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Basic Meeting Protocol And Procedures

ASSIGNMENT - O M3.33 – EFFECTIVE MEETINGS FOR MANAGERS THE PURPOSE OF AN AGENDA An agenda is usually prepared by the chair person or secretary and / or is derived from minutes from a previous meeting. The agenda is there to highlight the purpose of the meeting and to ensure the roles and responsibilities of the attendees is clearly communicated, to enable control and effectiveness of the proceedings. An agenda should include the structure of the proposed meeting which will enable attendees to appropriately...

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Protocol. The term comes from the Greek "protokollon," which was the cover page to a manuscript that provided a description of the contents...how fitting a choice. In context, it is defined by American Heritage dictionary as "a code of correct conduct." In layman's terms, protocol is simply the rules and customs of a group or a standard procedure. Let's look at protocol in application, specifically in the armed forces. The importance of maintaining correct protocol and Military bearing on...

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Basic Kyoto Protocol

Introduction: Being the newly emerging economies, the BASIC Group (Brazil, South Africa, India and China), we recognize climate change and global warming and are willing to reduce our greenhouse gas emission in order to ensure that we are building a low-carbon economy and have a sustainable development for the future. In the next 100 years there will be an increase in average global temperature between 1.8 °C and 4.0 ºC. Moreover, the average sea level will rise between 0.18 m and 0.59 m. These...

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Procedures and Protocols for Handling, Storing, and Monitoring of Drugs

Procedures and Protocols for handling, storing, and monitoring of drugs Procedures and protocols are important to foster a culture that supports safe, effective patient care and provision of a healthy work environment. Procedures and protocols should be developed to ensure safe handling, storing, and accurate monitoring as well as dispensing of medication (Association of New Jersey, 2007). This paper describes the procedures and protocols for handling, storing, and monitoring of drugs. Medication...

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Effective Meetings

Williams M3.33 Effective Meetings For Managers The purpose of an agenda. The purpose of the agenda is to facilitate the business of the meeting by providing a clear and concise list of the items to be dealt with. An agenda is one of the most important elements for a productive meeting. The agenda communicates important information such as: Topics for discussion Presenter or discussion leader for each topic Time allotment for each topic Provides an outline for the meeting (how long to spend on...

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Process Validation Protocol and Report

Process validation Protocol and Report Chapter-1: Introduction In today’s highly regulated environment for development and manufacturing of Pharmaceutical /biopharmaceutical Drugs and medical devices there is a heavy requirement imposed by the regulatory bodies, for the manufactures of drug products to provide an appropriate amount of assurance that critical processes employed in producing a drug substance or drug product can be shown to be both doing the right job, and doing the job right...

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M3.33 Effective Meetings for Managers

EFFECTIVE MEETINGS FOR MANAGERS The purpose of an agenda The agenda gives the meeting a clear purpose, once you know what you want to achieve from a meeting then you can start to put an agenda together. The agenda is a list of topics to be discussed in a meeting; the purpose is to follow the topic needed to be discussed so that no one strays off the topics. It also establish a timeline and order and keeps the meeting organized and on track. If there was a poor or no agenda for the meeting then...

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Mm3.33 Effective Meeting for Managers

33 Effectiveness meeting for managers * The purpose of an Agenda: is to establish the topic in which you need to discuss at the meeting and to help you prepare for those issues/topics. In setting an agenda it will help you keep on track and help you keep on the task at hand so no-one goes of the topics. Provide the set agenda to those attending the meeting a head of time stating time /date/place meeting held so aware and allowing them to know what to expect at the meeting and so they then...

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Ilm M3.33 Effective Meetings for Managers

EFFECTIVE MEETINGS FOR MANAGERS This task requires you to explain how you would prepare for, manage and contribute to a meeting Section 1: The purpose of an Agenda A meeting agenda communicates important information and informs all attendees what subjects will be discussed in the meeting. It lets attendees know the parameters & helps prevent deviation from the topics on discussion. Most importantly, the meeting agenda gives a sense direction & helps people prepare for the meeting as it...

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Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks ABSTRACT Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) adopt the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) for their security. In any PKI system, the authentication of a received message is performed by checking if the certificate of the sender is included in the current CRL, and verifying the authenticity of the certificate and signature of the sender. In this paper, we propose an Expedite Message Authentication Protocol (EMAP)...

