"Do You Feel That David Was Justified In Insisting That The Job Not The Person Be Evaluated" Essays and Research Papers

Do You Feel That David Was Justified In Insisting That The Job Not The Person Be Evaluated

First Response Paper February 20, 2012 Was the Death of Socrates Justified? The life and death of Socrates is a topic that can spark great debates. Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher who was put on trial for two specific reasons. In the Apology, we learn that the people of Athens claimed that Socrates did not believe in the gods of their city, but in other spiritual things. This was thought to be impious. They also believed that Socrates was corrupting the youth. Socrates did his best...

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Job You Will Like to Do

When it comes to a job that I will like to do in the future, I would like to choose teaching, which is considered one of the best jobs in the world. There are lots of children all over the world can not go to school simply due to the lack of teachers. Several months ago, I watched a TV program showing that teachers were badly needed in many parts of our world, places like western parts of China, Southeast Asia, and Africa. It also broadcasted the stories of a couple from the United States who...

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CASE: 1 GEORGE DAVID George David has been CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) for more than a decade. During that time he has received numerous accolades and awards for his performance as a CEO. Under his leadership UTC, a $343 billion conglomerate whose operating units include manufacturers of elevators (Otis Elevator), aerospace products (including Pratt & Whitney jet engines and Sikorsky helicopters), air conditioning systems, and fire and security systems, has seen earnings...

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why to do this job

 WHY DO YOU WANT THIS JOB? “I am certain that I can make an impact and bring benefit to the company and to myself. This job would allow me to use my proven skills to bring great value to this company( specific example of how your skills bring value! ). I applied for this job since it matches my skills and abilities, my previous experience and positions. This job is a logical step forward for me and if I was appointed then I feel you would not be disappointed.”  WHY DO YOU WANT THIS JOB...

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Hrm Case 3

Incident 3: The Controversial Job David Rhine, compensation manager for Farrington Lingerie Company, was generally relaxed and good-natured. Although he was a no-nonsense, competent executive, David was one of the most popular managers in the company. This Friday morning, however, David was not his usual self. As chairperson of the company’s job evaluation committee, he had called a late morning meeting at which several jobs were to be considered for reevaluation. The jobs had already been rated and...

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person-based-pay vs. job-based-pay

Advantages Person-Based-Pay According Dierdroff and Surface (2008), organizations or companies that adopt this method can encourage and promote a work environment that is more flexible. This is because the approach to Person-based-pay, organizations or companies to provide payment of wages or salary for someone to learn more skills and encourage them to improve. When workers can improve performance in a variety of tasks, the company will benefit from increased productivity. Employees will feel obliged...

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What Do You Think Caused Deborah to React in Such Manner Towards Melinda? Do You Think These Reactions Are Justified?

1.0 What do you think caused Deborah to react in such manner towards Melinda? Do you think these reactions are justified? Usually in every organization, there are myriads of ways how people resist change. People often show resistance to change in a very rational response based on self-interest, fear of unknown, fear of failure, personal conflicts, cultural values and assumption, politics etc. Therefore, it can be established that there are innumerable reasons people resist change and many of them...

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Job Shadow

Job Shadow For my job shadow experience, I decided to interview Marc Sleeckx. Marc is the Inn Keeper at the Hide Away Country Inn which is located in Bucyrus, Ohio. The Inn Keeper is pretty much what you would call the General Manager of a Hotel since this place is an Inn and only has twelve rooms they call it a Inn Keeper because it sounds a lot more personal. The service that the Hide Away Country Inn provides a consumer with is very similar to a Bed and Breakfast. They have twelve different...

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Leeper Lingerie - Total Rewards Assignment #3

Total Rewards-HRM 533 May 15, 2011 Do you think that Keith was justified in insisting that the job, not the person be evaluated? Explain you answer. Keith Hopson is chairman of the company’s job evaluation committee therefore I feel that he is justified in insisting that the job not the person be evaluated. Job evaluation is a technique used to determine the value of each job in relation to all jobs within the organization (McAlister, 2008). The job evaluation and the employee evaluation...

