• Call Center Case Study - Customer Contact Center
    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 1.1. Company Background 1.2. Vision 1.3. Summary 1.4. Case Study Problem 1.5. Business Analysis 1.6. Project Initiation 1.7. Project Management 1.8. ITIL Processes that will Applied 1.9. Implementation Strategy, Maintenance and Closure. Detailed I
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  • Customer Contact Point
    Implementation of customer contact point had brought up certain issue on which method better, either single contact point or multiple contact point. There a lot of people believe that offering multiple methods for users to get improves responsiveness. It is because they do believe that the product w
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  • Customer Contact
    Abstract Working in a telecommunication company one would believe that the communication within the organization would flow smoothly. This is not always the case though. An example would be our account documentation process. There are some discrepancies between departments on what is required in co
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  • Customer Centricity
    http://jsr.sagepub.com Journal of Service Research DOI: 10.1177/1094670506294666 Journal of Service Research 2006; 9; 113 Denish Shah, Roland T. Rust, A. Parasuraman, Richard Staelin and George S. Day The Path to Customer Centricity http://jsr.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/9/2/113 The onli
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  • Customer Services at Express Distributors
    OBJECTIVES • To find out and critically evaluate the current level of customer service activities at Express Distributors. • To identify gaps in the customer service- what customers expect and what is being offered by Express Distributors. • To help develop a proactive appro
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  • Secrets to Customer Retention
    The Loyalty Connection: Secrets To Customer Retention And Increased Profits By Bob Thompson CEO, CustomerThink Corporation Founder, CRMGuru.com March 2005 Compliments of Copyright © 2005 RightNow Technologies. All Rights Reserved. The Loyalty Connection Table of Contents Executi
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  • Customer Relationship Management
    European Journal of Social Sciences – Volume 11, Number 1 (2009) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Best Practices and Customer Loyalty A Study of Indian Retail Banking Sector Kallol Das School of Management, International Institute of Information Technology, P-14 Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Par
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  • The Customer as Co-Producer
    The customer as co-producer Solveig Wikström - School of Business, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden Introduction A look at what is happening in the world of business today shows that the focus of business development is now gradually moving away from products and factories. Instead, int
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  • Contact (Call) Center Managers?
    Case: Contact Centers Should Take a Lesson from Local Business 1. What lessons are there from these two examples for contact (call) center managers? Services are different from manufacturing, with the key service difference being the interaction of the customer in the delivery process. Servic
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  • Customer Relationships Marketing
    Literature Review The Evolving Sales and Marketing Landscape Marketing and business development professionals are confronting a rapidly different and changing business landscape. The traditional business model that was once the standard is now being transformed due to technology drivers that make ad
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  • The Customer Orientated Bureaucracy
    Introduction Customer Oriented Bureaucracy (COB) is an amalgamation of the two conflicting images of service work these being new service management (NSM) which suggests a win:win:win relationship between customers, employees and employers against the more negative aspect of service work brought
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  • How to Identify and Fulfill Customer Needs
    Summary and book report The Service Advantage: How to Identify and Fulfill Customer Needs Karl Albrecht, Lawrence J. Bradford. Homewood, Ill.: Dow Jones-Irwin HF5415.5 .A43 1990 Summary: According to this book, to know your customer is the basis thing for a success business. A good way to le
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  • Improving Customer Service
    Running head: IMPROVING CUSTOMER SERVICE BAKER COLLEGE CENTER FOR GRADUATE STUDIES On-Line Masters of Business Administration Assignment for course: BUS 576 Training and Development Submitted to: April Flanagan Submitted by: Chieoma Shabazz Location of Course: On-Line Date of Course Meet
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  • Customer Relationship Management with Respect to Recurring Deposit Account of Sbi and Icici
    INTRODUCTION OF TOPIC TOPIC To make comparative analysis of Customer Relationship Management with respect to Recurring Deposit Account of SBI and ICICI. INTRODUCTION Aim of Customer Relationship Management is to produce Customer Equity. Three major drivers of customer equity are: 1. Value
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  • Customer Satisfation
    CUSTOMER SATISFACTION What is customer satisfaction? Customer satisfaction is a measurement of customer attitudes about products, services and brands. While it's always been smart to keep customers happy, the term "customer satisfaction" became popularized in the
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  • Customer Equity
    Part 1 Traditional marketing has evolved through direct marketing into new marketing paradigm in the centre of which, new marketing concept is developed. This is the concept of the customer, where customer orientation is no longer marketing form, but a company strategy. In their article, Hoekstra
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  • Customer Relationship Management
    The impact of customer relationship management on the financial performance of an organization 1 Chapter 1-Introduction The impact of customer relationship management on the financial performance of an organization 2 1.1 Introduction This chapter provides an overview of the dissertation in bri
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  • Customer Relationship Management
    Customer relationship management From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Customer relationship management (CRM) consists of the processes a company uses to track and organize its contacts with its current and prospective customers. CRM software is used to support these processes; information about
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  • Customer Relationship Management
    Customer Relationship Management SYMBIOSIS INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (SIMS) Dissertation on Customer Relationship Management Submitted By: Ayush Singh Roll no:09 PRN No:68211 Class- 2(D) Semester: Fourth Semester Date required:18/2/2008 Date of Submission: 18/2/2008
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  • What Is Customer Relationship?
    Customer relationship management (CRM) consists of the processes a company uses to track and organize its contacts with its current and prospective customers. CRM software is used to support these processes; the software system can be accessed, and information about customers and customer interactio
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