Core Competencies of Microsoft

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Core competencies of Microsoft:
Microsoft offers competitive advantage through technology innovation by delivering the right services at the right time by strengthening IT as strategically focused and business aligned organization. Microsoft technology strategy service enables business innovation and helps the company’s competitive advantage. Microsoft’s core competencies can be divided into seven main categories which include the following: * Windows operating system

* Business solutions (Ms office, Visio, project, share point, live meeting, one note) * Msn ( Microsoft network , security essentials)
* Xbox ( console and games)
* Developer tools (visual studio, expression web, web matrix) * Servers ( biz talk server, commerce server, commerce server, silver light, .net framework) * Mobile ( smart phones)

Microsoft has currently its own partner network where business can showcase their expertise through Microsoft competencies. Microsoft has two types of competencies that they can vide a new business. Gold or silver competencies can help set a company apart from the competition by demonstrating a proven skill to potential customers. Consumers can easily identify a company’s capabilities and expertise because Microsoft is aligned with how Customers actually buy a company’s product.

Silver competencies:

Offers a clear path to help showcase a company skill set. It helps in placing business in the top 5% of MS partners worldwide.

Gold competencies:

Demonstrates a company’s best in class expertise within the market place. It helps in placing business in the top 1% of MS partners worldwide for outstanding proficiency.


Revenue of microsoft:
Microsoft's Q2 2012 earnings report is in, and the company announced a record revenue of $20.9 billion — a 5 percent increase from the same period last year. Despite slowing PC markets, Microsoft's Business and Entertainment & Devices divisions appear to have helped the company's...
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