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Review of: Why You Do the Things You Do

| Review of:Why You Do The Things You Do Clinton, Dr. Tim & Sibcy, Dr. Gary. (2006). Why You Do the Things You Do: The Secret of Healthy Relationships. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. Summary Relationships are in our everyday life all around us, but the most intimate relationships we have include God, our parents, our children and our spouse. God implanted the desire for intimacy or relationship within us when He created Adam and Eve. God hardwired the desire for relationship in us...

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person essay

Important Person in my Life We all have someone that is really important to us, someone that has influenced us in our lifetime at some time or another and thanks to that person we are the person we are today. In my case that someone is my mother. My mother is really important to me because thanks to her I exist today, she gave me life .My mother is my best friend, my confident, she is the person that I trust the most in my life .I consider my mother as the most important person in my life...

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Curley S Wife Do You Dislike Her Or Feel Sorry For Her

Curley’s Wife – do you dislike her or feel sorry for her? Dislike her: We should dislike CW because she is horrible to other people, especially those who are weaker than her. “what am I doing standing her with a dumb-dumb, a nigger…” For example, she says to Crooks “you know what I can do to you if you open your trap.” which shows her using her power against him as she has the power to get him hung.. When she tells him to get back into his place she is reminding him of how low he is because he is...

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Is the Death Penalty Justified?

Is the Death Penalty Justified? Jessica Valentine PHI 103 Informal Logic Professor Stephen Carter March 20, 2012 Is the Death Penalty Justified? The death penalty will always be a topic some people refuse to talk about. When in fact, it is a very serious topic and people should know how and why the death penalty is not justified. I believe the death penalty is not justified in the least bit because there are people sitting up in prison just living life because the state does not want to...

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What would You Do ? and Country

IELTS SPEAKING PART ONE TOPICS. YOU Describe yourself. FAMILY o Describe your family? o Do you have a large or small family? o How much time do you spend with your family? o What do you like to do together as a family? o Do you get along well with your family? o Are people in your country generally close to their families? WORK o What do you do? o What are your responsibilities? o How many hours do you work each day? o Do you enjoy your work? o Is there...

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Dos and Dont's of Job Interview

1. Don't Prepare Not being able to answer the question "What do you know about this company?" might just end your quest for employment, at least with this employer. Background information including company history, locations, divisions, and a mission statement are available in an "About Us" section on most company websites. Review it ahead of time, then print it out and read it over just before your interview to refresh your memory. Also check the company's LinkedIn page and Facebook page, if they...

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Literary Analysis of David and Goliath

A Character Analysis of David and Goliath When studying any piece of literature there are many different methods and techniques that can be used. The Bible, in specific, is often referred to as a source of moral code, hope, and answers to social, ethical, and political questions. However, this incredibly influential book can also be read as if it were any other novel. The events, settings, and characters can all be evaluated for what they are, forgetting the notion that they are from a religious...

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Job Shadow

Job Shadow Paper The career I chose to follow is a Medical Laboratory Scientist. I had the great pleasure of shadowing one. On May 1, 2013, I went to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton, WI to shadow Janet S. Rosin, MT(ASCP). She gave me a tour of their labs which included fields such as Urinalysis, Hematology, and Microbiology. Although the shadow lasted an hour and a half, I was still able to see all sections of the lab and ask my questions. After touring the lab, we sat down in her office...

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what are you going to do with that

 The Chronicle Review October 3, 2010 What Are You Going to Do With That? Katherine Streeter for The Chronicle Review By William Deresiewicz The essay below is adapted from a talk delivered to a freshman class at Stanford University in May. The question my title poses, of course, is the one that is classically aimed at humanities majors. What practical value could there possibly be in studying literature or art or philosophy? So you must be wondering why I'm bothering to raise it here...

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General Management - George David

George David has been CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) for more than a decade. During that time he has received numerous accolades and awards for his performance as a CEO. Under his leadership UTC, a $343 billion conglomerate whose operating units include manufacturers of elevators (Otis Elevator), aerospace products (including Pratt & Whitney jet engines and Sikorsky helicopters), air conditioning systems, and fire and security systems, has seen earnings grow at 10–14 percent annually—impressive...