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Meetings come in all shapes and sizes. There are the everyday office meetings, board meetings, seminars -- all the way up to major conferences. And meetings can now be face-to-face, teleconference, videoconference, or online via the Internet. And when is the last time you heard someone say, "Gee, we need to have more meetings." There are more than enough meetings to go around these days, and for a good reason. Meetings are more important than ever. Modern workplaces are built on teams, sharing of...

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M3.33 Effective Meetings for Managers

Effective Meetings for Managers The purpose of an agenda (weighting 5% of the total mark) Productive, valuable, and engaging meetings require a clear goal, an open dialog, and a strong leader. Key to this is a well constructed agenda prepared prior to the meeting. An agenda should act as a guide to attendees letting participants know the meeting objective and what to expect. An agenda aims to direct the meeting by providing topic prompts, a running order and proposed time allocation for relevant...

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Minutes of Meeting  Date  19 Aug 14  Content  Group meeting – identify the topic and the main idea of the  research  Participants  All members    ∙         ​ Topic: ​ Internet privacy issue under the surveillance of  ASIO and its implication on online activities and a liability of  ISPs    ∙         ​ Main idea: ​ Current issue and controversies regarding  the balance between two important principles, ‘national  security’ and ‘privacy’, when the new proposed law has been  introduced    20 Aug 14 ...

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Parliamentary Procedures

Parliamentary Procedure: is the body of rules, ethics and customs governing meetings and other operations of clubs, organizations, legislative bodies and other deliberative assemblies. It is part of the common law originating primarily in the practices of the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. At the heart of Parliamentary Procedure is the rule of the majority with respect for the minority. Its objective is to allow deliberation upon questions of interest to the organization...

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Lead effective meetings

Understand how to lead effective meetings A meeting is a gathering of two or more people which can be formal or informal and is convened to achieve a common goal through verbal interaction. Purpose of a meeting Meetings are held for a variety of reasons, with the most important being communication. Within the National Health Service we hold monthly staff meetings for the purpose of receiving updates from managers, exchanging information and ideas, sharing views, co-ordinating activities...

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the meeting. Determine if the meeting is necessary or if the issues can be addressed outside of a meeting In your agenda, you should state your goal for the meeting. You should cover the most important things in your meeting. Identify and invite only the necessary and appropriate people for the meeting • Make sure all attendees can contribute. Communicate the meeting’s purpose and desired outcomes to all attendees. • Schedule guests who don’t need to be at the entire meeting, which...

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Meeting 1 Type of Meeting: Planning Meeting Purpose of Meeting: Preparing for final assessment report of one of the current unit Requirements of Meeting: All participants need to be present Participants: 1. Jamal Abdul Nasir (Myself) 2. Omais Siddiqui 3. Jawwad Bhatti 4. Faraz Khan Participants Expectations: Come up with route map of developing of final report step by step. Meeting Arrangements: * Venue : Barkly College Library (Organized by one of the member) * Date...

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Organise Meeting

consider when organising and conducting meetings. OH&S and minutes of meeting b) Explain how it would apply in a workplace. Minutes of a meeting are so motions can be upheld or not. Minutes are important so what happened in the meeting is recorded and everyone who attended or sent apologies has a copy. OH&S legislation is to protect workers and employers. Task 2 Match each of the following meeting types with the correct descriptions below the table. Meeting Types Descriptions (A,B,C,D,E) Formal ...

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MANAGEMENT- WORK BASED ASSIGNMENT- THELMA CLUTSON EFFECTIVE MEETINGS FOR MANAGERS TASK This task requires me to explain how I would prepare for, manage and contribute to a meeting. • PURPOSE OF THE AGENDA An agenda is a list of topics rather like a framework that are to be discussed at a meeting, this helps the meeting to flow properly and means that the attendees cannot divert off at a tangent onto other topics. It gives the meeting a structure. The agenda should be concise; not be too...

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ILM M3.33 Effective meetings

M3.33 Effective meetings for managers An Agenda, or list of business to be covered at the meeting, is very important for ensuring the meeting is effective. It should be distributed to committee members at least a week in advance of the meeting. A typical agenda runs as follows. Under each topic you should give a very brief description of any items which people need to think about or prepare for the meeting. Opening and welcome Present and apologies Minutes confirmed. Signed by chairperson ...

