• Stick to the Core
    George Caldwell and Ian Rafferty worked at a giant multinational advertising agency for ten years. After leaving their jobs, they have partnered, found and run Advaark, also an advertising agency, together for seven years. Several high-profile clients that they gained from their own reputation in ad
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  • Core Competencies
    Core Competence of the Corporation Article Overview Core competencies, as described later in the article, “are the collective learning the organization, especially how to coordinate diverse production skills and integrate multiple streams of technologies.” This article started by discussion ho
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  • Cisco Culture
    Assessing corporate culture Cisco Systems MBA 501: Organizational Dynamics and Leadership Professor: Dr. Bruce Hiebert Gurjot Singh Friday, April 09, 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction 3 2 About Cisco Systems 3 2.1 Vision, mission 3 2.2 Slogans, legends
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  • Cisco
    t used Notes Not used Not used IDF-2 Cable Runs This example shows a sample from the cut sheet for the second floor of the Farb building. This includes rooms 2.10 thru 2.13. Room No. 2.10 2.11 2.12 2.13 Description Sales Agents Sales Mgr Marketing Mgr Conf Rm Qty 10 1 1 1 Cable ID I2-2.10-1 t
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  • Cisco
    Services Guide Technical Services Delivery Cisco Confidential - For Cisco Internal and Partner Use Only Technical Services Delivery Guide for Partners Content In This Services Guide… Page Introduction and How to Use this Guide The Cisco Technical Services Organization Custom
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  • Performance and Competency Management
    COMPANY PROFILE HCL Infosystems Ltd is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market, with its origins in 1976. For over quarter of a century, they have developed and implemented solutions for multiple market segments, across a range of technologies in India. They have been in the forefront in intr
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  • Cisco Case Study
    Cisco Systems is the network vendor for many institutions – yet they now also provide products and services for home networking. At the beginning history of Cisco Systems, the corporation’s goals were to build-up easiness in accessing the information using various electronic information channels
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  • Cisco Overview
    Cisco IT Executive Presentation Cisco on Cisco Overview Version 12, Q1, FY09 Produced by the Cisco on Cisco team within Cisco IT © 2008 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Public 1 Contents 1. How Big Is Cisco? 2. Cisco on Cisco Technology and Service Snapshots 3. About Ci
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  • Competency Mapping Among Pharmaceutical Graduates in Chennai
    MAPPING THE COMPETENCIES OF PHARMACEUTICAL GRADUATES IN CHENNAI INDEX Certificate Declaration Acknowledgement Table of Contents List of Tables List of Figures |S.NO. |CONTENTS |PAGE N
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  • Cisco Case Digest
    Case Digest: Cisco ERP and Web-enabled IT Cisco's success in web-enablement of its IT structure is manifested mostly in the following areas: internal organization development, customer interface, supply chain management, and executive decision making. Cisco's corporate intranet CEC provides a
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  • Cisco Case Analysis
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY January 1994 Cisco's legacy system surpassed its standard modification requirements and encountered a malfunction that resulted in corrupting the database. The company was almost completely shut down for two days. It became clear that the legacy system would not continue much lo
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  • Cisco Systems: Using the Web for Internal Efficiency
    Question 1: Cisco Systems is the leading supplier of networking equipment and network management for the Internet in the world. Products include routers, hubs, ethernet, LAN/ATM switches, dial-up access servers and software. Because customer satisfaction has always been a core value of a successful
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  • Cisco Overview
    Corporate Overview Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Today, networks are an essential part of business, education, government and home communications, and Cisco's Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of these networks. C
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  • Competency Based Performance Management
    Objective Most of the companies have a structured performance appraisal process to evaluate the employees on their performance which involves meeting performance objectives. But in many cases, there is a huge “gap” between the performance expectations and the actual performance. Here in the f
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  • Cisco
    Network Characteristics A network is defined as “a logical grouping of networks.” The Internet and other related networks are made possible due to the devices that Cisco produces (primarily network routers and switches). In fact, it was Cisco’s founders that invented the multi-protocol rout
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  • Cisco Systems Inc.: Implementing Erp
    Table of Contents Introduction 2 ERP Implementation Process 3 Implementation Obstacles 8 Implementation Success Level Analysis 9 Suggestions for Improvement 10 Conclusion 10 References 12 Appendix 14 Introduction To be successful in today's competi
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  • Marketing Case Study - Cisco
    Executive Summary The purpose of this case report is to analyze Cisco Systems in terms of its successful factors and current issues. The paper will discuss the current market situation, including a S.W.O.T. analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) as well as some overall objectives
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  • Cisco Case Study Analysis (It)
    Cisco is currently a Market Leader in “internetworking”. They were at the forefront of challenging three proprietary networks and they continue to lead the way in technology innovation. In 1993, Cisco's management team realized that the market was changing rapidly. A business strategy buil
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  • Using Technology to Enable Competency Management
    Features Published November 2005 Using Technology to Enable Competency Management Steve Gluckman Many organizations have embraced the idea that a competency model can greatly enhance the ability to produce a high-performance culture. A competency model describes a set of individual skills an
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  • Sony Case Study - Resources, Capabilities and Core Competencies
    Question 3: What do you identify as Sony’s resources, capabilities and core competencies? Does Sony have a sustainable competitive advantage? Sony Corporation is considered one of the world’s most successful companies, operating in the “electronics, games, music, films and financial service
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