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Describe what would be according to your personality the ideal job for you?

the ideal job for you? I used to change my idea of what an ideal job is since a while. When I was young, my dream was to be a princess like the others girls of my age. Who doesn’t want a pink life with money, comfort and happiness? When I was a teenager I wanted to work with horses, because they were my favorite animal. And now, since I’m enrolled in a business program, I have new expectations even if some are similar. I want to make money, have a beautiful and great life thanks to a job that should...

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Justified and Ancient by Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis’ Justified and Ancient He laughs best who laughs last: That is one of the statements made in Simon Lewis’ short story from the year two thousand. Another one may be a statement of justice. Justice may be a term of the type which value is diminished because of the word put on it. Reading the short story provokes us to reconsider our normal interpretation of the word since the word acts paradoxical in it. When are you justified to do certain actions and who is justified against who...

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Making You Feel Wow!!

Chapter 3: Case Title: Making You Say Wow Submitted To Dr Masudur Rahman Professor Faculty of Business Studies Department of Marketing University of Dhaka Submitted By Group C SN 1 2 3 4 5 Name Sharna Rubaiya Md. Yameen Hossain Md. Ridwanul Arafat Samara Salsabeel Khan Md. Samin Salakin ID 41222052 Batch 22nd 22nd 22nd 22nd 21st 41222074 41222045 41222027 41221073 Date of Submission: 01st December, 2012 Case Summary: Making You Say Wow Culture is the full range...

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How Important and Applicable Do You Feel Segmentation Was for Gillette

How important and applicable do you feel segmentation was for Gillette Any market in terms of marketing consists of buyers who differ in their tastes, desires, needs, and, most importantly, buy goods based on different motivations. Therefore, the entrepreneur must understand that in diversity of demand, especially in a competitive environment, each person will react differently to the goods or services offered. Very difficult to satisfy all customers, because each of them has some differences in...

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Job Descriptions

As the second assignment of the Session Long Project submit a sample job description for the position you hold with your current employer.  Were there any areas in this job description that you felt were missing that were pertinent to your job?  If you were working in the human resource department how would you know if the candidate applying for the position could do the job?  If not currently employed, use your last position.  Be sure to incorporate module concepts into your assignment.  Limit...

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Was Brutus Justified for Killing Caesar

whether you believe Brutus was justified for murdering Caesar, or whether you believe that Brutus made the wrong decision. You may also reference “The Soldier’s Dilemma” and/or current events to illustrate your point of view. Support your position thoroughly and logically. According to dictionary.com, trust is a “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” This concept is prevalent in the play Julius Caesar; Caesar, a publicly loved figurehead, was assassinated...

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How to identify and discern a person-07102012 We are ministering and talking to people all the time. We are meeting people everywhere and anywhere. We talk about fellowship, it is people; we talk about church, it is people. When we talk about business, we are meeting with people. When we go shopping we are meeting people too. So, all the time we are in contact with people. That is why we need to know how to discern. If we don’t discern we touch the live wire. When we touch the live wire we can...

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How Bad Do You Want It

motivational speech How Bad Do You Want It? There was a young man, you know, who wanted to make a lot of money and so he went to this guru, right. And he told the guru you know I wanna be on the same level you are, and the guru said if you wanna be on the same level I’m on, I’ll met you tomorrow at the beach. So the young man got there 4 A.M. he’s all ready to rock n’ roll. Got on a suit, should of wore shorts. The old man grabs his hand and said: How bad do you wanna be successful? He said:...

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Leader You Admire

leader that I truly admire is a real life person that has been immortalized as much in real life as well as multiple books and a miniseries is Major Dick Winters. Major Winters was a member of the U.S. Army who server during WWII as an officer who moved up through the ranks to become company commander of Company "E", 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. He was a natural leader who believed that his great service was due to the men that served under him, and...

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David Fletcher

The case study is about how David Fletcher is trying to build a team of research analyst to help him in his work as portfolio manager, running emerging growth fund at Jenkins Fletcher Partners, JFP. A Harvard Business School Graduate, he moved from being from being an analyst adviser, investor ( in different firms) to portfolio manager at a big investment firm where he managed two aggressive Funds so well that he got the reputation of being the top Portfolio Manager of the industry. He had a young...

