Contact Sports

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Week 8 Final Draft
Contact Sports
ENG 112
June 21, 2012

Contact sports have been a part of school age children’s life for a long time in America. Whether it be football, soccer, lacrosse, wrestling, or the recent addition to American sports, rugby. Millions of children in middle school or high school have worked hard and enjoyed playing. In recent news articles contact sports have been deemed bad for children. Doctors have been studying the statistics and have come to the conclusion that children have been developing physical injuries resulting from certain types of contact sports. One of the new findings from these studies is that once a person especially a child receives a concussion, the probability that they will get another is a lot greater. Recently children have died from concussions, which they have received from playing contact sports. The future of contact sports will benefit greatly from these studies. With every study they preform, the more safe guards that can be developed means the fewer children will be injured. Most contact sports do have an element of physical danger, but if the coach and the players work together the injuries can reduce in number. There will still be the occasional injury, that’s the price the player pays for the type of sport they are in. Even though contact sports can be dangerous, it does have its benefits. Contact sports provide physical activity, teach discipline, and develop intelligence. To keep healthy people need to have some exercise every day. On the average there are more adults and children over weight now than there has ever been in our society. In our society today we have gotten used to the fast life. Work, school, running around getting things we don’t have time for cooking healthy. So our society has become accustomed to eating fast food all the time, sitting in front of the TV, computer, video games, etc. Our kids no longer get the exercise that they need, and our population is having an overweight problem, and we are having a hard time correcting it. Exercise is the only way that a society can cure this. One way to start children exercising early is through contact sports. Contact sports are offered through every school athletics programs, and parks and recreation organizations. There are grants and free programs available for families who normally could not afford it. Football, baseball, soccer, dance classes, and gymnastics are offered for children as young as three years old. Being involved in contact sports the players are subjected to a wide variety of physical activity, not just a concentration in their particular sport. Which helps keep the child fit, and will then not have a problem being overweight and unhealthy. The average sport practice starts out with stretching, running, pushups, sit ups, and so on. According to some doctors, participating in contact sports can lead to too much physical activity. A body subjected to too much physical sports can lead to many injuries ranging from minor, to very major. “Some of the most common injuries caused from playing contact sports are, fractures, sprains, ligament damage, brushing, ruptured disks in the back, torn muscles, broken teeth, etc.”(Rice, page 12). Children have to go through surgeries that they would not have to go through unless they were elderly. For instance some children have to have hip replacements, knee surgeries, procedures for arthritis, and so on. Children are missing a lot of school, medical bills are increasing higher for children then they have ever been. Most athletic departments in schools are providing high quality treatment for athletes that get hurt. Schools are hiring specialized sports therapists that attend to injuries as soon as they occur. The therapists will assess the situation and give their recommendations so no time lapses before treatment begins. Many of the individual sports leagues are testing and developing new ways to prevent...
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