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Meeting * What determines meeting to become successful? First of all, consider whether the meeting is really necessary. To have a meeting just for the sake of it is a waste of time and resource. Could the business in hand be dealt with by a telephone call, an exchange of e-mails, an audio conferencing call or a video conference or could it simply wait until the next scheduled meeting? Make sure that everyone has the agenda, minutes of the previous meeting, and all the necessary supporting...

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M3.33 Effective Meetings for Managers

M3.33 Effective Meetings For Managers Meetings are an effective way of communicating to a group of people all at the same time and for a common purpose. It is important when inviting people to a regular meeting such as ‘Monthly Communication Sessions’ or ‘Team Meetings’ that an agenda is sent. Agendas Agendas can be useful in many guises, however the main purpose of an agenda is to keep the meeting timed and focussed. Before sending the agenda out for my meetings I ask my team if they...

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Session Initiation Protocol

Initiation Protocol Unit 5 Abstract Session Initiation Protocol also known as SIP it is a communication protocol that is extensively utilized for managing and terminating sessions in an IP based network. A session may be an easy end to end telephone call or shared multi-media meeting session. This can be setup to start services such as voice enhanced ecommerce; a simple click to call or IM’ing with a friend in an IP based organization. The session initiation protocol has been...

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Types Of Meetings

Types of meetings[edit] Meetings are often held inconference rooms First staff meeting of a new executive Training meeting about sustainable design. The photo shows a training meeting with factory workers in astainless steel ecodesign company from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Common types of meeting include: Ad hoc meeting, a meeting called for a special purpose Board meeting, a meeting of the Board of directors of an organization Investigative Meeting, generally when conducting a pre-interview, exit...

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Meetings: Parliamentary Procedure and Meeting

Types of meeting Meetings come in all shapes and sizes, of course. Here are some types: • chat (informal discussion) with colleagues at the coffee machine. • brainstorming among colleagues: where as many ideas as possible are produced quickly, to be evaluated later. • project meeting / team meeting of employees involved in a particular activity. • department/departmental meeting. • meeting with suppliers, for example to negotiate prices for an order. • meeting with a customer,...

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OSI Protocol Hierarchy

OSI Protocol Hierarchy Session Layer The session layer is the fifth among the seven layers of the Open System Interconnections (OSI) model. It resides above the transport layer and below the presentation layer, and provides “value added" services to the underlying transport layer services. The session layer (along with the presentation layer) add services to the transport layer that are likely to be of use to applications, so that each application doesn't have to provide its own implementation...

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The Montreal Protocol

MONTREAL PROTOCOL: The Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the Ozone Layer (a protocol to the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer) is an international treaty designed to protect theozone layer by phasing out the production of numerous substances believed to be responsible forozone depletion. The treaty was opened for signature on September 16, 1987, and entered into force on January 1, 1989, followed by a first meeting in Helsinki, May 1989. Since then, it has undergone...

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Grievance procedure

quickly to the satisfaction of all concerned. Principles (optional) Grievance Procedures must comply with the Arbitration and Conciliation Service (ACAS) Code of Practice 2009 and must follow the basic steps outlined below: Informal discussions Formal discussions Appeal Principles are guidelines on best practice for dealing with grievances. Publication of these guidelines is optional for this written procedure but even if you do not publish these principles, they must represent the way in which...

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Case Analysis: Basic Earthquake Safety Procedure

CASE ANALYSIS: BASIC EARTHQUAKE SAFETY PROCEDURE I. OBJECTIVES A. To develop safety awareness among all students in cases of earthquakes B. To establish procedures which will govern all actions and activities during the occurrence of earthquake in order to avoid panic thereby saving lives and minimizing physical injuries to people and damage to school properties. II. GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT EARTHQUAKES A. Earthquakes are nature‘s way of releasing dangerous strains that accumulate...

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Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto Protocol In the world today there are talks about why and how the people of this planet are polluting the rivers, lakes, soil, and even air. With these talks countries are coming up with great ways to reduce this problem. They see the effects and they are happy and life goes on but there is another problem, the one the everyday people just can't solve with their own hands, that problem is the theory of global warming. During December of 1997, a meeting in Kyoto, Japan, started a huge trend...

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Organise Meetings 1

 Organise meetings Task 2 Task one is based on the meeting 1. 1.1 Talking about the new range product of Mc Donald in Australia. Explain to all attendees so that they will know their role in the campaign, and they add to the success of this new menu. 1.1.2 The result of this meeting is to decide the strategies and techniques that can increase the number of customers and ensuring high quality service to customers throughout Australia. New deciding how to...

