• Can Contemporary Organisations Learn Anything Useful from Stace and Dunphy’s Situational Approach to Change Management?
    W ith regarding to the rapid pace of technological innovation, the contemporary organizations prefer to use the more mature theory then the new issued study. I don’t think Stace and Dunphy ’s situational approach can satisfy all the condition on the whole organization change; however, it shou
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  • Freewill Through the Eyes of Stace
    Freewill Through the Eyes of Stace I can most relate with Stace's views on freewill. I feel that the freewill argument is more about definition and the word's true meaning. I also agree with his statement of, "if there is no free will there can be no morality." Stace believes that is doing wha
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  • Dunlop and Stace Model
    The Dunlop and Stace model considers transformational leadership as a continuous moving through the following stages: | | | 1. Fine Tuning - ongoing refinement of existing strategy and processes | | | | | | | | 2. Incremental Adjustment - making distinct modifications and adjustments | | | | | |
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