parts of corporate entrepreneurship.
    * 4 major parts of corporate entrepreneurship. 1- New business venturing ( corporate venturing) Corporate venturing refers to the creation of a new business within an existing organization. Business dictionary defined corporate venturing as the practice where a large firm takes an equity stake
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  • Reflection paper on corporate entrepreneurship
    Reflection Paper Do I have the Qualities, Traits and Characteristics of a Corporate Entrepreneur? Module 1 – Entrepreneurial Leadership In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Masters in Corporate Entrepreneurship Submitted to : Dr. Eduardo A. Morato Jr. Submitted by : Ge
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  • Corporate entrepreneurship
    Corporate Entrepreneurship Corporate entrepreneurship is also commonly known as corporate venturing or Intrapreneurship. It is coined by legendary management thinker and management guru  Peter.F.Drucker. It is the act of initiating new ventures or creating value with an already established orga
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  • corporate entrepreneurship
    Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Success comes from the future… Not the past OECD Innovation Strategy Workshop Joanne Hyland, Founding Partner 29 May 2008 RADICAL INNOVATION GROUP © 2001-2008 All Rights Reserved 1 Case Study Overview 1. Innovation and corporate...
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  • corporate entrepreneurship
    FA L L 2 0 0 7 V O L . 4 9 N O. 1 SMR266 Robert C. Wolcott and Michael J. Lippitz The Four Models of Corporate Entrepreneurship Please note that gray areas reflect artwork that has been intentionally removed. The substantive content of the article appears as originally...
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  • Elements of corporate cultures
    In “Culture by Default or by Design?” Edmonds and Glaser (2010) talk about the challenge of describing the culture of an organization. In the article, the authors maintain that the impact of your corporate culture can spell success or disaster for the organization. The culture of your company
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  • Schumpeter’s plea: historical approaches to entrepreneurship research
    Schumpeter’s Plea: Historical Approaches to Entrepreneurship Research R. Daniel Wadhwani Assistant Professor of Management & Fletcher Jones Professor of Entrepreneurship University of the Pacific dwadhwani@pacific.edu Geoffrey Jones Isidor Straus Professor of Business History Harvard Busi
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  • The role of business ethics and corporate social responsibility in business management
    INTRODUCTION It is important to note that business ethics and CSR go hand in hand. In order to understand CSR, one must also understand ethics. Also, a socially responsible firm should also be an ethical firm and an ethical firm should also be a socially responsible firm. However, one migh
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  • Comparative and international corporate governance
    This article was downloaded by: [Indian Institute of Management (T&F Special) Consortium] On: 11 January 2011 Access details: Access Details: [subscription number 919357210] Publisher Routledge Informa Ltd Registered in England and Wales Registered Number: 1072954 Registered office: Mortimer House,
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