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Project Kick-Off Meeting

Discussion Discuss the process for holding a project kick-off meeting. Who should attend? What key topics should be on the agenda? Statement This article is to discuss the process for holding a project kick-off meeting, who should be invited and what topics should be covered during the meeting. Elaboration What is a kick-off meeting? A kick-off meeting is the meeting held at the beginning of a project. What does a kick-off meeting do? The purpose of it is to provide an opportunity for all the...

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BASIC WORKOUTS INSTRUCTIONS 1. Determine your 1 Set Max and create a personalized workout - see “Customize Your Workout” below 2. Review the Checklist before each workout for proper form and breathing 3. Follow the schedule to Get Ripped! The Pullup Perfected Traditional pullups can be intimidating. That’s why we created the Perfect Pullup. With its unique adjustable Swing Arm, now anyone can do a pullup and benefit from the great upper body and core exercise. The Perfect Pullup adjusts...

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Mock Meeting

(2014238446) AD HOC COMMITTEE UITM BRANCH, SEGAMAT CAMPUS NOTICE OF MEETING The third meeting of “Flood Rescue Mission” will be held on 23 February 2015 at U203, UITM Johor. *Attendance is compulsory. Please contact me if you cannot attend. ............................................ MARIAH AMIRAH BINTI MOHD AMIN Secretary 20 February 2015 AD HOC COMMITTEE UITM JOHOR BRANCH, SEGAMAT CAMPUS “Flood Rescue Mission” Meeting Agenda: 1) Chairman’s address 2) Introduction to board of directors...

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Minutes Meeting

Minutes of the first meeting of the Teachers Club SK Chinchin Jasin, Malacca. Date : 10/9/ 2012 Time : 11.30 a.m. Venue : Main Meeting Room Present : Mohd Firdaus Bin Jauri– Chairperson Nor Shahizan bin Daud Siti Norazreen binti Othman Mohd Razif bin Mohd Lin Fatin Hamamah Binti Salahuddin Absent with apologies : - In attendance : - ...

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manage meetings

 Manage meetings Task 1 Action plan On 05/07/2013, Robert Sean, the CEO needs to contact the fire station and invite them to the meeting. Fees and available date must be identified. On 06/07/2013, Cherry Lu, the marketing manager needs to contact Deakin University to rent the room for the meeting. Fees and available date must be identified. On 08/07/2013, Peter Chen, the production manager needs to design and point out enough meeting papers for participants. On 09/07/2013, Damn Lee, the purchasing...

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Grievance Procedure

ARBITRATION PROCEDURE OF THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE 1.docxTHE GRIEVANCE AND ARBITRATION PROCEDURE 1 The Grievance and Arbitration Procedure Cassandra L. Floyd Strayer University Professor D. Robinson Document1THE GRIEVANCE AND ARBITRATION PROCEDURE OF THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE 1.docxTHE GRIEVANCE AND ARBITRATION PROCEDURE Abstract This informative research paper will delve into the procedures used by the U.S. Postal Service concerning the grievance and arbitration procedure. It will...

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types of meeting

Types of Meetings There are several types of meetings, including formal, semi-formal and informal. A Formal Meeting Formal meetings follow set meeting procedures that are not always used for informal meetings. The following three types of meetings are formal: • Annual General Meetings • Extraordinary General Meetings • Board Meetings They all have: • An Agenda • A Notice of Meeting • Motions are put, discussed and voted on following certain rules • Proposers and Seconders of motions...

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Dismissal Meeting

Assignment #3 HRM 530 – Strategic Human Resources Management Dismissal Meeting 1. Propose three (3) ways that a manager can cope with any negative emotions that may accompany an employee layoff. When the economy — or a company’s business — goes south, the quickest way a company can chop its costs is by laying off its employees. It’s never popular and often companies will try other cost-cutting measures long before they have to cut workers, but if you’re among those who get...

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Civil Procedure V. Criminal Procedure

Civil Procedure v. Criminal Procedure Nathan McNeil ENC 1102 34 Week 11 Individual Work Civil Procedure v. Criminal Procedure Civil procedure relates to the process where two parties bring a case to the court for a decision on a particular problem. These problems can include but are not limited to divorces, estate distribution, work men’s comp., injury cases, or even matters such as discrimination in the workplace. Criminal procedure applies to the process where the state or federal government...

