• Body Language in Cultures
    Sean E. English 102 Body language is not language in the strict sense of the word language; it is in fact, a broad term for forms of communication using body movements, gestures, facial expressions and eye behaviors in addition to sounds, verbal language, or other forms of communication. Althou
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  • Cultures
    American history began with waves of immigrants, bringing their own cultures and traditions to a vast new country. No other place in the world has such a diverse population. It is this diversity that makes America what it is and, at the same time, creates the challenges it faces. Everyone needs to
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  • Divine Roles Across Cultures
    CHAPTER 3 The Female Divine THE GREAT GODDESS Was There a Great Goddess? During the last century and a half, numerous and seemingly related prehistoric artifacts depicting female figures have been found in a wide range from France to Siberia and as far south as Greece. Among these ancient
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  • Joyce Carol Oates
    Joyce Carol Oates: “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” NOTES PRE-READING: • rebels/“bad boys” throughout the generations (music, movies) • secret desire/wish/fantasy with which you surprisingly came face-to-face. • Teenagers: behaviors, role models, sexuality, malls
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  • Trapped Between Different Cultures
    Year 8 Critical Review – Different Cultures… How does Jolil feel trapped between the two cultures in the short story Kiss Miss Carol by Farrukh Dhondy? In this essay I shall be discussing and looking at how Jolil feels, distressed between two different cultures that he is living in, at...
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