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Beautiful Boy by David Sheff

Page 1 A book that I would not have normally picked up, Beautiful Boy, by David Sheff, has recently broadened my horizons. This book is about a father’s journey throughout his son’s drug addiction and alcoholism, yet so much more. While reading this book, I pondered my own life, my own path. This book is an insight to the emotional trauma inflicted on family members of an addict. I have no personal experience with drugs or alcohol, only stories and scenes from movies, but I have been taught...

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Disgrace - Morality of David Lurie

Write an essay in which you explore Lurie’s view of morality. Use examples from the text to support your observations: Morality according to Wikipedia: “Derived from the Latin word Moralitas which means manner, character, and proper behavior. Moral code is a system of morality and a moral is any one practice or teaching within a moral code. Morality can be synonymous with “goodness” or “rightness”.” David Lurie has a mixed sense of morality. On one hand, he sleeps with prostitutes in order...

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How Do You Stop Stress

How do you stop stress? Many people always complain about being stressed, when you ask them why their stress they give you different answers from school to work to problems with family or friends. Stress is scientifically defined as the process by which we perceive and respond to certain events, that we appraise as threatening or challenging (Psychology eight edition 550). This means anything that is happening in a person’s life can lead to stress if it’s not handled correctly and becomes a problem...

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What Did Charles George Gordon Do to Earn the View That He Was an Imperial Hero and Was It Justified?

What did Charles George Gordon do to earn the view that he was an Imperial Hero and was it justified? When discussing heroes the first things that would come to mind are selfless individuals, they would show a tremendous amount of bravery in the face of certain defeat and have the courage and determination to beat overwhelming odds. The dictionary definitions of heroes are “a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength and ability” or “a man admired for his...

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The Life of David Gale

103 July 3, 2013 “No Lifeguard on Duty” Capital Punishment is when a person is put to death for a crime they committed. While most americans continue to support execution, there is always the few who are against it. One of the main arguments against capital punishment is that someone can wrongfully be charged for a crime they did not commit and then wrongfully have their life taken away. In the film, The Life of David Gale, the director, Alan Parker, tells of the story of a man who is sentenced...

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Is Steve Jobs a Leader or a Manager?

Nathan Girard 9/27/2011 Is Steve Jobs a Leader or a Manager? John Sculley former CEO of both PepsiCo & Apple states that the differences between leadership and management is; “Leadership is often confused with other things, specifically management. Management requires an entirely different set of skills. As Sculley sees it, leadership revolves around vision, ideas, direction, and has more to with inspiring people as to direction and goals than with day-to-day implementation…One can’t lead...

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Thank You for Smoking: Summary

Summary of “Thank You for Smoking” The movie “Thank You for Smoking” is primarily about the job and actions of the main character, Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart). Nick Nelson is a lobbyist, the vice president and spokesperson of The Academy of Tobacco Studies. His job is to acknowledge people of the research and findings about the effects of cigarettes. The company is financed mainly by tobacco companies and they claim to have found no defective linkage between smoking and major diseases. But what...

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Staffing And Employee Job Satisfaction

 Staffing and Employee Job Satisfaction IVK has had a hard time with communication among their different groups. As we learned from Barton throughout the book, each department has a problem communicating with the next. Whether they do not understand each other or they believe their issues are more important than the next, it hinders progress and needs to change. From a consultant’s perspective, we will be analyzing how IVK can keep their current employees happy and creative, help them to understand...

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How Do You Think It Makes Your Mother Feel

 How Do You Think It Makes Your Mother Feel Having a comfortable conversation with family is a good way to be a harmonious family. Have you ever tried to communicate with your family? In the article, "How Do You Think It Makes Your Mother Feel", the author, James Frey is having a conversation with his family and therapist because he has a problem with drugs. The reason why they called a therapist is that James’ parents want to figure out what is happening to James and are trying to help him. ...

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2b or Not 2b by David Crystal

Rylee Kay Jamie McBeth-Smith English 1010-053 9/16/14 “2b or Not 2b” by David Crystal Is texting making our language worse or is it improving it? David Crystal, “a professor at the University of Wales and is known for his work in English language studies and linguistics” (335), writes about how many people think that texting is destroying our language, but Crystal believes that texting can improve children’s ability to read and write, he also writes that texting may add a new dimension to communication...