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Export Procedures

EXPPRIN Export Procedures and Documentation Agenda – Week 5  Export Procedures and Flow Chart  Documentary Requirements 2 Exporting is both challenging and rewarding. Export Procedures and Flow Chart Export procedures are simple and the export documentation required has been lessened. Build your knowledge and develop skills on the dynamics of exporting by attending seminars/training courses on the basics of exporting, letters of credit, negotiating with the foreign buyers,...

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Effective Meetings

most organizations is meetings...they waste too much of our precious time. This is bad news for organizations. Meetings are important because that is where an organization's culture and climate perpetuates itself. Meetings are one of the ways that an organization tells its workers, "You are a member." If you have bad, boring, and time wasting meetings, then the people begin to believe that this is a bad and boring company that does not care about time. Likewise, great meetings tell the workers, "This...

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Minutes of Meeting

Taking Minutes forms an essential part of most meetings. Their purpose is firstly to record Action Points, ie, what actions have been decided upon, who is responsible and what the milestones and deadlines are. Secondly they record summaries of the discussions held at the meeting. Taking minutes is a skilled job because the minute taker has to follow what can be confusing and inarticulate debates and summarise accurately what was said. After the meeting the minutes should be checked with the chairperson...

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Policies & Procedures

Curious Minds. Policies and Procedure Handbook. Curious Minds MISSION STATEMENT. As a Registered Childminder my aim is to promote a clean, safe, loving home-like environment where everyone feels valued whilst working together in partnership with parents to support and aid their children’s progress. Total respect towards self, others and our environment will be emphasised and reinforced constantly. I will always aim to provide a quality, caring environment where standards are very high...

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Handling Meeting

Handling Meetings The secretary's role at meetings The Secretary is crucial to the smooth running of a Management Committee meeting. This involves activities before, during and after Committee meetings. In order to be effective, the Secretary of the Management Committee should ensure that they carry out the following activities: Before the Meeting * Consult with the Chairperson on the order of business for the meeting, and the way in which it should be dealt with on the agenda. Decide what...

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Organising meetings

Task 1: Make meeting arrangements 1- Name three types of meeting and their purposes and three ways that meeting can be conducted. Meeting Purpose Conducted Formal meeting (e.g. Annual Elect the Board of directors The meeting is conducted by General Meeting) and inform members of a chairperson, it includes an previous and future agenda which provide the activities. order of the meeting items, action items or agreements must be nominated by one participant and supported or approved...

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Professional Facial Protocol: The Basics

Professional Facial Protocol – The Basics Prepared by Kyra Saulnier, Liscensed Esthetician, NY NY 10002 www.SkinByKyra.com ROOM SUTUP: Be prepared. Have all supplies ready; hot towels, steamer warmed, disposables, products, bed (heated, opt) and mood (lighting, flowers, candle, aromatherapy…) 1. GREETING: Always welcome your client by name. Introduce yourself. Offer a beverage and make sure they know where the bathroom is. Fill out intake form. 2. INTO THE ROOM: Show your client into...

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Reporting of Meeting ( Minutes of a Meeting)

Minutes are a brief authentic record of decision taken at a committee, board or other formal meetings. It attempts to record on paper what went on at a meeting and especially to know what was decided by the members. MAIN COMPONENTS OF MINUTES • Date, time and venue of the meeting • Names of the chairperson/ president and secretary • Names of those present at the meeting including special invitees, if any. • Letters by the members expressing regret for...

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Community Meeting

On October 10th, 2006 I attended the 8th district’s community outreach meeting at the Eastern Patrol Station of the Chicago Metro Police Station at 7:00 P.M.. The room where the meeting was being held was half of a larger room which is divided into two by a movable wall in the center. When I arrived there were about 8 or 9 other individuals, all of which were black females over the age of 60. Right away I felt out of place in the room and they knew I wasn’t part of the district. One of the women...

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Control Network Protocol

A Network Control Protocol is a protocol that runs atop the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) and that is used to negotiate options for a network layer protocol running atop PPP. Network Control Protocols include the Internet Protocol Control Protocol for the Internet Protocol, the Internetwork Packet Exchange Control Protocol for the Internet Packet Exchange protocol, and the AppleTalk Control Protocol for AppleTalk This protocol operates on the Data Link layer. Point to point protocol In networking...

