How Do You Feel About Atheism?

Topics: Atheism, God, Religion Pages: 6 (1679 words) Published: January 11, 2013
How Do You Feel About Atheism?

Lauren Martino
Inquiry Skills Pre- IB
Ms. DiVarco
29, April 2012
Word Count: 1277
Table of Contents
I. Introduction
A. Are there signs that Atheism is spreading globally within the past 20 years II. Body
B. Population which believes in Atheism
a. Start off with a block quote to catch the reader’s attention about which part of the world believes in Atheism b. Have statistics to show change over time of different religions 1. Atheism

2. Agnostics
3. Christianity
4. Judaism
c. List a few factors of why Atheism is decreasing globally d. Talk about Atheism in the United States
C. Scientific facts about Atheism
a. Do people believe in Atheism because of science or something personal has happened to them which has caused them not to believe in a God b. Have a quote from someone who believes in either the science of Atheism or if something has happened to them for them to stop believing a God III. Conclusion

Over the past 20 years Atheism has changed globally. In the United States the percentage has risen and in Third World countries it has decreased.

Lauren Martino
Ms. DiVarco
Inquiry Skills Pre-IB
29 April 2012
How Do You Feel About Atheism?
Many people believe in “God”, or some type of god who has to do with creation and good and evil. These people that believe in God may belong to all different types of religion, such as Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist. There are some people that don’t believe in any type of god. These people are called Atheists from the Greek word atheos, meaning without god. Baron d’Holbach a French/German author and philosopher once said “All children are born Atheists; they have no idea of God.” People are Atheists for a few reasons; they were born and raised that way or possibly became an Atheist once something bad happened to them and they realized there was no God around to help them. Some people may just be of a scientific personality where they need proof for everything, otherwise they cannot accept it. To what extent has atheism grown in the past 20 years globally and why? “Atheism and other forms of non-belief have been declining in the Third World, largely because of the fall of communism. Non-belief has been rising in the First World, but that trend is slowing. In the last few decades atheists have been a rapidly declining percentage of world population. They are now 2.5% of the world population. Agnostics and those who are indifferent to religion are also a somewhat more slowly declining percentage of the world's population, they are now 11.5%.” (Kenect2) What religion do people go to once they have turned away from Atheism? Between 2005 and 2010 an increase of close to 200 million people became Christians worldwide. An article from “” by Mary Fairchild talks specifically about the percent’s of Christianity in the world. “Christianity is ranked as the largest religion in the world today with approximately 2 billion adherents. 33% of the world's population is considered to be Christian.” (Fairchild) “The number of Americans declaring no specific religious affiliation is the fastest- growing religious group. This group, sometimes referred to by social scientists as “the nones," constitutes approximately 16% of the US population, growing more...
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