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Was the policy of appeasement justified?

historians say that the appeasement wasn't justified and that Chamberlain was a weak person while of the other hand some say that Chamberlain didn't have any other chose. There are a number of reasons that support both of the sides. Appeasement was justified in a few ways, sympathy for Germany, the desire for peace, the threat of communism and the time to rearm. All of these factors explain how the appeasement was justified. Sympathy for Germany, was an accept that mainly concerned the British...

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Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? University of the Incarnate Word With over 15 years in the Air Force, I have a good deal of management experience. I have served as supervisor for up to 20 people at one time, and have been in many different situations where I’ve had to call on my leadership training. I have had to deal with young adults’ financial problems, divorces, and even suicide attempts. I am passionate about what I do, and I genuinely enjoy watching people...

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Do Not Judge a Person by their Appearance

Do Not Judge a Person by there Appearance Everyone has heard the saying “Never judge a book by its cover.” Well, that certainly is true when applied to everyday life. Most of us tend to look at one’s external appearance and draw a short conclusion on their character when we first observe them. Being in school, this always happens. No matter if a person has the sweetest personality, if his or her appearance is not good people judge them on only that fact. There have been many circumstances...

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Job Analysis Paper

Job Analysis Paper PSY 435 Job Analysis Paper A job analysis is a way to describe a job or the attributes needed to obtain the job (Spector, 2012). Different jobs need people with certain attributes; these attributes help the job be completed as necessary. A job analysis can help companies hire the right employees, and this creates a successful working environment. There are two different job analysis approaches; each approach focuses on different needs for a job. The first is the Job-Oriented...

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Treatment of Children in David Copperfield

Dickens define his book. David Copperfield tells the story of a child who loses his father and has to assume responsibilities earlier. Also, it shows the child's treatment by different adults; From Peggotty, who is a lovely woman with David to Jane Murdstone, whose extreme dislike of kids. The book is written in first person because is an autobiography of Dickens, who had a very similar life history: His father went to debtor's prision and he started to work when he was twelve years old. Dickens...

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David Copperfield Essay

David Copperfield | November 16 2012 | Matt Huddleston | ` “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” (Charles Dickens) The film adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel “David Copperfield,” accurately depicts the Industrial Revolution. The film covers the aspects of the struggle of social class with the people during that time period. There is also a view of violence through different aspects. Labour of various social classes is shown with many diverse careers. The private lives...

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Job Offer Negotiation

How did you prepare for this negotiation? Why did you prepare in this manner? A. Identify the issues that you thought were the most important issues to be negotiated, and briefly explain why you thought they were the most important. In preparation for this negotiation, I studied the case diligently. I wrote down, what I felt were the key issues for Joe Tech. I also made a list of pros and cons associated with each issue. I prepared in this manner because it gave me the opportunity to effectively...

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Are You a Self Motivator?

Are you a self motivator?" * Absolutely. I can always find something productive that needs doing. * I'm very motivated to do a good job at what I take on, and I like to stay busy. * I am a self motivator, and I take great pride in my job as a nurse. "Do you plan to make nursing your career?" * I do! I absolutely love being a nurse, and the satisfaction that comes with helping patients is incredibly rewarding to me. * I love being a nurse, and there are so many opportunities...

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Obesity How do you feel about yourself and your appearance?

Obesity How do you feel about yourself and your appearance? What do you see when you look in a mirror? When you see yourself, are you too skinny, are you perfect, or are you overweight? Many people?s weight is just fine, but the people in society like to look as if they are ?perfect.? Obesity is more common in America than any other time before. It?s an increasingly severe problem in our society. 54% of Americans are obese. What is your reaction when you see an obese person? Obese is ?being seriously...

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My First Job

summer of 2008, I had promoted from 8th grade and was about to make a transition to high school. At the age of fifteen, my only concern was trying to figure out how I was going to do at a new school, however, my mother had other plans for me. She decided that it was time for me to get a job. My mother was considered more as a single mom at the time. Even though our stepdad was existent, he didn’t really do much to help out with having us grow unless it was for personal gain. My mother also functioned...

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Steve Jobs

Think Different Jobs as iCEO Chapter 25 in the book "Steve Jobs", by Walter Isaacson Before covering questions that provided regarding to article I’d like to express my personal admiration to Apple and Steve Jobs as a founder and CEO. Steve Jobs succeed to change the world by making his vision to become true. He also had made an inspiration for millions of people by changing their perception that everything is possible. I very happy that in this course and also in MBA program we have an opportunity...