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Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting Scenario Virtual Meeting Scenario In the past, a meeting for many global companies and organizations with largely distributed partakers was challenging. For example, previously if a company called a meeting and attendees were in different locations, the business would either fly those in attendance to a central location, or hold conference calls. Today companies take advantage of technology by holding virtual meetings. According to Educause Learning Initiative “A virtual meeting...

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Un Kyoto Protocol

is the Kyoto Protocol? The Kyoto Protocol is an amendment to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), an international treaty intended to bring countries together to reduceglobal warming and to cope with the effects of temperature increases that are unavoidable after 150 years of industrialization. The provisions of the Kyoto Protocol are legally binding on the ratifying nations, and stronger than those of the UNFCCC. Countries that ratify the Kyoto Protocol agree to reduce...

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Aa Meeting

When I saw on my syllabus that I had to attend an AA meeting, I was vey nervous, frightening and anxious. Walking through the door of my first AA meeting was, stressful and uncertain, since I did not know what to expect. Being an observator among total strangers, who, willing wasting their lives away by driking without any regards for their families and friends was not my idea of time well spend. There are hundreds of studies that had shown, alcohol have destructive short term and long term effects...

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grievance procedure

Grievance Procedure Grievance procedure is a formal communication between an employee and the management designed for the settlement4 of a grievance. The grievance procedures differ from organization to organization. 1. Open door policy 2. Step-ladder policy Open door policy: Under this policy, the aggrieved employee is free to meet the top executives of the organization and get his grievances redressed. Such a policy works well only in small organizations. However, in bigger organizations...

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Planning an Effective Meeting

Planning Effective Meetings Meeting management tends to be a set of skills often overlooked by leaders and managers. The following information is a rather "Cadillac" version of meeting management suggestions. The reader might pick which suggestions best fits the particular culture of their own organization. Keep in mind that meetings are very expensive activities when one considers the cost of labor for the meeting and how much can or cannot get done in them. So take meeting management very seriously...

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Basic Q

BASIC QUESTIONS Raw Cotton: 1. What is your idea about cotton? What are the different types of cotton? 2. Draw a diagram by which you can explain process production & marketing of raw cotton. 3. What are the different countries where raw cotton is produced? Draw a table in where you can explain country wise percentage of raw cotton in the world. 4. What are the steps to import raw cotton from other countries? Explain with diagram & documentations produced in bank. 5. Explain communication...

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Basic Building Security Procedures

Basic Building Security Procedures By Arnold Anderson, eHow Contributor updated: April 30, 2010 Read more: Basic Building Security Procedures | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_6403429_basic-building-security-procedures.html#ixzz1DEzqjBYl • Making a commercial building secure means protecting the employees that work in the building as well as any visitors. There are some basic building security procedures that should be followed to help keep traffic in and out of the building organized...

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Accounting Practice Legislations, Procedures and policy Report

Practice Legislations, Procedures and policy Report Introduction This report contains detail compliance analysis of the Accounting Practice, which undertakes Accounting and Bookkeeping services for Travel agent. The Agent provides Community services as well, along with day to day Travels and Tour services such as overseas workers sponsorship, Manage Payroll for overseas workers and provides Money transfer. This report outlines the regulations and the practice procedures and Manuals and also...

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Internet Protocol Suite and Layer

layer | _c___ 4. The TCP/IP Application layer also is known as the ____ layer because this is where the protocol stack interfaces with applications or processes on a host machine. a. | Session | c. | Process | b. | Network | d. | Transport | _d___ 5. Combining the various sources of outgoing data into a single output data stream is called ____. a. | segmentation | c. | protocol analysis | b. | demultiplexing | d. | multiplexing | ____ 6. Many PDUs include a characteristic closing...

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Basic Comp

Basic Composition (355:100), Fall 2014 Section: 20 Meeting Time: TF2 , Beck Hall 251 Instructor: Janet Ansine Office Hours: W2, Lucy Stone Hall, Building B, Room 219 E-mail address: janet.ansine@rutgers.edu The certified learning goals for Basic Composition (355:100) are: To communicate complex ideas effectively, in standard written English, to a general audience. To evaluate and critically assess sources and use the conventions of attribution and citation correctly. To analyze and synthesize...

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