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Is War Justified

In Today's Society, War can be Justified Philosophical Social Issues In today's society, the possession and effective use of force is necessary. We have to recognize that we live in an imperfect world where evil seems to be an inevitablity. Our constant need for power makes the idea of a violent free world unimaginable. As long as we continue on this power hungry path the political issues will continue on this same path. Force is necessary with our current societal conditions and can be looked...

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David Fletcher

Executive Summary David Fletcher, a heavily overworked portfolio manager of the Emerging Growth Fund at a New York investment management firm, plans to ramp-up a team of research-analysts. He wishes to delegate a part of his workload to this team. The case explores the problems that David faces at various stages of introducing new members in his team. It also touches upon the challenges faced by a typically task oriented person while engaging in a team building exercise. Is David Fletcher successful...

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Do you think Mrs Birling is presented as having done something worse than the others ?

Do you think Mrs Birling is presented as having done something worse than the others ? An inspector calls is a play written in 1945 about a much different time period 1912. It is based on a working class family who act as if they were upper class. Each member of the family displays some of the seven deadly sins as we find out as the inspector questions them all. Due to the fact they all display more than one of the sins I will therefor look into weather Mrs Birling is presented as having done...

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Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?

Defining justice involves an in depth look at what we as individuals and a collective society value. Michael Sandel’s book Justice: What’s the right thing to do? does not attempt to answer these questions for us but rather implores us to look inside ourselves for the answers. This is accomplished by challenging the reader with cases, some hypothetical, and some real, in which the moral basis can be debated from different angles. We all have views on the death penalty, war, taxes, and religion but...

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assignment is designed for you to apply culturally appropriate strategies to engage and build rapport with a difficult client case. In each vignette you are asked to consider how you (whom the client is meeting for the very first time) could develop a working relationship and to support your intervention strategies with the assigned reading material in the syllabus. When reading the vignette, think about the unique strengths and challenges each client presents and how you can use that knowledge...

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Are You Experienced?

Are you Experienced? by William Sutcliffe Author:William Sutcliffe was born in London on 9 March 1971 and grew up in Harrow, a north west London suburb. He attended the Haberdashers´ Aske´s School in Elstree (a school for boys) for 7 years and then he studied at Cambridge University. There he was a member of Cambridge Footlights, a well known performance group that mounts several shows a year.After graduation Sutcliffe worked as a television researcher for divers independent production companies...

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How Do You Feel About Atheism?

How Do You Feel About Atheism? Lauren Martino Inquiry Skills Pre- IB Ms. DiVarco 29, April 2012 Word Count: 1277 0699118 Table of Contents I. Introduction A. Are there signs that Atheism is spreading globally within the past 20 years II. Body B. Population which believes in Atheism a. Start off with a block quote to catch the reader’s attention about which part of the world believes in Atheism b. Have statistics to show change over time of different...

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Do you believe?

sound rang through us, the dread over took my body. The war that we all prepared for was here, the one we read in our holy books, the one which many people spoke about but didn’t prepare themselves for. It was looked upon as a myth, but for us it spiraled around fusing itself with time, making the war between worlds reality. Nothing that I was grown to know, or to believe, was true today. As a nonbeliever, I was made to believe that nothing existed outside of Earth. I didn’t believe in God, I believed...

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“Ask Not What You Can Do for Your University, but What Your University Can Do for You”

The Current Undergraduate The article, “Ask Not What You Can Do For Your University, but What Your University Can Do For You”, written by the University of California Los Angeles Student WebZine, claims that universities are no longer providing education for students, but rather running a business. Colleges have turned into a profit seeking institution, making decisions based on financial concerns. The article claims that students are customers and education is a purchase. Webzine scolds the students...

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Traits- Steve Jobs

personalities, you will be able to explain and predict others’ behavior and job performance. Between, the big five model of personality is the most widely accepted way to classify personalities that has been proved by researchers. The big five model of personality categories traits into the dimensions of surgency, agreeableness, adjustment, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. Surgency consist of leadership and extraversion traits. The leader of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs is a person in high surgency...

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